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Manila PubCrawl Madness

To those who never heard of Manila PubCrawl, it is a bar-hopping tour that explores the best night – life in the city. You get to ride to an air-conditioned party jeep that will go around the metro to five different pubs or popularly known here as bars to party, drink and meet new people. The idea of partying to us Filipinos is to go to a new or a favorite one and spend the whole night there. However this one is patterned from Europe’s different style on how they do social gatherings at night. The third word -crawl, well you guessed it right! You might crawl if you get drunk after.

Manila PubCrawl only happens on Saturday for the meantime so I grabbed the opportunity to join when they announced they will have it on Friday for a charity cause of the most recent typhoon victims. There were games inside the bus And I am telling you the one you used to chit-chat in the first pub will not be the one you will most likely be chitchatting in the next pub because it seems everyone was going around getting to know each other. There are two party jeeps so you can sit anywhere with anyone.

Travel Massive Manila December Review

Me with the Hideo Wakamatsu coral luggage
"Way better than the first one!" Though the crowd this time is much smaller compared to the pioneer meetup last November, a signficant improvement in terms of networking and brand interaction are the reasons that made me appreciate more this event. Travel Massive is afterall a worldwide meetup that aims to bring together the whole travel industry: bloggers, publications, products and services, tour operators, travelers etc. for collaboration and fun. Now that I have officially started arranging tours  I have to keep joining to events like this to connect with more people who share the same interest and broaden my horizon for any possibilities.

Please allow me to share you a handful of details: 

Travel  Talk
Upper Viceo of Dispatch, a travel magazine shared a video of her Mongolia trip. What made me more curious about her story is that Mongolia is not a usual traveler would tell right at the moment when asked where is his/her destination to visit next. This place sounds so exotic to me especially when she mentioned about seeing a two-humped camel and the Trans-Siberian railway - the longest in the world crossing 16 time zones if I am not mistaken.

My Lips Are Sealed For Now

It’s been seventeen days since I had my previous blog post! What happened to this line I used to say “my passion for blogging is burning like hell!” Has the fire in it died down too soon? Answer is NO. I am dealing a personal issue that is crumpling me for some time now even stopped my itchy hand to write and affecting my mind to think of
creative stuffs. This is a challenge that is putting me to the very edge and I am at my weakest. I keep on telling myself that this will end SOON. That I should not regret any of my FAILURES, if I did the BEST I can. But hey readers, please don’t worry because what I am undergoing now happens to every one of us. At this moment, it is my turn.

Arte Bikolana's Unique & Handcrafted Fashion Jewelry

We Filipinos have this mindset instilled in chronological order since birth: go to school until college or way up if you have the means and get your dream corporate job in a Monday to Friday, 8 - 5 schedule. To those who can beat the distance and homesickness they fly abroad.  This is also exactly my way of thinking for living a financially stable life until recently I have been meeting a lot of location independent business owners who work at their most convenient time. Since then I got hooked up to the ideas of entrepreneurship, collaboration and coworking.  I believe they are the answers to our country's shortage of job employment but I would like to object because I rather call it as shortage of ideas in finding means to get money.

One great example of this is the Arte Bikolana's customized jewelry and gift ideas. I was checking the photos, I have to admit I paused for a few seconds staring every single thing they have and wondered how much level of creativity was imparted to these work of arts! Arte Bikolana have cocktail rings, charm bracelets, necklaces, kids rings and earrings even rosaries! Take note these are handmade so the designs are unique and personalized made of high quality material. These are perfect mostly for women who are chic, stylish and sassy.