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At A Crossroad

Last Friday night I found my way back to this chapel where I always attend a mass. I actually could not remember when was the last time I dropped by there because I have been extremely busy. But I want to shout to everyone that I got one of the coolest tasks in the world! I help others to go out on a tour.  And my email and mobile phone are the backbones of my communication to my clients and partners so I cannot practically live without these. But I love every second of it because setting aside the money involved –  I will still continue doing this because this is my new – found passion. This chapel is my refuge for my own spiritual quest. I went there to thank the One above for all the courage that I get out of nowhere whenever I am at the end of the rope – about to quit.  Y cuando estoy perdido o en una encrucijada…  And whenever I am lost or at a crossroad… 

Please do not think I am very religious but I cannot count how many times after attending the last evening mass on my off, there I remain seated in front,  staring blank  at the altar while letting everyone go out first and me trying to discern what will my life be in the years to come. That was before when I still have all the time…

All set to conquer a location – independent lifestyle
Just when I thought that I am all set to conquer a location – independent lifestyle and just when I finally was able to make a living out of my passion which is founding an online travel package shop, I am again in another crossroad. Just in time when I have started building business connections and slowly reaping the fruits of my hard work. Just right when I knew I am now making a difference and my vision is piece by piece transforming into reality.

How did it go
When I decided to go against the flow of the usual do-it-yourself travel blog setup, I cannot figure out if I can create an appealing story through this blog nor be confident that an amount of readership can relate. But all I know is there is a market in here. There is a need to fill that gap for those who can’t do it themselves. And I call it a business opportunity.

A greener pasture abroad
Yes you guessed it right. I don’t want to talk about it as I am torn between staying and leaving. There I can start a new life and this is exactly what I really want – to reset the routine that I am slave of. There I am paid way, way bigger than what I have now.

So what will happen to my online travel package shop?
Everything that I worked hard for to set up this blog-based business can be gone. The rebranding of this blog will happen in an instant.  My life will again turn upside down all the way to the opposite end…  I can probably find someone to take over or put this on hiatus.

Am I ready?
Heck No!!! I am talking about an almost 8 year old comfort zone that I have to give up. A decision that if it does not turn the way I want it, I cannot get it back anymore. But I will regret it more if I won’t give it a try.

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