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Eiffel Tower In The Philippines

It has been said that the all-time famous Eiffel Tower was once decided to be eradicated during the 1800's because of it's obscurity. But who would have thought, that after several decades, this tower will be the sole symbol of the country where it's located? I would say this tower contributed a lot to make the city where it belongs to be known world-wide. It is so known that many replicas were created around the globe to mimic if not inspire the countenance of this tower. You'll find three of them in US: Las Vegas Hotel, Nevada, Walt Disney World's EPCOT & Cincinnatti Ohio; in Crailsheim, Germany; Parizh village, Russia and now in the Philippines?

I happened to drop by in Megamall A this afternoon and there I saw an Eiffel Tower plastic replica which is as tall as two-storey-house in the ground floor. I Got so curious that I even went near and took pictures. Then I remember the breath-taking fighting scene of Jackie Chan and the main antagonist of the movie who happened to be his brother also in the movie Rush Hour 2. How they manage to keep striking each other, then they will fall but would just hang on and so is something I don't think much as I would say the director did a great job for that. But seriously, how did they do that? Then come Hollywood actor Tom Cruise who proposed one morning to young Katie Holmes to officially seal their whirlwind romance into a lifetime commitment. Sigh! Now I know why this place is dubbed "the most romantic place in the world"

There is a free concert from Manila Philarmonic Orchestra that's going on too. A band of not less than twenty all dressed in black. Love songs from 70's and onwards are sang. Most of them are sentimental in nature like if your a hip or teeny-bopper you'll probably end up slumped and sleeping while watching. What I've noticed the most are those playing the violins. The rhythm is very romantic in nature. Then Spanish songs Historia De Amor (Story of Love) and Besame (Kiss Me) were sang. And oh the hyper-dramatic songs from the Phantom of the Opera too like while it is being played there is a story that is being created in your mind. "Love me that's all I ask of you".... the last sentence that ever marked on my mind as the song ended. The songs "Just The Way You Are" and "Gift" by Jim Brickman received the most applause since most of the audience can now relate as I see most of them were born early 80's and onwards. Too bad, I have to go back to Makati in less than an hour so I had to leave. I'ts a pity but I did missed the upcoming songs of France, Germany, Australian and some Broadway songs!

Who among you doesn't know about the couple Robert and Elizabeth Browning? Well if someone says "no", I bet you must be sleeping during your class in Literature. Like me! But when their love story was told it made me awake. Let's see if my memory is still as good as my college days about five years ago. It's about a physically-incapacitated Elizabeth who loved writing by heart and at that time Robert is a well-known writer at their place. So one time, she sent him a letter through postal mail with a poem. He got so impressed with her that he replied back saying "this is one-of-a-kind poem he has ever read".

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, proved to be literarily wrong for these couple. Instead what paved the way are the writings they both shared. What is a love story without a villain! So there you go, her tyrannical father doubted that their feelings are just merely infatuation and that warned that if their romance continues, he will disinherit her.

Love conquers all! They eloped and settled into a place in Italy. During those first nights that they have shared the cream of their passion, born a poem of all time
"How Do I Love Thee... Let Me Count Ways..." It is said that she has written this poem after a night of their intimate union while his warmth and smell still lingers in her memory as she breathes from time to time.

In this modern world that love and lust shares a very thin line... so thin that some when into it does not even know where they fall under. That "Till Death Do Us Part" can now be changed to "Till Divorce Do Us Part"... that how love can move a mountain. That it can only take less than a second to fall inlove with someone just the same as when you fall out of love... that love is not a feeling but an ability from the movie "Dan In Real Life"... that, that I should stop taking about this. As this is a discussion that has no end.