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CELEBRATE AUSTRALIA 2012: FREE Musical Performances by Dewayne Everettsmith

Australia’s one of the most promising indigenous singer  Dewayne Everettsmith will be having a FREE CONCERT tonight Jan 31at Salon de Ning, The Peninsula Manila hotel  7PM - 9PM.  The Australian Embassy is supporting Dewayne’s visit and series of performances in Manila as part of “Celebrate Australia 2012”. Only in his early 20s, he once performed a private show as part of Oprah’s famous “Road Trippers”, supported Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu across Australia and in Europe and starred in a Tourism Australia video “Making Tracks” available on Youtube

For those who missed him at Bonifacio High Street and Greenbelt Park 3, this is your last chance. You may check Australian Embassy  of The Philippines website here or call Salon de Ning’s concierge,  887-8888.

400 Shots to Immortality: Timeless Photographs of the University of Santo Tomas Towards its Neo-centennial Photo Exhibit

Asia's oldest existing university even older than Harvard, University of Santo  Tomas is having a photo exhibit "400 Shots to Immortality: Timeless Photographs of the University of Santo Tomas Towards its Neo-centennial" that starteded last  January 20 at the UST Museum of Arts and Sciences and will run until February 10.

According to  UST official website: The exhibit, which will feature 40 rare photos of UST and 360 documentations of the UST life at large, is divided into eight sections. "We Are the Champions" shows the thrust of the UST athletes to remain in the pedestal as it guns for its 14th consecutive general championship title this year. "Unguarded Moments" documents day-to-day vignettes of the Thomasian campus life.
"Showcase of Thomasian Culture" displays photos of annual affairs in UST, such as Paskuhan and the Baccalaureate Mass. "Record Breaker" reviews the memories when the Philippines’ Catholic university formed the Largest Human Cross and eventually entered the Guinness World Records last year. "Royal, Pontifical, Spectacular," meanwhile, maps out the UST campus, showing all the UST landmarks at their most spectacular angles. "UST in Paris" documents last year’s event when UNESCO paid tribute to UST's Quadricentennial. "Our Fathers" will give a glimpse of the Domicans’ life inside the university and "Quadricentennial Celebration" recaps the yearlong celebration of UST’s 400th anniversary.

Photos in the exhibit will be available for sale. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the victims of typhoon "Sendong," and "Simbahayan," the centerpiece project of the Quadricentennial celebration where UST will rehabilitate 400 villages through medical, literacy, community and peace "interventions."

FREE Flamenco Concert at Cultural Center of the Philippines

As part of the celebration of the 2012 Philippine International Guitar Festival and Competition, Spanish multi-awarded guitarists Dani de Moron and Rafael Rodriguez will hold a free concert on  Jan. 28 at CCP Little Theater 7:30 p.m . 

On a first come, first served basis. For more information, contact The Guitar Friends at 0927-344-7712 or visit

Waiting in a long line

This is one of the things that I hate the most. Waiting in a line and  kicking my bacpack bag using my toes a few inches forward everytime I  take a step closer to  the counter  to check in. It is like waiting for that booty call in the middle of the night but suddenly realizes it is not  worth. it Pardon the comparison. But yeah these does  not happen everyday so let's savor the moment!

Working at Co.lab Manila!

Me and Sarah Photo courtesy of Colab Manila 
I've always been curious about coworking spaces since one of the blogs I read almost everyday which sometimes I open more frequent than my own blog talks about this a lot. Now please allow me not to divulge what blog is it as the author might be flattered too much. But I was glad I met this author sometime last year. An entrepreneur in his own right,running his own online business, started pretty young & surviving in a foreign country! 

