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How to Use Google Adwords and Google Partners for your Business

Without Google Adwords, my business is dead. To confess that using Adwords changed my life is exaggerated but I stand for what I say… up to the end.  I cannot think of any word that can describe how it helped my online shop acquire unprecedented sales for a bootstrapping online entrepreneur like me.  However I prefer not to divulge any numerical figures to support my statement because I want to protect the interests of my travel business partners and mine as well.  There will be a right time and a right place to do that.  

For the meantime, just picture it this way: I gave up my 8-year old very stable job to pursue an online career. .. all because of Google Adwords.  Now call it serendipity because I also found another path worth taking –   the world of online advertising. In fact I am readying myself when the time comes that I need to give up my online shop which is my only bread and butter from the start to become an online advertising professional.  I know it is going to be really hard. It’s like breaking up with your first love because you have finally found your true love. .. even if it meant losing everything you have and starting all over again.

5 Tips To Maximize Your Adsense Earnings

Can you see those two rectangular ads located on top of my blog title? These are advertisements from Google Adsense. Every legitimate clicks each of them receives has a corresponding dollar amount usually (less than a dollar) and when it reaches a minimum of $100, I will get paid! Yesterday, I just received my first paycheck worth $102.99 or Php 4, 407.56 via Western Union Money Transfer.

Google Adsense is the advertising platform obviously from Google where publishers and advertisers are its main components. Publishers are websites that show advertisements from Adsense. Advertisers are businesses that pay every time their advertisements are clicked through Adsense.  

GdayX Philippines: FREE Event from Google Philippine

This travel blog and shop is nothing without Google. I am nothing without Google!  That is why I always see to it that I am always updated with any of Google's events. There is one coming tomorrow (so sorry for the late notice, I have been busy big time!).  I even blogged about 10 Google's Productivity Tools You Can Use In your Business and Women On The Web Summit by Google Business Club Manila.

The Google Business Group Community will have a free event called Gdayx Philippines on Saturday November 23, 2013 8AM - 5PM at the Angelo King Multi-Purpose Center, Xavier School. 

This Google event as  described in their official blog " aims to connect, inform and inspire business owners, entrepreneurs and business students on the latest business technologies."  This is perfect to fellow entrepreneurs especially the bootstrapping one because Google has lots of free and affordable business tools to you. 

10 Google's Productivity Tools You Can Use In your Business

I am a certified Google fan! There is never a day that I don't use Google, NEVER! I think that in any business working without using any Google's product and services is IMPOSSIBLE  at least in this modern age. My more than three years of doing online stuff proved me that one can't really "work" without Google literally, I have listed some of its productivity tools that will help any business keep going. Ok, I am not going to add the Google search engine anymore because it is like asking if the grass is green! Google is like a one - stop shop or a mall where one can get anything he/she wants.

First let me give you a brief history of Google. It was created in a rented garage of the two founders  Larry Page and Sergey Brin The name "Google" originated from a misspelling of "googol" which refers to the number represented by a 1 followed by one-hundred zeros. On the cheesier side, one of the founders while renting the place fell inlove with one of the daughters of the owner and became his wife.

Who is Pinay According to Google and the World

Google the words ‘Filipina’ or ‘Pinay’ for short and see what the search shows: dating sites and quote- unquote scandals. Type ‘Filipina’: you’ll see Filipina hearts, Filipina dating, Filipina beauty, Filipina dating site, Filipina heart success stories. Type ‘Pinay’: you’ll see pinay sex scandal, pinay celebrities, pinay darlings and brown pinay. See? Where are the major, major accomplishments of Filipinas to our society from all fields of endeavor since then and why not much has been written about it? Don’t ask Google why these are the top searches, ask why these are the most searched about!

Alec Baldwin’s interview on The David Letterman Show joked about getting Filipina mail-order bride and Letterman himself replied back “Get one for me (also), for later.” Teri Hatcher on Desperate Housewives said she would not seek a help from a doctor graduated from a medical school in the Philippines. BBC program Harry and Paul portrayed Filipina maid in undignified and laughable postures. A Hong Kong writer also called the Philippines a “nation of servants.” How much worse now because of that ‘incident’ a few months ago?

Anton Juan, professor and theatre director at the University of Notre Dam du Lac in USA and in London shared an incident in 1987 while he was a scholar in France. He was watching a game show which contestants should give correct definition of words. He heard the word ‘vaya’ and the TV host said: ‘Oh, it is an ancient Turkish word which means one who takes care of the children, but nowadays we no longer use it because we have now ‘Filipinesa.’’ In 1998, Pres. Joseph Estrada tried to protest the inclusion of word ‘Filipinesa’ in a Greek dictionary which means domestic helper. Year 2010, where are we now fellow Filipinas?

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