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Filipinas are the most admired by the rest of Asian women

“Filipina entrepreneurs have a lot to be proud of” said Julia Koh, Director at Brand 360, a marketing and advertising company in Malaysia while showing her Powerpoint presentation in front of fellow aspring and inspiring Filipina entrepreneurs. Then she showed a slide that the Philippines is now in the top 5 global countries with the fastest rising women into entrepreneurship and ranked 8 th in the global gender gap (source: Global Gender Gap Report,2012) . Women globally comprise 40% of the labor force but in our country it comprises 50% and compared to Malaysia, our neighboring country it is only 45%. It seems that gone are the days that our women stay at home to take care of their family.This is a very, very good sign to encourage more women to take the path of entrepreneurship. We will have less and less women especially mothers to go abroad for work thus preventing their family left half- taken care.

"Proud" to be Filipino

Suddenly remembered Charlie, from USA whom I met in Cagayan de Oro last August. He has been living in the Philippines for 4 years all because of love. "Cheesy, that is so sweet!" I replied and smiled like the ends of mouth are reaching to my ears already. Then rephrased what he said "I am only staying here just to be with this Filipina I married. Nothing more, nothing less." My smile faded, gave him a poker face. I was getting it all wrong. Next thing I knew he was giving a litany of he described as a very well thought and justifiable observations of our country that any local in legal is aware of these but not everyone does something about it either because he does not care at all or he thinks these are what compose of a definition of our normal life. [Word meaning screenshot from Webster online dictionary]

"Traffic and pollution, government corruption and you Filipinos are too proud of your race!" A well lived life is not about what race you are from but it is all about the rights as a human being wherever you are.

I Am Featured as a Phenomenal Filipina in!

Did you know that in early days of Internet the keywords "Filipina" and "Pinay" when googled in search engines mostly return dating sites, sex scandals & pornography-related contents? Sucks, yeah! Meaning there is nothing much positive that represents these keywords in the online world before. How did I knew it? Well, late of 2009 when I was searching for a name of this blog I just started without knowing what will I blog about after. A group of Filipinas who are very active online campaigned to their very best and encouraged every Filipinas to write more positive content about these keywords may it be an article, photo, video audio etc. Being a full-blooded filipina myself or pinay in short, I know I had to do my part so this is the explanation why I ended up naming my blog www dot iampinay dot com or in other words i am a filipina. I hope I kept the screenshot of the Page one Google result as a proof way, way back but I can't find it anymore. 

We Can do Better Filipina Ladies!

"May isa na namang Pilipina na maiaahon at aangat sa kahirapan sa buhay!" Sounds familiar? That is a sarcastic expression I always hear every time a group of people seeing a Filipina walking with a  guy foreigner usually a White. Not saying all of course but whenever I hear this I can't help but laugh. Makes me think is this really our worth as Filipinas? Can't we do anything or any other better way to get our dreams come true?

Let me tell you a story. While attending the crash course about  How to Setup a Homebased Online Travel Agency, a month ago our speaker who has been to so many places here in the Philippines even more than
the number of her surviving teeth in front she joked, she shared a story about going to this remote island somewhere in Visayas. Not very much known by tourists and place not very well published, the people there get their means of living by their tourism. They have pristine beaches with fine sand perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling etc.!

Christmas Trees with Environmental Consciousness in Greenbelt

Christmas trees made by the country's top artists, industrial designers and architects are displayed in Greenbelt 5 until Dec. 31st. These are no ordinary Christmas trees because  these are conceptualized and made with the spirit of environmental consciousness.  USE of PLASTIC things is a BIG NO! Instead these trees are made of recycled, reused or discarded things that still can be made to look good.

Two out of the eight Christmas trees stand out for me: the "James Bound"  tree of Tes Pasola and "Tree Bench" of Daphne Osena-Paez. Why? Not much because of glamour or what but the essence (you're reading it right) and the reusability of it. I had nothing in mind when I went to Greenbelt other than a quick stroll and eat my favorite crepe there so unfortunately I have no camera with me.