Co.lab Manila has 2 office spaces one in Pasig another is in Makati. During their January  #Jellyweek where they are open for a day or two for anyone who wants to check them out and offer their workspace for free, I took the opportunity to see it myself. Well the place is pretty amazing. No presence of stagnant looking and boring cubicles and workstations. Only couches, tables and lounge chairs. The ambiance is very relaxing like there is no presence of a dreaded boss! Well there is hardly a boss there because people who might be interested working there are mostly freelancers, part-timers and stuff. It is really amazing. It is an office that lacks the bad reputation of boredom and repetitiveness.I had fun talking with other guests who checked out Co.lab Manila as well. Most of them are graphic designers, layout artists and students. Check our  video  here

Photo grabbed from Link is here
One familiar face was Sarah Meier, former MTV VJ who is a coworker at Co.lab Manila. What makes me interested the most is the idea of working in a place where somebody sitting just a few chairs away or next door is an app designer or a software engineer! You may be at some point get to chat with these people sharing some random or opposing  ideas. I work in the same company of seven years where I sit with my fellow officemates whom I've known for so long. While having them as friends is not bad at all you know it comes to a point where you chat the same stories over and over again. 

Coworking spaces give the people working in it a feeling of less-stressed workplace. One very interesting question we were all asked is "Dead or alive, who would you wanna collaborate it?" Don't even bother what my answer is... I still can't figure out and does not remember what I said that time! And I got so lucky that time I won in the raffle of the Unscripted book of Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera. So guys check these cool coworking space out!

You may also read "Colab Manila Offers Free Workspace for a Day" here

Binondo, Manila is the Oldest Chinatown in the World

Don't be surprised if you see lots of big red Chinese laterns in the malls and in the streets because this is in connection with the Chinese New Year this Jan. 22nd. Because of this let us go back to our boring errr... history class! Don't sleep this will not take an hour just a few minutes!

Our Chinatown in Binondo, Manila is the oldest Chinatown in the world, formally established in 1594. Of course that means a Chinatown outside China! It was a given as a permanent settlement for the Chinese people called "sangleys" to be distinguished with the Spaniards living from the walled city of Intramuros. Binondo used to be the centre of banking and financial community. As a matter of fact, Asia's one of the oldest stock market - Manila Stock Exchange was conceptualized along the Escolta Street. The country's first ever elevator was installed at Regina building which is still very "alive" today.

Regina Building

Who wants Tikoy & Hopia? For  orders & inquiries text 09996842186

So there you go I invite you to drop by at Binondo.  See its dirt and beauty .

Co.Lab Manila Offers FREE Workspace for A Day!

If you're a freelancer or works part-time and feels bored to work on coffee shops, at a restaurant or even at home then this one is for you! Or if you feel like leaving the corporate world and be a bootstrapping entrepreneur and ready for a startup. Then say goodbye to boring cubicles and seeing the same officemates for years.Coworking space is a place with assorted areas that offer coworkers to work from a  desk, a couch, table, lounge chair. Wherever you like! Or see different seatmates or "workmates" you can chat with or exchange ideas with while coworking.

Coworking spaces and coworkers all across the globe is celebrating a week full of Jellies from Jan. 16 -  22, 2012!! Jellies according to Co.lab manila are when people are invited to cowork on the house - no charge, we just want you to experience coworking with us! For Jellyweek, January 20th is Asia’s day! On that day co.lab Makati 1PM - 6PM. while co.lab xchange Pasig is open today Jan. 191pm-8pm.

For more information you may check their Facebook Fan Page here or follow them on Twitter hereCo.lab hosts a jelly once a month, an event where they invite people to come and cowork for free.

You may also read my Jelly Experience at Colab Manila here:

Back then when we used to be Provencianas!

Was surprised to bump shoulders with an old buddy along Aya Ave. She is Riz who like me came here in Manila more than 4 years ago for a greener pasture and we used to be a provenciana - newbie in the city, that is curious of a metropolitan life and does not know much of people. So young and naive that we took the liberty of exploring Manila and that includes errr... night life. She also stands 5 foot flat like me but you know, when the clock strikes 12mn on weekends we become 5' 3" or  5' 4"  depending on how high the heels we wore paired with some girly dresses and you would see us twirling in the dance floor and holding a light beer. 

One incident we can't forget was these 2 jerks who would not let us go. So afraid of what is gonna happen next we had no choice but to pass through the Fire Exit door, took off our high heels (we're back to five foot flat again!) and run as fast as we could to the nearest street not minding we are not passing in the designated pedestrian lane.

These jerks, we never heard of them after. But the way they introduced themselves and the way they look they have promising carreers - from educational to professional background and are serious hobbyists. Like it won't take a minute for them to get a girl. Except us.. we are good runners. 

