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How to avail FREE Hotel Sogo Stay During Your Birthmonth for 12 Hours


hotel sogo free stay

Type these words on social media about FREE Sogo Hotel Overnight stay and you'll see indeed there's huge interest about it! I figured out ok, let's share this one via a blog post as well. Sogo Hotel is known as a motel but through the years, the effort of the company to rebrand it to be more family-friendly is increasing. You must be a member of Sogo Hotel VIP to avail this including other perks as well.

Be warned about certain indviduals that process fake bookings and also fake texts. These are the official text messages that Sogo Hotel sends out. 

hotel sogo free 12 hour stay

How to register 
Click HERE to view the registration link to Hotel Sogo's FREE stay promo. You may also text  HSVIP REG <space> Username <space> Birth Month to 225687.

Are kids allowed?
 Yes, kids are allowed and FREE up to 3 years old. There's additional fee of Php 200 for kids that are 3 years old and above.

How to avail the FREE overnight stay?
Wait for the text message that will be sent by Hotel Sogo during your birth month.

What if I received the 50% offer instead?
Still be thankful. A discount this much is already a big offer! Click HERE to view the list of Hotel Sogo's branches so you can find the one nearest to your location.

Is there any hidden/extra charges? 
None. Just bring a valid ID that is not expired yet. 

Aside from the FREE stay, are there any other perks I should know?
Yes, food ordered inside Sogo Hotel is 20% discounted. Free bottle of ice tea for two is also included.

What branch is the best Sogo Hotel? If distance doesn't matter to you, always choose the newest branches of Hotel Sogo because as expected, there are added innovations there.

After registering to Hotel Sogo's VIP membership, what is next? 
Just wait for the official text message from SOGO Hotel. 

Should the name of the one availing the FREE 12-hour stay of Hotel Sogo be same of the one who will avail?
YES. That is why they are asking for you to show your valid ID. Upon claiming, your ID will be photographed and they will be the one to delete the text message from your phone because you can only enjoy this once a year.

This is for how many persons? 
Up to two only. If bringing a kid that is below 3 years old, it is FREE. Otherwise, Php 200 is fee per kid.

Is it worth it?
Of course! A 12-hour stay in Sogo Hotel costs Php 1, 000+ already. This is a no-brainer question. Pamper yourself and your loved one from time to time. The rooms of Sogo Hotels now have different themes so you might check that out too.

Do I hide or feel shy when I stay in Hotel Sogo?
Obsessively thinking of what others will think about you is wrong! Maybe if you are a mistress or kabit or a third-wheel. Your life, your choice! Not everyone has the capacity to stay in hotels. Think about it!

Can I choose the Executive Room of Hotel Sogo?
Hotel Sogo's most expensive room type is the Executive Room. Usually, it is the cheaper type of rooms that they offer to be redeemed but it won't hurt to ask specially if it is not peak season.

What days can I avail the 12-hour FREE stay of Sogo Hotel?
Monday to Thursday only.

Is Hotel Sogo pet-friendly?
Unfortunately NOT. 

For more detailed information about Sogo Hotel's VIP membership, check them out below:
Hotel Sogo website:

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