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Arte Bikolana's Unique & Handcrafted Fashion Jewelry

We Filipinos have this mindset instilled in chronological order since birth: go to school until college or way up if you have the means and get your dream corporate job in a Monday to Friday, 8 - 5 schedule. To those who can beat the distance and homesickness they fly abroad.  This is also exactly my way of thinking for living a financially stable life until recently I have been meeting a lot of location independent business owners who work at their most convenient time. Since then I got hooked up to the ideas of entrepreneurship, collaboration and coworking.  I believe they are the answers to our country's shortage of job employment but I would like to object because I rather call it as shortage of ideas in finding means to get money.

One great example of this is the Arte Bikolana's customized jewelry and gift ideas. I was checking the photos, I have to admit I paused for a few seconds staring every single thing they have and wondered how much level of creativity was imparted to these work of arts! Arte Bikolana have cocktail rings, charm bracelets, necklaces, kids rings and earrings even rosaries! Take note these are handmade so the designs are unique and personalized made of high quality material. These are perfect mostly for women who are chic, stylish and sassy.
 To those whose professions dwell on highly sociable environment that a single piece of body accessory can uplift their needed confidence and appearance. This is also perfect for those who want to boast their level of femininity that wearing these kinds of reminds the lady within them.

What else could be more noble for a business than to support good causes? Arte Bikolana which only started in 2011 has done such already. The latest fair it joined was the Toms Give Fair at the Alabang Town Center which 100% of the proceeds went to pre-school scholars of Project Pearls of Ulingan, Tondo.  So see? It really does not need a 10 year span or a 10 million project first to give back or pay forward it is all about reaching out.

Now that the holiday seasons has started, I am reminded of this shared meme on Facebook about buying products and patronizing services of local businesses and self- employed people. We only not help them to earn a living but at the same time we help our country to produce financially independent individuals that can give them a better  quality of life. Arte Bikolana is currently offering very affordable Christmas packages including the box and tag without additional payment for these customized and handcrafted jewelry. You can get these wholesale or retail and they also ship international. What an inspiring business idea that was conceived out of love of designing accessories and ending up sharing the talent to everyone.

Here are the photos of their items:


Body and necklaces


Last photo is an example of a giveaway for events like wedding or birthdays or corporate ones. To check more of  Arte Bikolana's latest unique & handcrafted fashion jewelry you may click their Facebook Fan Page here or  get in touch through mobile phone# 0942 5706627 and email to