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17 Pet-friendly Hotels, AirBnb'S and Beach Resorts in Tagaytay

pet friendly hotels airbnbs beach resorts in tagaytay

Looking for cat-friendly and dog-friendly accommodations in Tagaytay? We know it can be challenging to find hotels and beach resorts in Tagaytay that accept furbabies for sure because we were able to experience ourselves. As much as possible, we do not want anyone to experience the same. Take note, not all accommodations claiming pet-friendly are actually pet-friendly so make sure you ask all details before booking and paying.  

See below:

1. Hilltop Canopy Staycation

2. La Dessa’s Place Tagaytay

3. Tagaytay Hotel SixB

4. That Bahay Kubo Private Resort

5. Cabins and Containers by Eco Hotel Philippines

6. Summit Ridge  

7. Jenmac's Resort Tagaytay

8. The Escapes

9. Hortz Hotels and Resorts

10. The Carmelence Lodge

11. Casa de Miguelitos Resort

12. Pine Suites


14. La Bella Boutique

15. Asian Village Tagaytay

16. Pines Cabin Tagaytay

17. The Lakehouse Tagaytay

18. Via Appia Tagaytay

Please be reminded that this list is currently being updated. We are still in the process of knowing the following details from each of these pet-friendly accommodations in Tagaytay. If you can help us fill in the following details for each of these below, let me know:

Pet fee (if there is):
Pet inclusions:
Pet freebies:
Pet size/height requirements:
Pet allowed spots inside the accommodation:
Number of pets allowed per room:
Pet deposit fee (if there is):
Facebook fan page:
Contact number:

FYI. We STRONGLY CONDEMN any accommodation claiming they are pet-friendly but would only allow pets to be placed outside the rooms where the pet owners are. We were once told by the owner of a beach resort that our pet will be put at the back of the hotel inside a cage. We almost lost our good manners when we heard this. Absolutely b*ll sh*t! 

Our own definition of pet-friendly is that pet should be inside the room with the owner. However, as a responsible pet owners we  only recommend to bring pets that are potty-trained, well-behaved and fully-vaccinated. 

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