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Just Got Robbed: Lost My Phone And Digicam!

One of the saddest and scariest moments in my life just happened last Sunday: I was robbed by two street teenagers just 5 minutes away from Paragon Plaza, the condo unit where I live for 3 years now. It happened around 6pm, the sun is not gone yet. I just went out from the main entrance of Paragon Plaza along Edsa Avenue and passing by the Avida condo towers currently in construction. While walking I noticed a dozen of dirty-looking kids and teenagers all converged under the MRT bridge looking at me. Then suddenly a teenage guy came out then crossed the street to approach me. I was even worried while he was running because there are cars going back and forth. But he is so fast to cross that he can maneuver his feet really furious.  He was not hit at all by those speeding cars. I was in awe when I saw this ... only to realize he is coming near me.
"Give me your bag or else I will stab you." This is what he said when he approached me. I felt stuck. I did not move. I remained calm. I saw him holding a sharp object much like an improvised knife pointed at the side of my stomach. I did not uttered a word. I looked back and I saw a guy from a distance also looking at me. I suspect he is part of this group as he looked the same - dirty. That If I do anything against their plan, both of them will join forces to wreak me.

I have no choice but give my bag. The teenage boy just walked back to the group like nothing happened. For 10 minutes I was crying while looking at them while they devour my bag. I saw them all trying to get in their hands to see what is inside.

Digital camera, smartphone, cash, company ID, eyeglass, make up kit, locker and my unit's key are all there.   I felt so helpless. There were two guys who passed I asked help they just went away. I do not feel any grudge at all.  They are just doing the right thing - to stay out of trouble. 

When all the tears are gone, I walked towards going to the overpass bridge near EDSA Greenfields. Just right after I got off the bridge, I saw them leaving the place. I even saw them face to face. I was begging to give even the eyeglass. They were all laughing at me. I felt ridiculed. I felt shamed.  I felt helpless although there were a lot of passersby in the other side of the street.

After they went away, the barangay patrol car came. I told them what happened. They invited me to come with them to the barangay hall to do blotter and all.  To make the long story short, I lost all I got.

The DIGITAL CAMERA and SMARTPHONE are like water and food for me. I cannot join events, do blogging and travel without these.  I feel so  impotent without these. I felt like I am dying.  It is like they just took the oxygen for me to live.

The truth is  I cannot buy brand new ones of each of these right now as I am just slowly recuperating from the "tragic experience" I had during my freelance career.  Although I do not feel the guilt of giving the bag because I would have been killed or hurt. These are just physical things that are very much replaceable compared to our one and only life.

I am really down right now. It is as if I lost my feet and arms to go out. Tomorrow I am off to Cotabato for my third travel assignment and just by thinking I have no gadgets to capture the place and memories, it is as if I don't want to travel there anymore.

Lesson I learned:  to always be careful and be vigilant. If I was not in a hurry (I am on the way to an event) I would have figured out that there is something go on there and should have taken the other way.

I feel really shy to say this but I would also like to take this opportunity for my dear readers to ask for any help may it be in kind, a small amount of gratitude in whatever way possible will be very much appreciated.  All I have in mind is to get new ones so that I can continue with the things that give meaning in my life: travelling and blogging. I don't know yet how will I pay back in return but definitely I will.  I am thinking of curating a "private or full-length story for my next travels to my sponsors and donors completely different in how I tell this in my blog post here once I was able to get through this trying times.  My savings are all meant for an adventure in the coming months, I cannot afford to let go of this in favor of buying new gadgets.

Mourning over these hard-earned belongings are pretty easy but it DEALING WITH THE TRAUMA is the one I find hard to do. Whenever I walk in the street and saw kids that resembles them I tremble. This is something that I know I will need to learn how to cope up.

You may contact me at my email: or my mobile number +63 998 989 3921.

Anyway life should move on.  I am still excited for my flight tomorrow. Please wish me a happy and safe trip :) 

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