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Tips on Getting Your Travel Story Published for First Time Writers

“[Ironically] we don’t have a Filipino contributor yet in Lonely Planet Philippines book. We’d love to have one.” says Greg Bloom, author and country guide of the book I just mentioned. The Lonely Planet book is the world’s leading resource, guide and authority in the travel industry for 40 years now. A lot of local and foreign travelers I meet in so many occasions have a Lonely Planet book kept inside their backpack bags and suitcases. Most of the time I see the cover and edge of the pages are crimpled, a proof that this book is used to the fullest of its purpose. Pretty much it reflects how the founders of Lonely Planet, couple Tony and Maureen Wheeler how they started according to their website “a beat-up old car, a few dollars in the pocket, and a sense of adventure.”

I was lucky enough to learn travel writing with Greg and the ladies behind the Writers Block of the Philippines in collaboration with Fully Booked bookstore from bringing your own electric adaptor when going abroad as the outlets are not the same as the one we have here, bringing some extra toiletries, medicines, even bringing a nail cutter and a shawl et cetera. Always SHOW not TELL is probably the best that I can remember when travel writing. Allow me to elaborate this topic more below:

FREE Travel Writing Seminar by Lonely Planet Philippines

Somehow travel writing can be almost as synonymous to the Lonely Planet travel guide book. I mean it is like asking if the grass is green. Local or international travelers, they all have one in common at least once in their life they have flipped through the pages of Lonely Planet book. And what could be more awesome than learning from them directly! I was reviewing my offline twitter feeds yesterday from my mobile app and I read a tweet from Lucy, the online persona of  the Fully Booked Twitter account dated April 4th and this is the most cherished tweet I ever learned that day.

I own a blog which is all about travel and tourism so I NEED to learn travel writing. I have to admit I am struggling on my travel writing skills like how to make the story compelling and the all-time grammar and spelling pain in the a** so and so.

To my felow travel writers, travel bloggers or anyone who loves writing own travel stories, This is one heck of an opportunity not to miss. Plus it is free people so I am posting this for those who “badly” need this. I would like to share to you this free travel writing seminar which is a collaboration of Fully Booked, Writer’s Block Philippines and Lonely Planet: