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Feels like the Universe is with me now!

The book "Aleph" is the only one I have read of all Paulo Coelho's writings.  I loved the story so much that even though I have so little time to grab a hardbound book, I really made efforts to read every single page of it. But if I am to answer which of his famous quotes is my favorite, it would be the one he mentioned in his book "The Alchemist."

He said "when you want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it".  And I think I feel the same way now. When you really want something so bad, then you put all your heart into it... everything else will follow.  

I have almost nothing when I left my 8 year old job in August of 2013. I did not know how to start a new life as a bootstrapping entrepreneur. My friends and family members are not into this. I was desperately looking for an environment of like - minded individuals who are into this as well. I think if not because of the online world where one can easily connect to another one, I am still stuck somewhere.