Tree Bench by Daphne

This Christmas tree is also a furniture. When the holiday ends, this can be converted into a bench. Now that's a very clever idea! Frame is made of reused mahogany wood & chair back is made of traditional cane sulihiya. Bench upholstery is made of plain jute sack from recycled lining material. This Christmas tree cum bench is perfect for space conscious people.

Daphne reminds us to:

HELP PASIG RIVER by bringing reusable containers and utensils when eating out and taking out the left overs.

James Bound by Tes Pasola

This is a challenge to the limitations set on recycled-paper materials. We are so used getting our Christmas trees in plastic, twirling itu p with energy-consuming lights, leaving paper to nothing than the gift wrappers under. This tree stands as a complete accessory on its own.

Tes reminds us to:

DITCH that PLASTIC BAG! Carry a reusable bag to your next grocery trip.

Daphne is a TV host, businesswoman and a furniture designer. She owns her own furniture line called as "Daphne". Tes is one of Philippine's best known designers. Her favored medium is paper. She has a line called "James Bound" which has won many international awards. There is a silent bidding anyone wants to join to help fund the rehabilitaton of Pasig river.

Photos courtesy of Daphne's blog "Daphne's Diary".

Pinay Sisters’ Love for Local Design & Craftsmanship


Tired of media and shopping malls’ far depiction of what Christmas is in the Philippines? These Pinay sisters got a heart that promotes Filipino designs and craftsmanship. Instead of snow and fireplaces in a usual Christmas card, their designs are icons that best describe Philippines like jeepneys and the tsinelas (slippers). Joy card, is a personalized greeting card business owned by Jane Beate and Abie Buena that showcases Filipino arts most especially to tourists as their target market.

The prices range from P20 – P80 which is very affordable and are made from recyclable materials. Their designs show that Pinays are very artistic even in the simplest designs that it may have a little resemblance to a gradeschooler’s coloring book but they cleared that these are unique and hard to duplicate.

Beate, who is an arts teacher at the Carewell Community Foundation (for cancer-stricken children) said that crafting personalized greeting cards are considered therapeutic by most of her students. She also adds “that a person does not have to be an artist or go to an exclusive art school to know that art can be used to affect people in a good way. “ So next time you want to buy a greeting card, keep in mind people like these Pinay sisters’ humble but patriotic works.

InformationSource:  Sisters Craft Truly Pinoy Greeting Cards by KC Santos, Dec. 3, 2010 

Picture from:

Pinays Obsession on Skin Whitening Products: Let's Take a Look

Pinays are the highest users when it comes to skin whitening products with 50% among Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan women. This is according to Synovate, a global market research company which conducted a survey last 2004. Now it's 2010, still whitening products are one of the hottest and best sellers in the local markets today. See the white faces of idolized actors and celebrities or notice the dominance of people locally with whiter complexion,  these are the kinds  most of Pinays  go gaga to look like them. Think, if skin colours do show a rather unfair  trend.

Skin whitening products in the Philippines like Avon's Anew 360 White, Ponds Whitening Detox Creme, Olay Whitening Intensive Creme, Papaya products, glutathione and those from Belo are very in demand. It seems impossible to count how many products more Pinays are spending so much as according to Cheche V. Moral of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, skincare in the Philippines is worth P22 billion pesos or almost $48 billion. Certainly, this is a big and serious business here in the Philippines. It is also seldom to find beauty products without a whitening ingredient. Check the commercials/advertisements of most of the products mentioned above: a plain, boring girl is depicted for the one who has darker complexion and then goes smarter, prettier as she  becomes whitier and noticed more by people around.

Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo novels published in 1890's has a character named Donya Victorina, a pinay who is ashamed of her look and color that she tries to put on lots of make up just to look more Spanish. Whiter skin has become “a reflection of labour status.” says historian Gerald Horne of University of Houston in the digital news outlet GlobalPost.  When one sees a person with white skin, a quick impression is he/she is beautiful, glamorous and rich.

According to Veronica Cerrer's writing entitled Skin Whitening and Dark Beauty in the Philippines , pinays' obsession on skin whitening products can be traced back to colonial mentality. In my simplest translation, a state of feeling inferior or thinking of always being the least in anything. Spanish colonized the Philippines for almost 3 decades and Americans for over 50 years and it somehow left a negative mark about the ideal of beauty to the pinays or the women of the Philippines.  Come on, shrug that colonial mentality off! While skin whitening is a free option for pinays, why not we revive that tanned skin with "exotic look" as beautiful and glamorous not the usual pitied definition of domesticated and uneducated pinays?

Information source: Veronica Cerrer's  Skin Whitening and Dark Beauty in the Philippines published in dated April 20, 2010

Pinays are Happier over Food than Sex, Survey Says

To measure the Philippine society’s progress including happiness which is called the Philippine Happiness Index (PHI) is one of the tasks of National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB). The latest results however sounded unusual showing the biggest disparity in the rankings on Love and Sex life of Filipinos. Correspondents were asked to rate things that make them happy with 1 as the highest and 20 as the lowest. Pinoys (male) rated it as 10th most important or 10th least important but Pinays (female) rated it as 18th most important or second least important. In love life, Pinoys rated it as 6th most important and for Pinays it’s 10th most important. “These shows unmet expectations for love and sex  [that] can surely lead to problems, and must be managed properly and professionally.” says Dr. Romulo A. Virola, Secretary General of NSCB.

Pinays find Family, Health, and Religion and/or spiritual work as the three most important sources of happiness. Same result showed up from the Pinoys. Pinays consider participation in Cultural Activities, Community and volunteer work, Leisure and sports, and Technological know-how as unimportant sources of happiness. A loud knock from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA) to find more effective ways to encourage our kababayans to enjoy  culture and to do volunteer work! A society that appreciates culture and volunteerism is surely a better place. In Politics, Environment, Government, and Peace and security, they are both least happy. The relative importance (rank) of Friends as a source of happiness has gone down since 2007. So did we stop looking for “real” friends already instead we splurged online adding more never-seen friends and followers?

In four months that we had a bachelor president, the Philippines has grown by about 600,000 - the fastest rate of increase in Southeast Asia. We are currently around 9 million. So how come Pinays literally preferred food over sex? Or does it show that a number of Pinays find sex an uncomfortable topic, rarely discussed even during dinner when all the family members are present to get to know the “realities” of life. The Reproductive Health bill is shaking the Filipinos’ identities. It is shaking more the credibility of the Catholic Church. Use of contraceptives is touted as the answer. Up to what extent? Can we give our 15-year old sister or daughter who says she wants to do it since she won’t get pregnant anyway? How about the safety and its side effects?  Will it be used in moderation or as free as air we breathe? What should the Pinays think before they spread their legs in bed? And when they think of the time that they're ready to bear a child, what is their contingency plan? Pinays need to know.

Source and Information and Picture from:  NCSB and Yahoo Philippines

One of Nokia's Most Powerful Women is a Pinay

Carol Soriano is the only Pinay and Asian in the powerhouse sales and marketing team of phone giant Nokia, based in Helsinki, Finland. She said "Most Finns don’t know much about the Philippines, except the fact that the first Miss Universe [Armi Kuusela] married a Filipino". She is the head of consumer communications, who oversees the worldwide marketing activities of Nokia, a company dominated mostly by men and and of Finnish nationality.

