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Business Sense: Practical Pursuits for Filipino Women in 2014

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The year is almost halfway done and many may be wondering "Why now?" But the truth is, it is never too late to start pursuing your dream. In the past few years, many in the nation have decided to leave their regular jobs and start businesses. In a third world country such as the Philippines, being your own boss is as big a dream as being able to work abroad. And now that the PH economy is doing quite well in the world market, you'll probably witness more people joining the entrepreneurial bandwagon in the coming years.

Setting up a business, however, is no walk in the park. You need capital, a sound business plan, a ton of determination, and most importantly, an amazing business idea. If you're planning to go through the conventional route, you would also need to rent an office spaceIf you're a parent, you'll also need superb organisational skills. Out of all these though, it's probably the "idea" part that you should first get a hold of. After all, according to American author Earl Nightingale, "Everything begins with an idea." 

Bitten by the Startup Bug!

If you will ask me how my last weekend went, well it was spent joining an event of startups on Saturday and on Sunday I personally met a founder of a startup of a passion close to my heart. Whew! I am now officially bitten by the startup bug big time! My friends ask me, Are you planning to build one? What made you got into this start-the-f*ck-up thingy? Do you know only one percent of these really become successful to a full - pledged company? My answers: first, why not If I have this to - die - for idea, second it 's a long story and third, I know but a lot of will "kill" just to belong to this one percent chance.  Allow me to share you the tidbits of these two wonderful startup events:

1.  Startups Unplugged by Juan Great Leaps
Twenty successful entrepreneurs from different areas of expertise (social enterprise, technology, e-commerce / retail and consulting services) joined forces to share to them their stories of successes. For twenty minutes the participants got to ask their chosen founders / enterpreneurs personally questions on how they started, any tips, struggles and everything in between. It was an awesome event!