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Come and See: The World’s Biggest Baby!

Its heart is a size of the car. It is heavier than the 25 adult elephants combined. It is bigger than the biggest dinosaur. Its tail is the width of a small aircraft’s wingspan. It consumes an average of four tons of tiny shrimp-like animals in one day, equivalent of 64,000 hamburgers. It releases a spray from its blowhole as trall as a two-storey building. It can reach a speed of km/h. It has existed for 18 million years already. It can live for at least 80 years… The great blue whale is the LARGEST creature that has ever lived on Earth... It is now ENDANGERED.

Currently displayed in the lobby of Ground Floor Glorietta 5, this place is the first ever home of this “life-sized” image of a baby blue whale only 2 months old but already bigger and longer than a bus! It will stay for a week or so and then will move to another mall so as to give way to more people to watch this another intellectually-designed by God as a worthy example of His wit beyond the understanding of mankind. This is quoted from the pamphlet given during the show.

Thru the efforts of the National Geographic Channel TV which is currently showing some unprecedented coverage and in-depth scientific researches of this creature, this is aimed to re-ignite one of the innate characteristics of humans: the love and care for his fellow creatures that has been blessed with the grace of life. Of course if there is life, there is death too. According to *Deone, one of the guides and giving some pamphlets, it is rare that this creature is found among the Philippine waters. Our nearby seas’ climate and environment might have some differences with those of American’s and Australian where these are usually found.

This is most of the time when mentioned, another big oh less bigger if compared to the first – the whale sharks or our very own butandings. Though I came from the same province where this creature is the symbol of the town’s tourism and created a myriad of jobs for the people, it really is a pity but I haven’t been there. But, a big BUT, I would definitely watch this butanding in the waters personally which according to my American boss who has been there himself its mouth is as wide as when you spread your arms in 180 degrees. How much more is the blue whale?

Now imagine these creatures if they’re full-pledged carnivores, like they eat flesh as in human flesh. But look at how God, how he perfectly plans all the things in His time. He had eradicated these gigantic fire-blowing dragons up the air and flesh-eating dinosaurs on the land. What he purposely left is a gigantic creature but he let it dwell in the waters so it can’t create havoc to the people. Instead of blowing fire , this is blowing water which a sight to behold. A symbol of hope and life for everyone.

Now threatened to be endangered, there is still hope for the young generations and future one’s not to see this just on pictures and films but as a creature which has a life and deserves to dwell in this shared world like another creatures regardless of it’s size.

* These activity is brought also by the Ayala Malls And The Mind Museum at Taguig.

FYI: This museum is believed to be the country's first world-class science museum. It is however under construction and is expected to be finished in 2011.
This is privately-owned he clarified. He also added that this museum has just reached the 85% of it's target fund to have have this plan be put into life.
That is why they are looking for donors if not helpers in any kind or service.

On the pamphlet they gave us, anyone can help thru Time, Talent and Treasure.
Depends on the state of your life and what you prefer to share:

My Time: (I can help by doing volunteer work for The Mind Museum when needed.)
My Talent: (I can share my talent/knowledge to anything related to making a
science museum.)
My Treasure: I can contribute some money to help buil the science museum our
country deserves.)

It's up to you guys... what do you want to share? :)

A Dare to Everyone: Walk Through the Streets of Intramuros; At leastOnce in Your Lifetime

It all started in the 30th Manila International Book Fair last September 19th held in SMX Mall of Asia in Pasay. I and two other friends having walked for 3 hours non-stop the almost countless book stands of all sorts happen to stop by another booth not known to us before. The name is Instituto Cervantes Manila. Sounds like French to me! Si! I know it is Spanish, it's just that it's something bizarre for me.

This institution offers cursos de espanol! Working in a call center for 4 years now and knowing to speak another worthy language is not an asset for everyone. It’s a treasure. A treasure not just in display but you’re paid. So we submitted our email addresses and since then we’re always included in their mailing lists.

There are film festivals, cultural activities & shows and conferences, symposia and seminars. Do not worry when you watch these films since there is an English subtitle like what I did before. I remember when I watched the 8th Spanish Film Festival in Greenbelt 3 Cinema Makati, I wanted to catch the last full show for that day. A 12 midnight show but I was able to arrive almost less than an hour. To my surprise all the tickets were sold out! I had no choice but to reserve a ticket for the next day. It’s like I am vying for a limited slot from now showing movies of these days. Not bad for just P65 I was able to watch films of high-class and multi-awarded. The usual movie fair is between P140-160, it depends on how ‘bankable’ the place is.

The rest is history… Though at this point I haven’t enrolled to any of their programs because of my murderous work schedule and it’s geographically far from where I am based now, I would definitely join when time permits. Sigh! I wonder when is that! The recent round-table discussion about preservation of our heritage sites I would say pinched my heart. I haven’t been to any symposia about cultural legacy and preservation and in these modern times that everybody is embracing a technology-driven environment but this one really knocked me out. I would and would always get this butt moving for any worthwhile activities that would focus on preserving our highest identities as Filipinos – our historical sites and things of our past.

I dare everyone instead of a usual trip to window-shop, engaging in a flirtatious chat online for hours or just going gaga over the Farmville, Mafia wars and Zynga Poker at Facebook to at least “once” in your lifetime walk-through the streets of Intramuros. Get inside the old houses and museums and take a look at the things of our past. Think of how we ourselves can cultivate and keep running in our blood the sense of ‘Filipinoism’ How the coming generations could still see at their own eyes the legacy of our mighty predecessors. Oh I hear my stomach grumping, might as well grab something to eat…

Pictures shown from top to bottom:

1. Old house in Intramuros
2. Spaniards gentlemen having some chatting with each other in a carpetted garden entrance in Villa Immaculada
reception place in Intramuros. I just loved the long straight thin vines that resemble a long hair.
3. A guardia civil standing through the passage.
4. Another old house in the same place

Philippines as one of the 25 Best Trips For 2010…

Whew! While some of our fellow kababayans are dying to book either an Asian or European tour trips to see the beauty, a known international and famous travel website based in California
that features great spots around the world has acknowledged Philippines, our beloved
country as one of the 25 Best Trips For 2010.

Honestly, first thing I heard about it. I did stopped for a while and think of what?
Where? Really? I admit I only personally know a handful of some world-class spots
in my own country. But then I (crossing fingers) would love to appreciate these spots myself and hopefully from our fellow kababayans who first should learn how to appreciate what we have or should I say what we have alone.

This is the excerpt of their featured trip:

"This May the outfit will lead clients high into the 4,000-foot Cordillera Central, then deep into the world’s most biodiverse marine environment. The trip begins in Banaue, where travelers spend days hiking into terraced mountains and nights back at the town’s namesake hotel (pine cabins, private balconies, killer views). Then it’s down to the island of Cabilao, trading butterflies for fish� species of them. For the next five days, you’ll bob around reefs, scanning the area’s 350 varieties of coral (including table coral that’s a whopping nine feet wide). But don’t forget: The best snorkeling starts at dusk. “It’s like being in a train station during commuting hours,” says Barbara Banks, Wilderness Travel’s director of new trip development. “The day fish are moving out and the night creatures like octopuses and eels are moving in.”

And guess what, it would take at least 12 days and almost $3000 (that's around P160,000+) to get this.

Check out their site: