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CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice: Perfect Partner for An Active & Healthier #SummerOnTheGo

The year 2015 has a better way to start a summer, buying swim wears, setting all schedules for family and friends, taking leave and of course the most anticipated preparation everyone is actually considering is their body figure. People are tend to be more active to different outdoor and indoor activities such as sports, do community service, helping house chores etc. without knowing, We’re already out of the track to set our goals for summer. Now, #CoCoTeaPh has something to offer that will definitely quench our thirst and also help us get fit and healthy! Fresh Teas and Juices that will let our #SummerOnTheGo …operated by Tobistro Foods Inc. Its branches are located across Metro Manila and its neighboring locations such as Eastwood Techno Plaza, SM City Fairview, SM City Manila, SM Center Angono, and Fisher Mall.

Together with their Ambassadors Ms. Gretchen Ho (Athlete), Ms. Laureen Uy (Fashion Blogger), Mr. LA Aguinaldo (Model), Mr. Joren Teng (Athlete) CoCo Fresh Tea has a better way of quenching our thirst without sabotaging our Healthy lifestyle. The Lemon Dunk is De La Salle green Archers Basketball player Mr Jeron Teng’s choice before his basketball games or routine exercises. It gives Mr Jeron an extra kicks which keeps him invigorated and spirited as he goes about his day.

Gretchen Ho, Laureen Uy and LA Aguinaldo
Mr LA Aguinaldo’s cool-down drink is the CoCo’s 3 Buddies after gigs and appointments. This black tea based milk tea topped with pudding, pearl. And grass jelly is exactly what Mr LA gets when he’slooking for something to cool him down after a full day of activities. Ms laureen Uy’s CoCo drink of choice is the passion Fruit Tea burst. With the passion Fruit Tea Burst as her day-ender drink, Ms Laureen does a day full of travelling and other activities, knowing that she can enjoy the evening with a cool and refreshing taste of fresh and jasmine tea, and topped off with pearl and coconut jelly.

Lemon Calamansi with aloe is Ms Gretchen Ho’s drink choice when it comes to watching out for a drink that keeps her fresh and raring to take on the day, while keeping fit. She enjoys this citrus delight which gives her a refreshing feel that’s just the right flavor and just the right lightness. As part of the launching of the newest Favorite Taiwanese brand in the Philippines in late 2013, CoCo Tea Manager Mr. Larry Evans Tan shares how our simple summer can be as exciting and fun this 2015.

Jeron  Teng
Philippine Rugby Volcanoes’ Mr. Chris Everingham as host of the event talked about on how we can have a better lifestyle by being more active this summer. Program have started even if Mr. Jeron Teng is not around yet. CoCo Tea fresh tea and juice ambassadors have talked about on how they actively enjoy what they’re doing as their daily routine. As part also of the event, CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice have prepared Mini Games for the crowd..Sizzle and Drizzle! Seems like Fans are enjoying the games and the teas!

Chris Everingham
The mechanics of the game is simple, all they have to do is to complete all the hidden items on the box then give it to their respective ambassadors as fast and active as they can! Winners left amazed on what special gift they have received from CoCo Fresh Tea and juice. (I wasn’t able to ask them about the items they have received therefore it always made me think what’s in it until now.) hahaha

Of course Night will definitely not be completed if I could’nt have the ambassadors’ photos (credits to the one blocking my view, I wasn’t able to get a better shot) as well as the freebies! Without talking about the freebies, I’ll definitely want to share this experience to my friends and loved ones and actively live life to the fullest. This summer, we must not just focus our attention on how we are going to stay healthy but on what we are going to do to make our summer more fun and enjoyable while staying healthy and fit.

For more information about CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice, you may follow them on Instagram with hashtag #CoCoTeaPH  #SummerOnTheGo

You may also join me on my Drink Expedition on the following branches!
Eastwood Mall, 2/F Techno Plaza 2
Mon-Sat: 11am – 11pm
Sun: 11am – 10pm
SM City Fairview, UG/F, Annex 1
Sun-Thurs: 10am – 9pm
Fri-Sat: 10am – 10pm
SM Center Angono, G/F
Mon-Sun: 10am – 9pm
Fisher Mall, 2/F
Sun-Thurs: 10am – 9pm
Fri-Sat: 10am – 10pm
SM City Manila, 4/F
Mon-Sun: 10am – 9pm


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