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KOH Coffee + Roasters: Another Pet-friendly Cafe in Makati That has Vibes of Thailand

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Most pet-friendly cafes in Makati I have been are Western-inspired which is totally fine, but from time to time I always want to try something different for me and my dog Ollie. Good thing I learned of Koh Coffee + Roasters. This is not to brag, but as frequent goer to cafes, my standards are quite high these days. I will let you know whether Koh Coffee + Roasters is thumbs up to me. 

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One Friday afternoon, I booked a motorcycle ride with my dog and the next thing I knew is I am already in front of the building where this cafe is located. Koh Coffee + Roasters is literally hidden. Facing the building in front, I did not really saw this cafe right away because it is in the rightmost side. There is a signage that says KOH but it is not visible enough because it is facing the left side. You'll have to be right in front of this cafe to see the sign. Anyways, it is not really hard to find Koh Coffee + Roasters because it is beside 7/11. 

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There is one outdoor table surrounded by chairs but then since I asked beforehand, I am 100% sure that Koh Coffee + Roasters allow pets inside that are wearing diapers, well behaved and fully vaccinated. Upon entering, I already saw a family of at least 8 people who arrived just minutes ahead of me and my dog. We passed by them and surprised to see that they are fellow pet-lovers! Some of them stood up just to give Ollie a belly rub. Some of them even asked for his name and his age. At this moment, I knew I am in the right place! 

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Koh Coffee + Coasters is a pet-friendly cafe in Makati that started in July 2023. "Koh" means island in Thailand language. It was named that way because the owners of this cafe always go to Thailand for the love of diving. In fact, the interior of this cafe was inspired from a villa in Thailand. The owners of this cafe believe that Thai coffee is underrated and deserve way more appreciation just like the local counterparts that is why they decided to offer these.  They will be bringing in more Thai beans and also add more varieties of Philippine coffee. 

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I was asked, do I want cocktail drink or latte. It is too early for me to drink cocktail so I respectfully declined. I save cocktail drinks with cheeky friends or maybe with a hot date. Whatever the case, I still would make sure that I am tagging along my dog. I already drank coffee this morning so I opted for matcha. I asked the staff what can she recommend, she said Hojicha Latte. I am used to the typical matcha latte I always order from other cafes so I asked what's in it. She said it is also green tea powder like matcha but it is roasted. In fact, its color is dark green that is close to being a mix of gray and brown color. I also asked what's the best way to serve it -she said hot. 

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If there's one thing I have learned as someone who loves to eat and drink out is always ask for the best in the house. It doesn't have to be the most expensive or the rarest of them all. The servers KNOW BETTER. Their suggestions are definitely based from their own observations and statistics. I opted for Hojicha latte and Truffle cheese puff. 

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Instead of going back to the table where I put my things, I really waited to see in my own eyes how do they prepare the food and drinks. There were three servers doing everything the order of the big family that came before me. I put Ollie on top of one of the chairs near the long table where they prepare the food and drinks. Ollie is gentleman inside cafes. He doesn't move around too much or bark for nothing as long as he is beside me. This is something I never train him but maybe because he is used to tag along. He just knew that when he is inside these, he should behave. Since 6 months old, I and the Ex always bring him everywhere we go that allow pets.

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One thing that caught my attention are the wooden coasters they use to serve pastries and drinks. In other cafes, coasters are typically small but here it is a completely different story. KOH Coffee + Roasters coasters are bigger than the average of its kind sourced from Bulacan coming from Tanguile tree. It was even designed by one of the owners and then laser cut to exactly how they want it specifically. Pastries here in KOH Coffee + Coasters are served formally on a wooden coaster with fork and spoon together with the drink.

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Hojicha Latte really stood up for me! It was a little bit strong but then I declare that it is now my new favorite. Since I now prefer less sugary stuff, I guess it is just right that Hojicha is the one for me. Koh Coffee + Coasters only source real organic ceremonial grade matcha coming from Kyoto, Japan. Truffel cheese puff was also a good choice.  I could not believe that cheese and truffle could be a good combination. I like that either of the two is overempowering. The truffle and cheese were mixed just enough for each other. 

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After finishing the pastry and drinking the latte up to the last drop, I know it is time to give myself a bit of walking for the benefit of my full stomach. I noticed the artworks in the walls both sides. In the right side, it features clothings which later on I found out are scarves that can be folded into many uses by a brand called I'M A ___. Not really sure how many underlines I do need to add here. The left side features a mural of Arthur Dela Cruz, a local artist and previously art teacher of one of the owners of this cafe.

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Koh Cafe + Roasters is also a mini-cocktail bar with its own Happy Hour promos. After all, Thailand vibe  is also synonymous to having drinks to a party island in this country. Kevin Corales, an award-winning mixologist and executive bartender of Southbank Cafe + Lounge conceptualized the cocktail menu of Koh Cafe + Roasters.  It has 4 basic kinds of alcohol (gin, whiskey, vodka and tequila) as bases for their cocktail drinks.  Their  best seller according to this cafe is their laughing buddha, a twist on the classic gin basil smash cocktail. Its light and refreshing tone that really gives you that feel of being on vacation in a tropical island paradise. 

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I was thinking it is the time to leave when one of the servers came in with a Matcha lava cake. As a die-hard matcha lover, I never say no to anything matcha! I specially love the creamy part inside. So, so good! This is the type of cake I won't get tired eating every single day. And to answer the question, is this something I would recommend as a self-confessed cafe goer with a dog in tow? A thousand times, yes!  

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