We joked of going to that bar again for fun but just that our time won't match and one more thing... we're not  provencianas anymore.

5th Women Entrepreneurs Conference:Who knows you have a calling to be an entrepreneur

Ladies, here is a new thing we might get interested aside from shpping, fashion and, errr boys! Who knows you have a calling  to be an entrepreneur . NEW (Network for Enterprising Women ) is a group of women whose advocacy is to create an environment where there is an exchange of business ideas, sharing of experience, and opportunity to network.

Living up to the organization's mission, the Network for Enterprising Women (NEW) is organizing the 5th Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference from 8:30am to 12:00nn on January 28, 2012 (Saturday) at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Makati Avenue, Makati City.
The Conference will include topics on: Marketing and Innovation by Josiah Go of Mansmith and Fielders, Inbound Marketing by Tricia Gosingtian of, and Business Economic Outlook for 2012by Ronald Balbieran of the University of Asia and the Pacific. They will share their expertise, best practices, and learnings on academic, professional and personal issues so that other businesswomen and aspiring women entrepreneurs may learn from them. This Conference will also showcase our members' different businesses as well as introduce other business ideas.

Participant Fee (inclusive of snacks):

Early bird rate if paid on or before January 16, 2012:  Php 1,000
Regular Rate if paid after January 16 / Walk-in Rate :  Php 1,500
NEW members:  Php 1,000
Special Student rate:  Php 700

Each participant will also be given a  FREE GIFT PACK from our sponsors. Payments can be made through Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) under Network for Enterprising Women, Manila Assn, Inc., Checking Account # 4481-0051-46. Please bring your deposit slips on the day of the event for re-validation. We also accept major credit cards.

If you want to become a member of NEW, you can apply on this day. We have an annual membership fee of Php 1500.

For inquiries and reservations, please call 908-2558 / 0917-5408697 or email  To register online, log on to

Looking for a Virtual Assistant

Is SERIOUSLY thinking of hiring a virtual assistant to do most of my boring and repetitive tasks so I can focus on my more significant roles in life like doing my laundry, cleaning my closet and most of all find my missing eyeglasses! This task would need to have access to my Facebook, Twitter, my blog and its Facebook Fan Page and etc. Yay! It is like I am letting a stranger stay in my room while I am out! Well the task is pretty simple like copy-pasting links and comments, liking other Fan Pages and following new Twitter accounts, uploading pictures etc. This is however a short-time project only after I am able to fix my schedule and go out and make out.. that is make the most out of. So yeah! I am scouring directory of VA's where can I get one whom I can trust as these accounts are so dear to me. Wanna also knnw how much is the reasonable fee for them. 

6th Spring Film Festival at Shangrila Plaza

6th Spring Film Festival will feature free admission to six films, free  Chinese Painting Exhibit and free Chinese Painting Workshops

List of Films
Ocean Heaven
Lost on Journey
Country Wedding
Bodyguards and Assassins
King of Milu Deer 

January 20-29
Chinese Painting Exhibit by the Confucius Institute Chinese Painting Students

January 22
Chinese Painting Workshops by Mr. Caesar Cheng and the Confucius Institute Chinese Painting Students

For other information please call Ateneo Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies at: 426-6001 local 5208-5209; 5280. For tickets, please call Shang Cineplex at 633-2227.

To read more about this event you may visit  Chia Business Philippines website here 

Chinese Painting Workshop at Yuchengco Museum Jan 28

Shui Mo: Traditional Chinese Painting Workshop
Basic and intermediate levels
Beginning January 28
10 Saturday sessions
2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

 "Shui mo"or  (water and ink)  is a  traditional Chinese painting that use a brush dipped in ink & water, and dipped in rice paper. Practicing Chinese brush painting helps one quiet the mind and expand creativity, self-expression, and discipline. In this ten-Saturday afternoon workshop, learn how to paint popular subjects in Chinese painting such as water lilies, lotuses, birds, frogs, and goldfish. 

About the Instructor
Pieh Tsai Shiu-Yuin (Arsenia Lim) is a Chinese-Filipino artist and teacher. She first learned Chinese painting under Chinese-Filipino painter Yang Keng-Tang, and continued to study painting and calligraphy while pursuing her degree in History at National Taiwan University. Upon her return to the Philippines in the mid-1960s, she taught Chinese literature, history, and painting at St. Stephen's High School. Shen then pursued a full-time career as a Chinese painting teacher by establishing workshops. In 2006, Arsenia Lim launched her Shui Mo Chinese painting classes at Yuchengco Museum.

