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Airport Guide For Passengers Via Air Asia Leaving Manila Without Check in Baggage

Whew! Made it to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Here I am sipping a Starbucks coffee to keep me awake. I arrived around 6pm, it is currently 9pm and my connecting flight is 6am. That means  I still have six hours to kill time.  I am already tired and drowsy but as much as possible I don’t want to sleep in one of the chairs here inside the public lounge so I can guard my personal belongings. The private lounge here costs $20+ per hour so that is pretty expensive so I decided to skip it.  

On Packing Light Challenge: Fit My Stuff To A 7- Kg Check-In Bag For A 6 Days & 6 Nights Trip To Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Seven articles finished out of the ten commisioned for me to write in my pre - trip to Phnom Penh. This is so far the reason why I have not blogged for so long. But every day my heart is telling me to add content at least for a few paragraphs so here I  am squeezing a small time and as always impromptu typing my heart's thoughts out.  

The more I prepare for my trip there, the more that I see I have so much things I lack when it comes to travel essentials and accessories.  I have learned that Cambodia is a remote place although I am staying in the city's capital, it is not advisable to bring a luggage. The roads are bumpy and dusty so it it is a discomfort carrying a suitcase with stilettos. Of course I have long ditched high heels ever since I embraced the cheapest way of backpacking wherever that may be. This means I won't be able to use my bulky and original Samsonite luggage which was brought by my very dear friend from the US when she went there.  

I am torn between buying a small backpack bag or a travel duffel bag. Also I have decided to not to opt for check in baggage because I figured out I will be saving a total of $88 roundtrip  so that I have more money to spend on food, tours et cetera.  But removing this only entitles for a seven kilo weight so I have to be very careful of what to bring.