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My Lips Are Sealed For Now

It’s been seventeen days since I had my previous blog post! What happened to this line I used to say “my passion for blogging is burning like hell!” Has the fire in it died down too soon? Answer is NO. I am dealing a personal issue that is crumpling me for some time now even stopped my itchy hand to write and affecting my mind to think of
creative stuffs. This is a challenge that is putting me to the very edge and I am at my weakest. I keep on telling myself that this will end SOON. That I should not regret any of my FAILURES, if I did the BEST I can. But hey readers, please don’t worry because what I am undergoing now happens to every one of us. At this moment, it is my turn.
And while I am being tested there are two blessings that came my way which gave me slices of hope I needed so bad it gave me reasons to keep going. Almost months ago I wanted to shut this blog down when I lost my old domain. But you know what? It is only when we reach the end of the road we are used to that we learn to find other paths to take. Do you see these ads flashing here in my blog? One on top leftside and the other one rightside. These are called Adsense – advertisements run by Google. We get paid every time it is clicked legitimately. Just few days before December I received a promo notice through postal mail by Google to try Adwords – their advertising platform. If you have a business and you want to reach to more customers online, then you NEED this.

Problem is I did not know about keyword targeting needed to use this Adwords! It took me almost weeks how to figure it out and I even scheduled a phone conversation with an Indian customer service representative of Adwords to help me. The language barrier, technical issues, crazy time zones etc almost pushed me to stop. But I asked myself “When was the last time I felt great I did something different without the help of anyone and that I felt so damn proud?” Three weeks after. I got my first client who found me through Adwords. A P65, 000 worth of sale is not bad for the first time.

The other blessing, “lo siento pero mis labios sellados por ahora” or “sorry but my lips are sealed for now” as I have to follow the agreement. This good news will happen on March and I can’t wait promise! Okaaaay, I will give clues. It is all about the cuentos of my local viajes and how I came here in Manila years ago as a very shy provenciana. My defining photos that inspired me to start my Ilocos tour package, how I almost fell and got dizzy while riding in a banca and my favorite sombrero was taken by the wind. The travelers I have met a year ago who inspired me for what I am now. All that stuff!

If there’s one thing I have realized is I am my own worst planner. My dreams and hopes everything that I hoped mostly don’t happen. So from this day onward my motto will be “Come what may!” meaning If one thing does not work out, accept it and go to next and try again. I repeat NUNCA, never ever stop trying!

I want to say muchisimas gracias to this person I met few years ago who inspired me in meeting new people. It is because of this person I got crazy in social media, blogging and entrepreneurship. Sobre todo, I conquered my inborn SHYNESS. He never stops joining events and connecting to people he shares the same passion. Para el proximo año, I will continue to meet awesome people I can learn from and create opportunities. I am also planning to setup my own online shop and get to know more local  entrepreneurs who have amazing talents especially those who needs help and tie up with them. I will blog more about entrepreneurship and collaboration. Travel a little. Have fun. Work with my dream brands. Let go in order to let new things come my way!


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    1. whew...what can i say?...but i would like to ask ano ba ang mga products na binebenta mo? nabasa ko kase 65k ung nabenta mo so curious lng ako..aspiring entrep din ako..mejo low profit nga lang..