Class Format
Each lesson includes a demonstration, hands-on exercises, weekly assignments, and handouts. This workshop run is open to beginners, although prior experience in painting is required. Slots are limited, as classes are held in small groups.

Workshop fee is P6,000, excluding materials. To reserve a slot or inquire, please call (02) 889-1234 or email

'The Bourne Legacy' Shoot in Manila

Photo courtesy of
“Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz leading actors behind 'The Bourne Legacy' are in the country to  start  filming Jan. 11 in Malate, Manila specifically in  San Andres and Remedios Circle” says Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis Tolentino on “Mornings@ANC” on Tuesday, as reported by

Shooting locations mentioned are Ayala Avenue, Intramuros,  Jones Bridge, Marikina City Market, Navotas Fishport, Pasay Taft Rotonda in Metro Manila as well as in Palawan. The duration of the Philippine shoot is from 40 to 45 days, with the scenes taken in Manila to comprise 20 to 25 minutes of the whole movie.

To read the whole news by JULIEN MERCED C. MATABUENA of Manila Bulletin  Cameras roll for 'Bourne Legacy' in Manila on Jan. 11 you may click here 

Far Away

Is sitting in the open space 9 floors down. In front of me: an entrepreneur guide magazine, a back issue of a Health & Wellness magazine and a language book  each I shuffle and skim from time to time then take notes after I am pretty sure that anyone seeing me right now will think I am deabusy reading and learning But the truth is I haven't absorbed anything because my mind is actually so far, far   away

Come With Me to Laoag and Vigan! Jan. 23 - 26

Me and Annie from Canada I met in Couchsurfing in Intramuros
Vigan is one of the few Hispanic towns in the Philippines well-known for its cobblestone streets and a World Heritage site. So having said that and me being an "old-fashioned" or I rather call it as classic (para sosyal!) and loves seeing capiz window shells and heritage and stuff I decided to backpack to Vigan.  "You sure you are going there? There is no night life there. And I'm sure there is no chance of meeting hunks with flashy abs there. " says my friends. "That is why I wanna go there to get out of Manila's noise and pollution for a while!"   It is a pity that I haven't explored my own country before and I was inspired by strangers I met in Couchsurfing: Annie & Nathan - Canada, Jose - Spain, Mike - Switzerland, Mike - US, couples Carsten - Germany & Zorah - Taiwan, Andreas and his girlfriend - Denmark and locals too many to mention  but they've been to a lot so might as well start to scour and promote my own "neighborhood" through this blog and then after go out Asia then see the world. One trip at a time...

So here is the itinerary of my travel with the help of my friend Lyn and Couchsurfers Nathan  and certain TURTLETUNNEL.                                                                                                                                                    

Jan 23 day 1 - Laoag and Paoay tour
Breakfast (malunggay pandesal / jollibee)
Lunch at Dap-ayan (empanada/pakbet/bagnet)
Batac marcos mansion and mausoleum
(waxed figure of marcos in a glass coffin)
UNESCO Heritage site Paoay church
Snack at Herencia (pinakbet pizza)
Tryke tour of Paoay lake, Malacanang of the North, 
Sand dunes, Fort Ilocandia, Tobacco field
Back to Laoag, Ride mini bus to Pagudpud/Pudian (2hrs)
Dinner (poque-poque) and  back to the Inn

Jan 24 day 2 - Pagudpud and South tour
Beach bumming at Saud beach
Tryke tour Blue Lagoon (Boracay of the north),
Bangui windmills
Cape Bojeador lighthouse
Kapurpurawan white rock formation
Back to Laoag Inn

Jan 25 day 3 - Vigan
Ride bus to Vigan (2hrs)
Kalesa tour of Pagburnayan and Ruby potteries (hands-on)
Rowilda Abel Iloko weaving factory and shop (hands-on)
Heritage village Crisologo St.
Old house/museum of Padre Burgos, 
Syquia mansion (house of former pres elpidio quirino)
Back to Laoag rest at  this Inn

