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How to Use Google Adwords and Google Partners for your Business

Without Google Adwords, my business is dead. To confess that using Adwords changed my life is exaggerated but I stand for what I say… up to the end.  I cannot think of any word that can describe how it helped my online shop acquire unprecedented sales for a bootstrapping online entrepreneur like me.  However I prefer not to divulge any numerical figures to support my statement because I want to protect the interests of my travel business partners and mine as well.  There will be a right time and a right place to do that.  

For the meantime, just picture it this way: I gave up my 8-year old very stable job to pursue an online career. .. all because of Google Adwords.  Now call it serendipity because I also found another path worth taking –   the world of online advertising. In fact I am readying myself when the time comes that I need to give up my online shop which is my only bread and butter from the start to become an online advertising professional.  I know it is going to be really hard. It’s like breaking up with your first love because you have finally found your true love. .. even if it meant losing everything you have and starting all over again.

5 Tips To Maximize Your Adsense Earnings

Can you see those two rectangular ads located on top of my blog title? These are advertisements from Google Adsense. Every legitimate clicks each of them receives has a corresponding dollar amount usually (less than a dollar) and when it reaches a minimum of $100, I will get paid! Yesterday, I just received my first paycheck worth $102.99 or Php 4, 407.56 via Western Union Money Transfer.

Google Adsense is the advertising platform obviously from Google where publishers and advertisers are its main components. Publishers are websites that show advertisements from Adsense. Advertisers are businesses that pay every time their advertisements are clicked through Adsense.