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Of Live Blogging and Not Quitting

Before anything else, I wish everyone a great Christmas.  I am actually not going home and I do not know where to spend it nor to whom will I spend it. I was wishing I have a work so that at least I have a "home" to belong with during one of the happiest celebrations in the world. I will just probably stay home and sleep and rest which I have not done for myself for such a long time. 

Now that I am back with a regular job, I have no choice but to devote my entire time to it. I feel pity that I have to set aside two of my greatest passion which are blogging and online entrepreneurship.  I also worry that since I notice I am getting good amount of readers who keep on coming back, I might lose their momentum soon so I decided to make a bold move in order to keep this fire burning in me no matter what.  I will be doing live blogging or impromptu typing of my thoughts or whatever that comes my way just to have something to share with everyone.

Here am I in front of a laptop trying to compose words actually. I just arrived from a whole-night shift of work... I should be sleeping now but I choose to make a difference.  I would like to thank everyone who has been with me all the way and who knows how I am trying to  overcome the struggles and the consequences I have to face for mistakes I did in the past.