Jan 26 day 4 - Market
Ilocos Museum (built by bongbong marcos)
St. williams cathedral
Laoag market for food pasalubong (korniks, bagnet, 
longganisa, sukang iloko, jmb bagoong, empanada)
Marsha's deli shop (cassava cake or brownies)
Airport depart for manila

Lyn will join me until the third day but I will be all alone the last day until I go back to Laoag airport. This itinerary can change, this is just a guide it depends on the weather or some divine intervention or any matters that could happen. This trip would be more fun if more will join :) Next month is Cebu & Bohol. So there you go anyone who wants to tag along, come along or pop along the road let me know! [Photo credited from Annie Taillon]

Azkals vs CF International de Madrid charity match Typhoon Sendong victims Jan 7, 2012, 4PM at Rizal Memorial Stadium

A charity match “Dili Kamo Nag-iisa” by Azkals & Friends vs CF International de Madrid, will be done for the benefit of the Typhoon Sendong victims in Mindanao. The Celebrity Challenge will be at 2 PM while the game itself will be at 4 PM. Tickets will be available at TicketWorld starting January 2.

Ticket prices are at P533.60, P426.88, P320.16, P213.44 and P106.72 

Giant Whale Sharks at Oslob, Cebu by Daily Mail UK

Conservationist Shawn Heinrich  shows images of 25ft giant whale sharks eaig shimps beig fed by fearless fishermen  near Oslob in the Philippines. These images showed a 'rare and exciting connection' and adds 'Typically shy of one another, the whale shark and the fishermen have formed an unusual bond of appreciation, respect and trust. These ground-breaking images capture that story.'

 To  view the rest of the images and the whole story of  In the shallows: The never-before-seen moment fishermen feed shrimp to giant whale sharks by HAND you may click here

Changes, Plans and Advocacy of this Blog 2012

“Shut this blog down Rona! You’re not gonna make more money out of it. Not many people are interested about this. Make another one and pursue your other interests like social media, internet marketing, and selling online blah, blah!”  says a fellow blogger. Two years of blogging which I rather call as posting-something-uniquely-fun-online is not a joke. I would be hypocrite if I was not quite bedazzled upon hearing the “make-more-money” stuff but then again I started this out of spur-of-the-moment passion. I cobblestone streets, capiz window shells and always intrigued about those Manila galleons that lurked hundred years ago! Yeah call me old fashioned, I won’t disagree ever!

So this 2012 I decided to make specific goals for this blog like a sailing ship in order to keep going should have a map to follow and a Captain clever enough to decide where to go to the spots that have lesser waves and when not to go too near the shore  or else… Here is my rough draft. Not really hoping by the end of this year all will be done but at least there is  something done!

1.       Trips to Historical Places
Though this blog is not really a Travel website but there is really a thin line between Travel and Heritage. Will scour Manila for some boooring errr historical places to post to remind our young generation that this decaying-slash-ugly-slash-not-given-attention-slash-again-slash-decaying-stuff is historical! Need to focus more within Manila as this author has a very tight as in spell tight work schedule.  Have some trips lined up:
                                Vigan & Laoag = January
                                Cebu     = February
                                Bicol      = March

2.       Remember those boooring educational-slash-historical museums you are required to see in your school tours? You guessed it right! Will feature it because not so much of them are documented online.

3.       Local Climate Change issues  and advocacy against plastic bag use.  Nothing much to talk about it but will be soon.

4.       Random thoughts of the Author.
Noticed a good amount of positive responses and likes and comments and flattering words I receive whenever I post in my social media accounts  (I am a social media addict ssshhh!) a short anecdote, trivias, personal experiences (only the nicest ones of course)  so I will also add it here.  

Ate, Pwede Pa-picture?

 Remembered this girl walking in a park while I was taking photos of the place I  did not really notice she was standing close enough behind me saying "Ate, pwede pa-picture?"  Me:  "Oo naman, Asan Mama mo?Then she points  her mom busy selling some kakanin from a distance.  I showed her the  photo, she become very happy after seeing her face ithe camera screen. When I got home looking at a few dozen of  nonsense photos I took, this one is an exception.  

