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There's Too Much In My Plate Now. Thank You For Still Dropping By!

I have said this and will probably say this over and over again... there's too much in my plate right now. I am tossing and juggling so many different colored and sizes of balls right now. I only have two hands. 

Once I regain of my time control, I will definitely come back blogging in no time.

So what is in my plate now? 

a) Anonymous travelling around the country. This one I wish I can tell but I am not in the position to right now.

b) At wits end for my 4-month old full time job. They say if your heart is really not into it, it is not gonna work. I always remind myself whenever I go to the office this:

"Rona, you don't have to love this work that you literally hate. Just be professional and do your job..."

Yes I am holding on.... but I just can't teach my heart not lie.

d) Planning to incorporate a webpage inside my blog where i will sell items for as low as 50% or 75% from original price. the events that i join are giving me a lot of freebies that sometimes too much for me to consume. so it is just right to make something out of it. even for a small amount. Glad to help.

c)  I just found a "dream" job recently which is a perfect definition of how I want - a startup about travel and tourism, a community that could make my passion raging in fire, work entails online stuff which I love doing so much. Just that this work is located in Bangkok, Thailand. It means relocating. I would love to. Very much. I will do everything for travel. BUT my savings is just enough for me keep afloat right. My one year of freelance life ate a big portion of my savings.  

It has been my dream to live anywhere in SE Asia. I do not know why. Maybe because there's a lot of digital nomads there that I can meet. I want to visit as many as coworking spaces as I can in this asian region too.  Or maybe because Thailand is a gateway to other countries - Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Burma, Laos et cetera. These countries are so exotic that I really want my foot to set here.

Now, I feel stuck. really stuck.  I know I am one - heck of a hardworking woman but time is running. This opportunity I know can escape anytime soon.

It is like I am waiting for a miracle for this to happen. If you know anyone who can make this happen let me know. I will thank you for life. NO, I will owe you my life from then on.

By the way, this picture is in Cotta Beach in Ozamis, Mindanao. I watch the waves while I wait for the sunset to come. 

Another #liveblogging article from yours truly.

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