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Startup Manila Weekend!

Let me tell you about my education background. I am a graduate of a four year Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a two year Diploma in Computer Studies. Right after college, I realized programming is not my calling so I took a turn. I am now working in an industry that I never wrote a single line of programming code and staying in the same company for six and a half years! But still I wanted ot be updated with the world I should have bee in had I followed the path from what I graduated from college so I always read news about it.  Through a blog, I was greatly influenced (I choose to unname it) about what are my interests to day that include social  media, startups, coworking and collaboration. So when I heard about this Startup Weekends I did not waste anytime and registered last year with my brother who was a programmer in a local bank.  

CNN's “Eye On” Will Visit the Philippines!

According to CNN's website, CNN “Eye On” is a series that takes you to different countries around the world, highlighting influence and innovation. We showcase interesting places and intelligent people who have the potential to change our world.

At the end of April, we're visiting the Philippines. We’d like you to share the sights and sounds that you think capture the true flavor of the country. Send us your photos, or put yourself on video and tell the world what the Philippines is really like.

The best stories and videos will be featured on CNN's Eye On website and on TV. The deadline for submissions is May 11.

FREE! iBlog: The 8th Philippine Blogging Summit

It has been two years and a half since I started blogging. I never thought I would last this far as I am still struggling with the technical details and all that stuff  when it comes to blogging so when I heard about this iBlog: The 8th Philippine Blogging Summit, I wasted no time to register and get to know these fellow bloggers I only see online.

WHAT:iBlog:The 8th Philippine Blogging Summit
WHERE:Malcolm Theater, Malcolm Hall, UP Diliman, Quezon City
WHEN:May 25 and 26, 2012

The topics are very, very much interesting. Whew! Can't wait to be part of it.

My Journalism Experience

Access to the Internet is now a basic human right declared by the United Nations. Since millions and millions of people go online every day, we need journalists to guide us like a traffic aide to pedestrians crossing the streets. One does not need to be a Journalism graduate, newspaper writer or TV anchor to be a journalist today. Through social media , anyone who has an account to leading social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter can post a write up, tweet a link or upload a Youtube video, get in touch with celebrities, brands, local and public figures directly. 

To impress someone, I started blogging late of 2009 about my rants, raves and announcing my daily minutiae but turned out nobody read my blog except my mom and my siblings. Knowing that this is a powerful medium to any noble reason, I started blogging about my country’s heritage, tourism, local events and some random thoughts. I noticed that my friends would comment, share what I post and eventually I connected online to people who share the same interest. I found myself joining events the next time and getting to know these people personally. I got more inspired knowing that the power of blogging or citizen journalism lead me closer to my advocacy.

Youth Employment Forum will Send 5 Young Journalists/Bloggers to Geneva, Switzerland for FREE

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO) website, they will offer five young journalists/bloggers the opportunity to promote and cover the Youth Employment Forum, which will take place in Geneva from 23 to 25 May 2012. These lucky five will be will be invited to attend the ILO Youth Employment Forum, providing them with a unique opportunity to hear individual stories from over 100 young women and men from around the world who are active in the promotion of decent work for youth.

The Youth Employment Forum will serve as a platform for young people to voice their views on the current youth employment situation and to share ideas on what can be done to provide more and better jobs for their generation.

These lucky five journalists/bloggers will support the coverage of the event through social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and blogs), articles, interviews and other relevant mediums. They will also report back to their regional and local communities, networks and organizations.

FREE: Filmmaking/ Writing Workshop from Malayang Singing- Kayumanggi Productions (MaSKay)

Malayang Singing- Kayumanggi Productions (MaSKay)  is giving a free workshop, Sulyap: Pagsilip sa Paggawa ng Pelikula, now on its third year. According to Asia Writes website, Sulyap is a project that aims to promote opportunities, support, encourage and inspire interested people who have undying love for the arts through writing and filmmaking, giving them an outlet to express and alternative venue to showcase, cultivate and hone their talents and skills to help nurture and develop Filipino culture and values.

White dove

Was trying  to catch some fresh air through the window 24 floors up I saw this white dove in the edge to the right. Looking a bit frightened and no idea how it  got there. Been a long time since I got  to see this bird that is a symbol  of hope so near like this. A perfect sight for a tired soul.

Pahiyas Festival 2012

Join us in PAHIYAS “Festival of Harvest and Blessings” Tour Package 
May 15, 2012 Tuesday

Photo credited to  Jon Albert Cadag 
Original photo link  here
The Pahiyas Festival is held in honor of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. It is an annual observation in thanksgiving for abundant harvests. Quezon folk decorate their homes with the choicest produce; they string fruits and vegetables together and make the “kiping,” the traditional Pahiyas décor of many colors. These are leaf-shaped wafers of rice makeup and looks like Spanish tacos; these are used to liven up halls and walls, and more craftily turned into arangya (chandeliers) that lighten up the town on fiesta night itself.