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Is Soft Water really Healthier?

Have you ever come across articles and discussions about soft water and how people are going loco over its benefits and ohemgee why haven't I heard of this before?

Apparently, there exists a water treatment system that removes minerals from the water we drink and use for everyday living, and the end product is called soft water. 

But is it really worth the rave? Or is it just another member of the too-goo-to-be-true club waiting to be discovered?

We're about to find out! Grab your pens, notes, and a glass of soft water as we look into the facts behind the question, "Is Soft Water Really Healthier?"

Helps maintain a balanced amount of minerals in your body
Soft water is hard water treated using resin to eliminate minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. So when you drink hard water, you're consuming more minerals than what your body needs.

But the more minerals, the healthier we'll be, right?

Well, not entirely true.

There's only a recommended amount of minerals our body needs daily. When we consume more than these, either our body flushes them out of our system, or they build up in our organs.

When the latter happens, these mineral buildups in our bodies can alter the normal functions of our organs, and that's where illnesses start to happen.

Ensures healthy hair and skin
One known benefit of soft water is its effect on our skin and hair. Soap and shampoo mixed with hard water can create less lather and more sticky soap residues that clog your pores. 

In turn, you rinse with more hard water and you wash away moisture and other good properties of your soap/shampoo. If the damage on your hair is critical, more minerals will stick to it, causing your hair to stay dry, frizzy, and lifeless. 

With soft water, you create more suds with your soap and shampoo that are easy to rinse. No minerals will stick to your hair, so you can finally enjoy the benefits advertised by your soap/shampoo!

Eliminates the risk of getting water-related diseases
During the ionization process, not only do the minerals get filtered out, but harmful chemicals (like lead) and microorganisms in water too.

Take lead for instance. The World Health Organization warned people of its harmful effects on our brain and the entire nervous system, especially with children, along with other risks like high blood pressure, kidney damage, and miscarriage or premature birth for pregnant women.

Microorganisms breeding in water can also bring a slew of health risks if you consume unfiltered water, such as typhoid and cholera. The treatment system used in converting hard to soft water kills these microorganisms during the process.

Keeps you hydrated longer
The minerals found in hard water are highly concentrated, which disrupts the fluids in our body and makes us feel thirsty at times. With soft water, the minerals are reduced to little to no amount so that it doesn't disrupt any fluids circulating in our body.

When you have the best water softener system at home, you'll also enjoy safe, clean water that doesn't taste metallic or anything worse. Now you can complete the required eight glasses of water every day easily!

Promotes good health for your kidneys
Most kidney stones form when excess calcium combines with either oxalate or phosphorus in our body. If you keep drinking hard water, chances are, you've been consuming too much calcium for your system.

Even the Harvard Medical School says it's ideal to intake calcium from foods, not from water.

Plus, soft water is already filtered to maintain a safe pH balance for consumption, helping your kidney to excrete more waste effectively.

But remember! Take soft water in moderation...
especially when you're drinking it! During the process of ionization, plenty of sodium is used to convert hard to soft water. If you consume more sodium than the recommended amount, you'll be at risk for cardiovascular problems. 

Bottom line: Soft water can help you maintain good health
If you're looking to prolong your health and the life of your household appliances at the most cost-efficient way, soft water is the way to go. 

It keeps your system functioning like smooth clockwork, prevents you from getting waterborne diseases, and helps you achieve healthy, glowing skin and hair!

To learn more about the different water softener models and the process of water softening, check out Home Fascination!

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