No Visa Required Countries for Filipinos Prior to Arrival

Because of so many low air fares and daily deals  to choose from, more a more Filipinos are now having ample opportunities to  travel abroad.  All  needed are passport, plane tickets / itinerary and money.  Details may change due to new law updates so always double-check the immigration rules of the country.  Here is the list :

ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)
Brunei Darussalam - 14 days
Cambodia - 21 days
Indonesia - 30 days
Laos - 30 days
Malaysia - 30 days
Singapore - 30 days
Thailand - 30 days
Vietnam - 21 days

Azerbaijan - 30 days visa issued upon arrival for US$100
Bangladesh - 90-days visa issued upon arrival for US$50
Republic of China (Taiwan) - 30 days if holding a vaild visa for Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Schengen countries, United Kingdom or United States
Georgia - 90 days visa issued on arrival for US$10 ~ US$200
Hong Kong - 14 days
India - 30 days visa issued upon arrival
Iran - 15 days visa issued upon arrival for US$50
Israel - 90 days
South Korea (Jeju Island only) - 30 days
Macau - 30 days
Maldives - 30 days visa issued upon arrival (free of charge)
Mongolia - 21 days
Nepal - 15/30/90 days visa issued upon arrival for US$25/40/100
Sri Lanka - 30 days
Timor-Leste - 30 days visa issued upon arrival for US$30

Kosovo - 90 days

Cook Islands - 31 days
Fiji - 120 days Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival (free of charge)
Marshall Islands - 30 days visa issued upon arrival (free of charge)
Federated States of Micronesia - 30 days
Niue - 30 days
Palau - 30 days visa issued upon arrival (free of charge)
Samoa - 60 days Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival (free of charge)
Tuvalu - 30 days visa issued upon arrival (free of charge)
Vanuatu - 30 days

North America
Bermuda - 31 days before but since May, they now require visas for Philippine passport holders
Costa Rica - 120 days Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival (free of charge)
Dominica - 30 days visa issued upon arrival (free of charge)
Haiti - 30 days
Nicaragua - 30 days
Saint Kitts and Nevis - 30 days visa issued upon arrival (free of charge)
Saint Lucia - 60 days Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival (free of charge)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - 30 days visa issued upon arrival (free of charge)
Turks and Caicos Islands - 30 days

South America
Bolivia - 59 days
Brazil - 90 days
Colombia - 90 days
Ecuador - 90 days
Peru - 90 days
Suriname - 120 days

Burundi - visa issued upon arrival
Cape Verde - visa issued upon arrival
Comoros - A free 24 hour transit visa issued upon arrival at the airport. Within 24 hours this must be converted into a full visa at the immigration office in Moroni (fee payable)
Djibouti - 10 days visa issued upon arrival for DJF3,000; 30 days visa issued upon arrival for DJF5,000
Gambia - At port of entry passport 24-72 hour transit pass is issued. This must be converted into a full visa valid up to 1 month at the immigration department in Banjul (fee payable)
Kenya - 90 days visa issued upon arrival for US$50
Madagascar - 90 days visa issued upon arrival for MGA140,000
Morocco - 90 days
Mozambique - 30 days visa issued upon arrival for US$25
Saint Helena - visa issued upon arrival
Seychelles - 30 days
Tanzania - visa issued upon arrival for US$50
Togo - 7 days visa issued upon arrival
Uganda - 180 days visa issued upon arrival for US$50
Zambia - 90 days visa issued upon arrival for US$50

As of October 2017, Taiwan has granted Filipinos a one-year temporary visa free entry! Let's pray it will be forever. 

But then again Kabayans, why look for places where there's no visa requirement if  PH has plenty of awesome places to visit?

Source:  twentyfive via hubpages and check his original post  here

New Year Resolution 2012

While most of  our New Year Resolutions are like food diets  that only last for a month, I still think we should make one. Idoesn't matter if not all happened but at least once a year we were able to  assess our own worth, weigh consequences and dream again. It is like having a feeling of may-silbi-pa-pala-ako-kahi-papaano  and kung-kaya-nila-eh-di-kaya-ko-in moments. So guys keep on  writing and dreaming!

Come what may this year! I am up to  anything good of course. Life is only once to nottry anything you may wish just because you are  so scared  to make a mistake.