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10 Google's Productivity Tools You Can Use In your Business

I am a certified Google fan! There is never a day that I don't use Google, NEVER! I think that in any business working without using any Google's product and services is IMPOSSIBLE  at least in this modern age. My more than three years of doing online stuff proved me that one can't really "work" without Google literally, I have listed some of its productivity tools that will help any business keep going. Ok, I am not going to add the Google search engine anymore because it is like asking if the grass is green! Google is like a one - stop shop or a mall where one can get anything he/she wants.

First let me give you a brief history of Google. It was created in a rented garage of the two founders  Larry Page and Sergey Brin The name "Google" originated from a misspelling of "googol" which refers to the number represented by a 1 followed by one-hundred zeros. On the cheesier side, one of the founders while renting the place fell inlove with one of the daughters of the owner and became his wife.

Gmail has features like that of the Google search textbox that gives flexibility in terms of spams, managing your contacts and inbox. I was a yahoo user since 2000 when it comes to email and I guess everyone else as well but business-wise I am thinking of switching over to Google soon.

Google Adwords is an example of SEM (Search engine marketing) strategy used to display your ads and pay Google in exchange of traffic back to the business website for possible sale. Here’s the catch though it can only give traffic but it will always depend on the business to close the sale. Even if Adwords keeps on throwing potential clients to you but your product and services are not good enough. But NEVER ever stop trying!

Google Adsense is the opposite of Adwords. This is used to display other business’ ads on your website.
For every click of your visitors, Google pays you when it reaches $100. This is very ideal for websites getting high traffic you can benefit for this so much. The more visitors you have the more chances of getting the ads clicked. Just remember NEVER click the ads in your own website because you might get blocked. Google has a very intelligent way of tracking whether the click is legitimate or not. Awesome!

Google Plus is the counterpart of Facebook. I have presence here but I rarely post nor check it but after knowing its worth I am thinking of spending a few minutes of this a day to ensure balance. Sharing original articles or blog posts here and getting more +1s (comparable to Facebook’s Like function) can boost SEO (search engine optimization) ranking on Google search engine thus spending less on paid advertising since customers can now find the business website via organic searching. 

Google Drive acts as storage place of all your files. You don’t need to carry a USB drive anymore, only internet connection to access what you stored here. It also has built – in office tools like Word or Excel etc so you can work your documents while on it. It can be synchronized and be given levels of access and from coworkers for security purposes.

Google Places lets a business owners with physical address add it to the Google Map so that when their customers look for them they can be found.

Google Plus Page is comparable to Facebook’s Fan Page. The only difference is Google conducts authenticity (same feature applies on Google Plus where a person’s profile is validated too so that it can’t have more than one account). For example it won’t let 2 or 3 Google Plus Page with same names unlike Facebook.

Google Hangout is the virtual conference where up to 15 people can chat, call and videoconference to each other and share files etc.

Google Apps for Business is a cloud – based and paid productivity tools in the office. Those mentioned above are also included but with extended capacity or function since this is paid. What sets this apart from the normal office productivity tools is the opportunity to do the work location independent. 

Google Analytics is a website traffic tracker that can specifically tell what browsers the visitors are coming from, what place, what time, what webpage is searched the most, what webpage is where they commonly exit from, keywords that they type that’s a way to find your business et cetera.

So there you have it guys... anything I missed that you wanna add let me know, I will add it here.

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