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VSO Bahaginan 2ND Volunteering Expo

Looking to volunteer your time and skills?  Then you may need to drop by at VSO Bahaginan 2ND Volunteering Expo at the Intercontinental Manila, Makati, March 13, 2012. According to VSO Bahaginan website "The Philippines is ripe for a volunteering revolution! It is one of the few countries that has institutionalized volunteerism as a strategy for national development and international cooperation. This Volunteering Expo aims to help ignite a volunteering revolution and to  VSO Bahaginan in Makati City, aims to help ignite a volunteering revolution. We aim to raise the profile and value of volunteering and volunteers".

I always loved doing short time volunteer works. Short time because I got work as well but would love to do it over and over again. So there you go guys! Yeah it does not hurt for sometime we share our talents and skills for free. Exhibits and fair will be open to visitors from 8AM to 5:30PM. This section of the Expo is free and open to the public.

A Year After Ondoy: A Volunteer's Story in Marikina

The rain hasn't stopped and it's 6AM already. I hear the wind  banging the roof and corners of the building where I used to work along Ayala Avenue, Makati producing an eerie sound. Who wouldn't forget Sept. 26th last year?  While walking in a knee-deep flood  along Legaspi Street where the weekly Sunday Market is held, "Boom!" An explosion happened. "Guys! A generator two blocks away from here exploded! Hurry, let's go to the nearest dry place. We might get electrocuted! "  Said one of the guys walking with us while we try to walk faster because if not the ripples from the flood created by the passing vehicles can make anyone stumble down. Sleepy and at my weakest as I just came out from a graveyard shift, I stomped my feet away from the flood as fast I can like there's no tomorrow. Thanks God, not a worse thing happened!

A week later an officemate invited me to join as a volunteer in a relief operation and feeding program sponsored by the Cultural Center of the Philippines. "Yes!" I said. Two vans carrying food supplies, a bus full of students from Philippine Science High School in San Pedro, Laguna and another van full of volunteers squeezing themselves in between the goods to be distributed. A woman in her 30's and an authority at CCP I forgot her name already, guided us all throughout. One thin man in his 50's, wearing his eyeglasses approached us. "He looked very familiar, can't remember though..." The woman said "Guys this is Nanding Josef, a theatrical actor, director and you see him in TV & movies." "Now I remember!" From time to time, we glance at him but he seemed not  bothered at all. We went to Marikina, not to the Providence Village but to the nearby barangays where most of the people a re poor. The sun is so high, it was so hot and the thick mud covering the road when sprayed by the sunshine does not, not smell good at all! Garbage wastes are everywhere. The line is so long.

I saw different faces and different attitude. One said 'Thank you' after we gave her a plastic bag full of canned goods and a few pieces of clothes. Another old woman said "Is this all you can give?" I just replied a smile at her. The students all wearing a blueuniform seemed to be enjoying their feeding session. I hear them laugh from time to time as one of them cracks a joke, maybe to forget that they're under a scorching heat of the sun. The barangay kagawad who guided us to the place was very charming and eventually became a tour guide as he gives the names and landmarks of every place we pass by. He generously offered his number to anyone who wanted to visit local tourist spots in Marikina.  Most of the volunteer ladies got his number. I saved his number too... well the museum of Imelda Marcos' shoes is great to visit too!

A Father-and-Sons Piano Concert in CCP

I got so lucky because of a given complimentary ticket(thanks Gian), I was able to watch a world-class piano concert as part of the 3rd ASEAN event series "Bridges-Dialogues Towards a Culture for Peace", facilitated by the International Peace Foundation at Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (CCP Main Theater Pasay City last March 11th. Featuring world renowned Russian pianist Vladimir Ashkenazy and sons, clarinetist Dimitri Ashkenazy and pianist Vovka Ashkenazy.

He is described as one of the most renowned and revered pianists of our times as per CCP website. His fingers are swift as it glide to make a glissando. Like him, his sons performed so well too. Mastery in music really run from the genes of this father-and-sons concert.It was my first time to watch a piano-cum-clarinet concert, Dimitri who had some introductions was a bit wit enough that he made the crowd laughing. Musical pieces performed were Schumann – Three Dances, Op. 94, Lutoslawski – Dance Preludes for Clarinet and Piano (1954), Poulenc – Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 94, Schubert – Divertmento a l’Hongroise, Op. 54 (to be played by two pianos), Ravel – La Valse and story about a goat which made the crowd laughing again as mentioned by Dimitri.

Don't ask me about these songs and authors as these are alien thing to me. But I did enjoyed the concert, for once in a while you get to listen to soothing, eerie and relaxing music. From time to time I would find myself yawning since it was very "unusual" in my ears to listen to these kind of music. One more piano concert made me remember way back in college, our very own Ingrid Sala-Santa Maria who performed in a gymn in Legazpi City, Bicol. I actually did not finished the show as I find it "boring". But now I did realized as I looked around, this kind of music is for the "matured" generation. Most of the people attended, are wearing formal or smart cashual attire, most of them belonging to the elite class. I would not be surprised because the most expensive ticket costs P10,000 and P500 as the cheapest (that is $200+ and $10+ approximately).

During the autograph signing, the crowd surrounded these three, that I find it hard to take a picture of them. I also took a few pictures of the exhibits of arts made by children outside the theatre. Enough, enough... the show started at 8pm and ended 10pm, I need to go back home and sleep soon as I need to wake up 5:30am for my privileged one-week day shift after four years of work.