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Of Choosing Tour Packages Over Off the Beaten Path

Truth is I haven’t even booked a place to stay for my trip abroad next week. Why? I have been busy arranging trips of others que no tengo tiempo para ocuparme de mis propios!! When I went to Palawan last February I started finding an accommodation only when I arrived in the airport via brochures handed to me  and asking the locals on the road. Unfortunately this one is not going to work this time nor I advise anyone to do the same. 

Observe how walking tours are done abroad

My two friends will arrive a day ahead and me a day behind then the other one is 4 hours later.  Good thing, Lyn one of my buddies for this trip has been to Singapore previously  so I am entrusting her my life and everything. Since I am into heritage slash culture slash tourism advocacy, I want to join this award-winning Old Singapore Walking tour or any city tour in Malaysia but I don’t have time at all to know how I can be part of. I want to observe how a walking tour in other parts of the world is done so I can compare it to ours because I am also soon to be formally organizing an Intramuros, Binondo, Quiapo and Sta Cruz walking tour.

The Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago at Galicia, Spain

I am a sucker of tours – anything related about culture and heritage. I am such a sucker that I was able to build a business out of it by selling tours myself.  Now that I am making a bit of money out of it, I have become more curious how are the tours around the world are done.  Let me cite an example – a pilgrimage tour. 

Locally I can only think of the Visita Iglesia – visiting churches on Maundy Thursday and Holy Friday for just a daytime duration. I did organized visitas to iglesias en Cavite, Batangas, Bataan y Pampanga recientemente so I can relate a bit to this.  

Pero en otras partes del mundo,  puedes un mes o mas.  Un ejemplo es Way of St. James o El Camino de Santiago en Español, a revered site visited by millions of peregrinos or pilgrims to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, northwest of Spain where tradition has it that the remains of Saint James (one of Twelve Apostles of Jesus) carried by boat from Jerusalem is buried. This route can be traced to Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy and finally to Spain even declared as the first European Cultural Route and was also named one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.

Mobile Monday Manila: FREE Event for Mobile Industry and Enthusiasts

Dubbed as a “woman of events” by my friends because there is no single weekend or sometime on weekdays that I do not roam around the metro joining activities hoping to find people I can collaborate with, I   finally tagged the Mobile Monday Manila event as Done in my Events To-do list. 

I have been very curious to be part of this for sometime because I want to know how  local mobile industry is doing in terms of app creation, advertising, payment solutions and  the influential people in this space,  etc. Why? I wanna know how I can utilize the mobile space for business or advocacy purposes.

The moment I got inside, I hear people introducing to each other as app developers, web designers, programmers, marketers, founders / co-founders of a startup etc. I suddenly told myself “Jeeez, what am I doing here?” Then I reminded myself, “Rona, you are here to learn.” 

Bangkok Tour Package 3D2N P5, 000 / Pax for Twin Sharing Room

3D2N Bangkok Package P5k/pax in a Twin Sharing room ( July 1 -  Sept. 30, 2013)

• Hotel Accommodation
• Daily Hotel Breakfast
•  Half day city tour on  SIC
• Round Trip transfer based on SIC (0800 to 2200 hrs only)

For INQUIRIES you may email or contact 0919-893-7236

Summer Is Over

Summer is over. Thanks God. The last summer was a blast to me since I started offering local tour packages and slots for festivals around the country. When I started last year I did not expect the massive influx of clients all I got from the combined SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) I experimented in my blog.

No, I did not started a blog to be famous then have a mini-celebrity status nor be ambassador of big brands, all I want is money. While most of the travel bloggers have chosen to write about the do-it-yourself way, I chose the road less-traveled... YET,  one who advocates tours.  

And I made quite a little for the past six months. It funded my birthday getaway last February to El, Nido Palawan and this July I will be going to Singapore then Malaysia all because of this. 
Come July I will post the figures as my mid-year report to make everything transparent. But you know not everything is a walk in a park.  I have been sleepless and tired all throughout these past months. I have had full body massages almost every week just to compensate the muscle pains that come with it. I have also sacrificed my 7-year full-time job for a few absences whenever I need to. 

How to Start a Home or Office-based Travel Agency

It was in February of 2012 when I took my very first whole-day seminar and paid a thousand peso on how to set up a travel agency. That time everything was new to me so I never really digested the information at all but it was not a waste because it challenged me to keep learning along the way. I had no one to turn to even up to now when it comes to help and advices so I learn from my mistakes and experiences alone. It is never easy I tell you.   

Before I finally closed my first ever major sale of a tour package, I remembered a few dozen that I lost previously because I literally don’t know the ropes of this business. I work with 2 freelance tour guides, 1 tour operator and I deal with 6 accredited travel agencies so far: 5 of them I have active engagement until now and 3 seasonal. I am still looking and hoping to collaborate to a lot more also.  Out of these 8 travel agencies, only 2 of them I have met in person. I  talk to them over the phone, send emails, exchange text messages and close thousand bucks thru online transactions.