Pinay beauty Soriano, used to teached Medieval History to her Alma Mater, Ateneo  far from what she graduated - Legal Management while doing advertising work at the same time. Then she started working in Nokia last 20003 as marketing communications manager in its Singapore office. In 2004-2005, Soriano took charge of rolling out Nokia’s blockbuster N series in the region. It did extremely well, and led to the offer to move to Finland in 2006. In 2008, she became VP for creative excellence, where she had approving power for all the advertising campaigns of Nokia worldwide.

Soriano .stays in Finland with her Filipino husband who works works with a Finnish advertising firm and their seven-year old son. She said living in Finland is way, way different living in the Philippines. Her son's education she said "Their school days are short; the emphasis is on discovery,” says Soriano. “When kids go to school, they take off their shoes! The idea is to make them relax.” and “In a Manila mall, truthfully, I’d never be able to let go of my son. But there, I feel safe about letting him walk to a neighbor’s house to play, and be gone for three hours.”

Story and picture taken from Philippine Daily Inquirer

Six-year-old Fil-Am golf prodigy touted as next Tiger Woods

Only 6 years old, Amari Avery is called as 'Tigress' and being touted as the next Tiger Woods. Like Tiger, she’s also half Asian her mom is Pinay. She and Tiger Woods have the same birthday, December 30th. Comparing the two when it comes to achievements, she won the Callaway Junior World Championships at age 6, Woods did it at age 8. In 2010, she’s placed first at the US Kids Golf Tour Championships and the Futures Golf World Championships. She’s taken first place at nearly a dozen local tournaments this year.

This young, petite and half-Pinay in some ways may have already surpassed Tiger Woods.  She won the Callaway Junior World Championships at age 6, Woods did it at age 8. In 2010 alone, she’s placed first at the US Kids Golf Tour Championships and the Futures Golf World Championships. She’s taken first place at nearly a dozen local tournaments this year. When asked about Tiger, she said Avery told, "I don't like him because I could beat him."

Avery practices everyday after school with the help of a local pro coach. Avery started golfing since she was three and a half years old. It was her dad who discovered her talent.  She's hoping to win another 2 tournaments this year and her younger sister Allana, age 3,  is also showing interest in the same sport.

Story and picture taken from: and Balitang America

Avon's Walk & Run Fight for Breast Cancer in SMX Mall of Asia

If you want to join this event but want to just walk, sure you can join! Just register and buy a Kiss Goodbye to Cancer Avon T-shirt for only P149.00 but if you can run, register for a 5-km race and pay for only P500. Assembly time is 5AM and will start by 5:30AM.   Registration period is until Sept. 30, 2010 only.

Main Sponsor: Avon Philippines

Beneficiaries: Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer (KGBC)

Race/Event Date: Sunday, October 3, 2010
Location: SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds

For more info, please visit AVON PHILIPPINES

Who is Pinay According to Google and the World

Google the words ‘Filipina’ or ‘Pinay’ for short and see what the search shows: dating sites and quote- unquote scandals. Type ‘Filipina’: you’ll see Filipina hearts, Filipina dating, Filipina beauty, Filipina dating site, Filipina heart success stories. Type ‘Pinay’: you’ll see pinay sex scandal, pinay celebrities, pinay darlings and brown pinay. See? Where are the major, major accomplishments of Filipinas to our society from all fields of endeavor since then and why not much has been written about it? Don’t ask Google why these are the top searches, ask why these are the most searched about!

Alec Baldwin’s interview on The David Letterman Show joked about getting Filipina mail-order bride and Letterman himself replied back “Get one for me (also), for later.” Teri Hatcher on Desperate Housewives said she would not seek a help from a doctor graduated from a medical school in the Philippines. BBC program Harry and Paul portrayed Filipina maid in undignified and laughable postures. A Hong Kong writer also called the Philippines a “nation of servants.” How much worse now because of that ‘incident’ a few months ago?

