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FREE Personal Branding and Inbound Marketing Seminar

Because of attending the two-day free Women on the Web Summit by Google Business Club Manila, I learned that there is another free talk to be conducted by one of the country’s marketing guru and his famous fashion blogger slash entrepreneur daughter.  Now that my friends call me as a “woman of events” because I always knew every event in the metro related to my interests I figured out why not blog every single awesome gathering that will inform anyone who possesses the spirit of entrepreneurship, plans on building a startup and owning a business out of nothing especially those that are free. Now why free? Well for anyone starting up something who does not have enough resources especially funds to take a higher kind of learning this is a gift from above! Like me who just ventured into a business that I don’t know anything when I started, only mistakes and experiences taught me everything that I learn. But you know I lost a lot of sales and time out of learning from mistakes and experiences so as much as possible I recommend learning in an organic way through discussions. Here is one example:

Topic: Personal Branding and Inbound Marketing by Josiah Go and Tricia Gosiangtian April 4th 1:30pm – 4:30pm Unit 688, BSA Tower, Ortigas

10 Google's Productivity Tools You Can Use In your Business

I am a certified Google fan! There is never a day that I don't use Google, NEVER! I think that in any business working without using any Google's product and services is IMPOSSIBLE  at least in this modern age. My more than three years of doing online stuff proved me that one can't really "work" without Google literally, I have listed some of its productivity tools that will help any business keep going. Ok, I am not going to add the Google search engine anymore because it is like asking if the grass is green! Google is like a one - stop shop or a mall where one can get anything he/she wants.

First let me give you a brief history of Google. It was created in a rented garage of the two founders  Larry Page and Sergey Brin The name "Google" originated from a misspelling of "googol" which refers to the number represented by a 1 followed by one-hundred zeros. On the cheesier side, one of the founders while renting the place fell inlove with one of the daughters of the owner and became his wife.

Women On The Web Summit by Google Business Club Manila

Immeasurable amount of inspiration! This is what the Women on the Web Summit by Google Business Club Manila gave me after joining this free summit for Filipina entrepreneurs and wannabees. In two days these women shared experiences and Google provided resources of how to use its products and services for their business ventures. One of the speakers I won’t forget is a Malaysian woman who manages a brand agency, showed a number of researches regarding Filipina entrepreneurs that we are leading in terms of competition in Asia and the world like Philippines ranks 5th globally in terms of rising women entrepreneur! I have been to a lot of events few years back when I have not started a business yet but now that I have already the feeling is different because I have something now to hold on and I know I am part of them. I have seen a few faces that I used to brush shoulders from past events and it feels great because I feel like I am starting to gain “real” business peers - those whom I can relate to. In a nutshell, Google Business Group is an independent community-led group of business professionals that come together to share knowledge about Google web technologies for business success.

Things You Should Know About El Nido, Palawan

Living in a city for how many years have made me emotionally and physically frail that when I went to El Nido, Palawan I almost did not want to leave.  The breakfast in front of the beach watching the waves hitting the shore and boats floating from different directions,  locals and tourists interacting in different ways and most of all the remoteness of the place all made me forgot everything that worries me back home.  I feel like my life paused in a few days that I was not doing my office work and I am not squeezing in between those passengers trying to get in inside the metro train. 

I loved that morning when I was walking in the shore with my camera I saw this teenage boy dragging this wooden boat to the sea. As I prepare click the button to take a photo of him all set to sail, my jaw dropped because the wooden boat apparently is smaller than his body size  and looks like a toy to me.   I felt worried! As I click the button I saw him paddling his way graciously and in a few minutes he was there floating and finding his way surrounded by bigger boats. 

For El Nido, Palawan Tour Package inquiries, please email or thru mobile 0998 989 3921

1. Let us know the total number of people are joining
2. Your complete flight details: TIME and DATE of arrival and departure
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Ways To Make Money and Travel the World

When I met Giancarlo Gonzales, founder of Tara Let's Go Asia,  a travel startup  that aims to help working professionals in both the Philippines and in other regions of Southeast Asia  to include travelling as part of career, personal growth, and family development, I said to him straight in the eyes "Your idea is [ridiculously] impossible." He answered back "There is always a way for someone who finds it." It is true really. When I started travelling locally last year with only 15 vacation leaves I could not believe I have been to Ilocos twice, Iloilo, Bacolod, Guimaras, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and went home for 32 hours in Bicol! I just came from a solo backpack trip from El Nido and Puerto Princesa Palawan for five nights and five days. Now my friends are telling me "Rona, are you not afraid you traveled alone? Did it cost you so much? " All I can reply back to them is "Gosh I have the best beach moments in my life there!" It is true indeed that unfortunately, not many in the Philippines have the opportunity to travel because they are always held back by two common factors - MONEY and TIME. If I may add, it is FEAR that stops us from trying something we haven't done.
But heck, we only have ONE and SHORT freakin life so why not make the most out of it???

Bitten by the Startup Bug!

If you will ask me how my last weekend went, well it was spent joining an event of startups on Saturday and on Sunday I personally met a founder of a startup of a passion close to my heart. Whew! I am now officially bitten by the startup bug big time! My friends ask me, Are you planning to build one? What made you got into this start-the-f*ck-up thingy? Do you know only one percent of these really become successful to a full - pledged company? My answers: first, why not If I have this to - die - for idea, second it 's a long story and third, I know but a lot of will "kill" just to belong to this one percent chance.  Allow me to share you the tidbits of these two wonderful startup events:

1.  Startups Unplugged by Juan Great Leaps
Twenty successful entrepreneurs from different areas of expertise (social enterprise, technology, e-commerce / retail and consulting services) joined forces to share to them their stories of successes. For twenty minutes the participants got to ask their chosen founders / enterpreneurs personally questions on how they started, any tips, struggles and everything in between. It was an awesome event!

El Nido, Palawan Tour Package

Php 5,800/person minimum of 10-12 persons
9pax: Php 5,950/person
8pax: Php 6,200/person
7pax: Php 6,650/person
6pax: Php 7,200/person
5pax: Php 7,950/person
4pax: Php 8,825/person
***Different rate will apply during during holidays and peak season
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