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FREE: Fête dela Musique Festival 2014 in Manila, Philippines

The Fête dela Musique Festival  also known as the World Music Day, is an annual gathering every June around the world. Here in Manila, Philippines this will happen on the 21st which is just a few days ahead. 

Featuring some of the country’s best musical talents, Fête dela Musique Philippines will be held at the A. Venue Mall Open Parking in Makati Main Stages, Greenbelt 3 Park, Intramuros Main Stage, Maestranza Plaza and Magallanes Drive near the Bureau of Immigration. That's over 10 hours of live music and over 200 acts at 3 main stages and 19 pocket stages in Manila and Makati for you... all for free.

 This is brought to us by the Alliance Francaise de Manille, the Embassy of France to the Philippines, the Department of Tourism, Intramuros Administration, B-Side Productions, Viva Manila, A. Venue Mall, the City of Makati.  For more information you may click the official Facebook event page here.

Free: 16th French Film Festival and Nestle's Short Film Anthology


16th French Film Festival

June 8-19 Shangri-La Plaza

June 23-25 Ayala Center Cebu

June 28-July 2 UP Film Festival

Watched '7 Ans' w/c won Festival de Venice 2006 as part of 16th French Film Festival at Shangri-La Plaza. About a husband who is serving 7 yrs in prison. He loved so much his wife that he asked a warden he befriended inside to fulfill his wife's biological needs while he can't. One thing I noticed since the titles are foreign, they should have a sign if a movie needs parental consent or not. I saw a mom w/ her 3 kids. When scenes become 'uncontrollable' how can she cover their eyes w/ her hands at the same time w/ that screen so big? Or tell them not to look... could be awkward.






Nestle's Short Film Anthology

Ten 10-minute short films featuring each of their brands

June 10  SM Megamall

June 11 & 12 11AM at selected SM cinemas nationwide

(Megamall Cinema 3, Southmall Cinema 6, Rosales Cinema 1, Davao Cinema 1 and Cebu Cinema 7)

"Watch it now or wait for another 100 years"

I'd rather wait for another 100 years maybe. The line of people waiting was as long as the Great Wall of China. If the SM Megamall's walls and roofs are transparent, I swear the queue can be seen from the moon like this Great Wall. But I admire the marketing strategy is superb.