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Hilton Manila Opens Its Very Own Outdoor Pet Park Named After Kabang, The Heroic Dog

kabang pet park hilton manila

Now that I and my dog Ollie are back in the metro, I have been checking all things pet-friendly in Manila that I can bring him! In fact, I already made an initial list of Manila's pet-friendly cafes and restaurants that we have started visiting already. I even have bookmarked pet-friendly hotels in Manila that I am so excited to spend at least a night with Ollie. This also includes pet-friendly bus companies in case we have a trip somewhere near outside the metro like our Tagaytay trip that happened last year.

hilton manila kabang outdoor dog park pasay

Most of all, I think I have been unconsciously attracting all things about pets for the love of Ollie! A week ago, I saw an event announcement of Hilton Manila's opening of its outdoor dog park.  I had a really good time bringing Ollie back in Sorsogon when a big mall opened its pet park so I decided to send them a quick message. I am not expecting at all to receive a message back because after all, I and Ollie are small content creators with no big following. 

After a few days, I received a positive response from Hilton Manila including an official invite for me and Ollie for Kabang Dog Park opening. It is mind-boggling to me whenever I wish something to the Universe with no expectations and letting go of the outcome. It is always a yes!  

outdoor pet park in pasay manila

Introduction to Hilton Manila 

Hilton Manila is an award-winning five-star (and pet-friendly) hotel located in Newport World Resorts, Pasay. It belongs to Hilton a leading global hospitality company with a portfolio of 19 world-class brands comprising more than 7, 200 properties and more than 1.1 million rooms in 122 countries and territories. Hilton has welcomed more than 3 billion guests in its more than 100-year history.  

hilton manila pasay

Hilton Manila's Kabang Dog Park 

Kabang is a heroic Aspin dog that saved two lives in Zamboanga city in 2011 during a motorcycle accident. Half of her nose was damaged but she gained worldwide attention for her heroic deed. This is the reason why Hilton Manila named its pet park after her. There are three reasons why I love Kabang Dog Park. First, it is outdoor. Second, it is made entirely of sustainable products. Third, it has water stations that pets can drink from for free. 

petfriendly hotel with swimming pool in manila

The grand opening of Kabang Dog Park located at the fifth floor of Hilton Manila was lead by John Lucas, general manager of Hilton Manila. Kabang's last owner, Dr. Anto Mari Lim and his team were also present. A commemorative plaque of Kabang and her photo was also unveiled.

dr anton mari lim

By adding a pet park, Hilton Manila has attained a thousand if not a million plus points to anyone looking for a pet-friendly luxury hotel in Manila. In reality, most hotels that accept pets only allow pets in certain areas. Usually, these pets are only allowed in the rooms. In Hilton Manila, there's one more place for our furbabies to enjoy the word "staycation" outside the hotel room. 

dog friendly hotel in manila

To make this day more memorable, Hilton Manila also organized a pet expo. The highlight is meeting Coach Jayr. He offers dog obedience trainings for 6 weeks in Cavite. I was really lucky that day because he gave me a few tips on how to train Ollie.  Also, I did not expect the generous dog freebies that Ollie ended up liking specially that lactose-free milk he can't stop drinking! I think I will buy one more anytime soon.

petfriendly hotel in manila philippines

Hilton Manila's Pet-friendly rooms

Aside from the opening of Kabang pet park, we were also given a room tour for Hilton Manila's pet-friendly rooms. There are TWO different rooms for someone who is staying with a dog and someone staying with a cat. 

petfriendly hotel in manila

Inclusions/Freebies for the Dog-friendly room 
- Dog bowls (to be returned after stay)
- Dog bed (to be returned after stay)
- Dog treats (FREE)
- Pee pad (FREE)
- Two bottles of water (FREE)
-  Sachet of premium dog shampoo (FREE)

Inclusions/Freebies for the Cat-friendly room 
- Cat bowls (to be returned after stay)
- Cat play bed (to be returned after stay)
- Cat treats (FREE)
- Pee pad (FREE)
- Two bottles of water (FREE)
-  Sachet of cat shampoo (FREE)

Pet fee per night (small to medium breeds only and up to 2 pets per room) 
- Php 7, 500

I will make a separate blog post about these pet-friendly rooms of Hilton Manila. I have beautiful photos to post and these are too much to be posted here :) You also get to bring Bingo, the official stuff toy of Hilton Hotel. Once again, if you are looking for a pet-friendly hotel in Manila with an outdoor pet park, Hilton Manila it is! 


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