Anton Juan, professor and theatre director at the University of Notre Dam du Lac in USA and in London shared an incident in 1987 while he was a scholar in France. He was watching a game show which contestants should give correct definition of words. He heard the word ‘vaya’ and the TV host said: ‘Oh, it is an ancient Turkish word which means one who takes care of the children, but nowadays we no longer use it because we have now ‘Filipinesa.’’ In 1998, Pres. Joseph Estrada tried to protest the inclusion of word ‘Filipinesa’ in a Greek dictionary which means domestic helper. Year 2010, where are we now fellow Filipinas?

Information source from: An ‘Aswang’ in Athens Global Pinoy Editor Monica Feria Sunday Sept. 19, 2010 T
The Philippine Star > News > Entertainment Baldwin: Was his comment offensive to Filipino women? May 20, 2010

Image courtesy of

Pinay Wins International Photo Contest about Democracy Challenge 2010

Mikas Matsuzawa, a UP Diliman student taking Journalism is one of the twelve (12) winners of an international photography contest “The Democracy Photo Challenge 2010” organized by the State Department. She submitted a photograph of a young boy in school uniform, carrying a (parol) Christmas lantern as a school project, walking to school along a narrow dirt road lined with dense foliage and riddled with puddles. A proud Pinay, she said the boy in the photo is from the Dumagat tribe in the mountains of Eastern Rizal who along with other children had to walk for about two hours, some of them barefooted, just to get to the nearest school.

Matsuzawa said that the education in the Philippines should be like Democracy… for everyone but unfortunately it appears not. Matsuzawa mentioned her own school, UP as an example. Though UP is the country’s premier state institution for tertiary education, the yearly budget cut is depriving the students to a better education. The Democracy Photo Challenge shows the power of 21st century technology in engaging people from across the globe in meaningful conversations,” said Moustafa Mourad, Interim President of One Economy Corporation. “This exchange of ideas and cultures is at the heart of democracy."

Three thousand (3,000) entries from one-hundred thirty-one countries participated and were narrowed to thirty-six (36) finalists representing each region in the world. The thirty-six (36) finalists’ entries are then presented online and five-hundred thousand (500,000) people joined to decide the top twelve winners which Matsuzawa is one of them. This pinay student must be very lucky then! For more information about Democracy Photo Challenge please click here and the pictures of the eleven winners please click here.

Information and picture source from: Digital Photographer and Yahoo Philippines

Pinoy Couple One of the Finalists for the Ultimate Thailand Explorers

Out of one-hundred-ninety-two (192) couples from different countries, our kababayan from Zamboanga City Michael and Jennifer Caspe-Cocuaco made it to the top five or the semi-finals round. This online competition is organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand in order to promote the country's five best tourist spots: Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Koh Samui. Another thing that makes them unique, is that they are the ONLY ASIANS competing in this Asian geographically-based competiton. Three couples came from USA and the other couple is from France.

Each couple is assigned in one of these spots, explore its nice places and blog their expriences in the official website of the contest. Whoever got the highest number of online votes is the winner. So what are you waiting kababayans? Let's vote! Errr! Not the 2010 Presidential Elections yet but these adventurous couple.

Why am I spreading the news? Simple. Two lucky voters will win a travel package in Thailand! The show will award two Thailand Holiday Packages and two HTC Android phones each costs US$2500. Each voter is only allowed to one vote every 24 hours. VOTING PERIOD already started last Dec. 1, 2009 until January 10, 2010. Don't worry guys we still have twelve days or twelve chances! Oh, did I just made my chances lesser to win one of the priviliges as I broadcasted this contest? It's okay, may the two best voters win!

Please cast your vote and visit their website:
Sorry guys, my hyperlink thingy is not working. Just copy-paste their website address and you know what to do ;)

As of 12:30 midnight Dec. 28, 2009, Mike and Jen
is rank 4th with 30, 022 views and 9,397 votes. Hmm, I guess the vote
is only 3 percent out of the number of views. So mga repapips! Boto na tayo!

All pictures/images used are from the official website of the contest.