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I Am Now Officially A Bum

To shorten the agony of waiting, I finally left my job last Aug. 29th instead of my plan on Sept. 15th. I still have 7 vacation leaves remaining so I used it as terminal leave therefore I am paid for the next 7 working days. Even my supervisor was shocked when I told him I will have an immediate resignation that day. He asked me why, I said "Because my mind and heart are not here anymore". And even if I am paid double to stay, I will still go. I am very touched to a lot of my former coworkers whom I was able to say goodbye and that I felt they are sad that I am leaving. But me deep inside,  I feel an unfathomable joy like a prisoner who is finally free! As I go on I would like to clarify that my rumblings here are all about the routines of my life and not necessarily the company I worked with. I was complaining about the nature of the work not directly the office I was part of. I mean I have grievances as an employee but I am rather talking as someone who wants to start over.  

Bacolod, Iloilo, Guimaras Island Tour Package

 Join us for an exotic, gastronomic and culture-rich tour to Iloilo, Bacolod and Guimaras Island! 

Bacolod, Iloilo and Guimaras Island are three places in the Western Visayas that any traveler should visit when exploring Philippines. Bacolod and its nearby cities Silay and Talisay in Negros Occidental are truly a threshold of our country's heritage and culture because of so many ancestral homes showcasing Filipino, Spanish and American architecture.  

For Bacolod tour, Iloilo and Guimaras tour inquiries, please email or thru mobile 0998-989-3921

1. Let us know how many people are joining
2. Your complete flight details: TIME and DATE of arrival and departure 

Be A Chief World Explorer and Get Paid to Travel the World!

Jauntaroo - a vacation match-making website is looking for a Chief World Explorer who will travel the world for a year, promote the trip and get paid for $100,000.00! If you are the kind of who is crazy about travelling, all out when it comes to breath-taking adventures and always open-minded to mix to unknown cultures then this could be your best job in the world. 

You only  need to upload a 60 second video about why you are the best person for the job. Remember as Chief World Explorer you need to be creative so your answer should contain thoughts about your passion for travel. Make sure that it is spoken in English and you are at least 18 years old. Then use your social media influence to invite more people to do these: Like your video, Tweet, post and pin your candidate profile.

There’s No Turning Back This Time

A series of unfortunate events happened recently that tested my limits. Because of typhoon Maring, my tours were cancelled and that mean loss sales.  While a lot complained of destroyed properties and some their lives, mine was a big chunk of deals. As a bootstrapping entrepreneur who runs this business alone, I keep the cash flowing to and fro through payment from my clients and partners. Trust me this setup is really tough! And after trying desperately if I can serve two masters at the same time, I finally gave up! My 8 year old night shift job has suffered so much.  For the past months my productivity performance has diminished to the point that in our team rankings I am at many instances at the bottom. But I have no regrets at all. I know that deep inside I worked hard just that there will always be a turning point when you need to decide which one you have to keep and which one you have to let go. 

I’m Over the Moon, Way Over It!

“August 27th will be your medical exam at St Luke’s and if all is ok your visa and flight ticket, you will fly to this country on Sept. 20th”. Damn! I freeze for a while after hearing this… too good to be true. Yes I always love the idea of travelling to different places for vacation pero esta vez estoy desgarrado entre su salida y permanenciabut this time I am torn between leaving and staying.  This is not the usual 3 days and 2 nights or over the weekend kind of travel that I am used to instead this means I have to move abroad for a few years on a job contract.  I am one of those Filipinos who dream for a greener pasture abroad in exchange of more convenient lifestyle until all of a sudden I detoured when I learned about this entrepreneurship and location – independent style of living. I just took a few steps to the path of being my own boss and I am loving it so much. I am all set to build my own startup company as a founder on my way to look for co-founders who share the same vision that I have then a kick-ass mobile app. But it seems that there is a greater force that is trying to intervene against my will. And who am I to say   that I am the only one who knows the best for me?

At A Crossroad

Last Friday night I found my way back to this chapel where I always attend a mass. I actually could not remember when was the last time I dropped by there because I have been extremely busy. But I want to shout to everyone that I got one of the coolest tasks in the world! I help others to go out on a tour.  And my email and mobile phone are the backbones of my communication to my clients and partners so I cannot practically live without these. But I love every second of it because setting aside the money involved –  I will still continue doing this because this is my new – found passion. This chapel is my refuge for my own spiritual quest. I went there to thank the One above for all the courage that I get out of nowhere whenever I am at the end of the rope – about to quit.  Y cuando estoy perdido o en una encrucijada…  And whenever I am lost or at a crossroad…