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DIY: How To Make Thai Brass Finger Claw Nails Used For Thailand Traditional Dance

I am always fascinated whenever I see a female Thai dancer on TV or on a photo somewhere from her adorable headdress, shimmering outfit and her fingernails. I meant the one they put at the tip of their fingers to make it appear much longer. As they dance these long artificial fingernails add to the dancer's flawless moves giving her that quick glare of spontaneity.

The traditional dance of Thailand actually is one of my most admired dances around the world. As a heritage buff who loves to learn the world culture, I would say they have one of the most exquisite branding of their history reflected all through dancing.  There's so much uniqueness in Thais' dance steps that you will indeed say at one glance, that is Thailand.

I am at some point really dreams of knowing it feels like to dance the Thai way and at least wear this gorgeous Thai finger claw nails. Who would have thought that an opportunity of this just happened a few days ago?  Right after my flight from Pagadian, Mindanao,  I headed for another 2 hour trip to visit Jan Vincent, my brother in Laguna. We will be filming some short video clips of us doing the basic Thai dance steps as an entry for the Discover Thainess 
Nights ago I was googling seriously where can I find, buy or rent Thai brass finger claw nails here in Manila but I had no luck. The page one on Google all tells me to buy one which costs so hilariously expensive! Little did I know that my very own brother knows how to do the simplest representation of these Thai fingernails. I asked him who taught him he said no one. But he said he owe his creativity to our very own Mom who would always save us during our school days when it comes to art projects.

To anyone who shares the same dilemma for your child who has a school project that would need to do Thai dancing here is the simple steps we will share to create a do-it-yourself Thai fingernails at home that won't cost you a penny.

Please take note: you only need EIGHT pieces of these. You do not put any of these on your thumb. We were just so amazed (me in particular) in creating these that we made more than we what we need. I put it all on my fingers and faced the camera. We preferred the silver color because my bracelets are of the same color as well but usually Thai claw fingernails come in gold.

What you only need: foil paper from cigarette packs, scissor and scotch tape


1. Take the aluminum foil paper from the cigarette packs.

2. Since it is usually crumpled, please make sure to flatten every sides. You can use your hands to "iron" it out.

3. Fold the two sides into triangle that is as long as the foil paper. The tip of the triangle should be in the middle to make sure that everything is same length and height.

4. Cut the two sides until the triangle form is only left.

5.  Roll it to form a cone. You may use a scotch tape to put everything in place especially both ends.

6.  You may trim the ends according to your desired shape and size. 

There you go! You now have your very own Thai fingernails in an instant. I suggest you can try to flatten the tip and for another inch to make it look like very real.

Yours truly with my brother Jan Vincent. Good job!


  1. Hi! Check out our own Philippine fingernail dance called pangalay, we have our own metal fingernail extensions called janggay. :)

  2. Awesome dance! I didn't know that there are fingernail dances for the Philippines :)