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Just Got Robbed: Lost My Phone And Digicam!

One of the saddest and scariest moments in my life just happened last Sunday: I was robbed by two street teenagers just 5 minutes away from Paragon Plaza, the condo unit where I live for 3 years now. It happened around 6pm, the sun is not gone yet. I just went out from the main entrance of Paragon Plaza along Edsa Avenue and passing by the Avida condo towers currently in construction. While walking I noticed a dozen of dirty-looking kids and teenagers all converged under the MRT bridge looking at me. Then suddenly a teenage guy came out then crossed the street to approach me. I was even worried while he was running because there are cars going back and forth. But he is so fast to cross that he can maneuver his feet really furious.  He was not hit at all by those speeding cars. I was in awe when I saw this ... only to realize he is coming near me.