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FREE: The Manila Collectible Co. First Year Anniversary Roofdeck Party

A celebration of our rich culture and heritage in a night awaits The Manila Collectible Co.'s Annual Anniversary on a a roof deck party this coming Saturday, July 5th at Villa Blanca, Cabild Cor. Beaterio, Intramuros, Manila.

This is the night where you can learn about tribal cooking and taste native mixes while enjoying the music of Pangalay Artists Circle and Magui Moro Master Artists. There will be an art exhibit and launching of two brands. The Manila Collectible Company describes themselves according to their official website at a "one-stop-shop that offers the best of Philippine products, tours and events"

This is a free event but you are requested to come in your hip native chic attire and you can  win a prize!  For more information you may check the official Facebook Fan Page of TMCC here. 

Viva Manila's Intramuros Pasyal Sunday 2014

Viva Manila, a citizen-led project to revive Manila is organizing a monthly, free car free event that features local artisans, performers, and neighborhood businesses in the aim of reviving the livability and creativity of Old Manila neighborhoods, as well empowering local skills and talent dubbed as Pasyal Sundays.

This summer it will be held on March 16, April 27, and May 25, 2014 along General Luna Street, Intramuros. The March edition's theme is "Speak Out!" wherein we will be hosting an open poetry slam, as well as various workshops, and performances to encourage sharing of thoughts, ideas, and opinions that can hopefully inspire others to know and care more about Manila and the people in it. For more information you can check their Facebook Fan Page here.--------

Grand Marian Procession of 100 Images of the Blessed Virgin

Grand Marian Procession of 100 Images of the Blessed Virgin

Every first Sunday of December, Intramuros celebrates the Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion with the  Grand Marian Procession of one hundred images of the  Blessed Virgin, a tradition that started in 1619. 

Organized by Cofradia de la Inmaculada Concepcion Foundation and Intramuros Foundation, hundreds of images of the Virgin Mary will be showcased coming from different parts of the country.

The Grand Marian Procession will start in front of the Manila Cathedral, 4PM on Dec. 1, 2013. It is expected that this will cause a bit of traffic along Andres Soriano Jr. Ave (Aduana) so motorists are advised to take P. Burgos Drive and Bonifacio Drive as alternative routes.

For more information you may check the Facebook Fan page of Intramuros Administration here. Yes this is not only for religious Catholic personas but this is also for culture and heritage buffs. 

Barbara's Restaurant Buffet Dinner with Cultural Presentation at Intramuros

Wanna  feel what it is like to eat in a fine dining vintage restaurant & watch  the country's cultural dances?   Come  to  Barbara's Restaurant!    As described in their website: “Step into a place reminiscent of old world elegance.  Located along the historical General Luna street in Intramuros, the restaurant evokes the charm and beauty of a bygone era. Go up the intricately-carved staircase and you will be greeted by magnificent silver-gilted mirrors. Walk into the main hall and experience the luxury of fine dining. With high ceilings and crystal chandeliers”

About the menus, I leave it to food critics slash bloggers fingertips but all I can say it is a superb fusion of Spanish and Filipino cuisine. More than fifteen dace shows were show while eating the buffet, complete with colorful costumes and screaming dancers! At the end of the show anyone from the audience can join  and dance the Tinikling with them!   To visit their and website know more of their different packages according  to one's  budget and dining preference: Buffet, Plated & Packed Meals, you may click here

Contact Numbers: 

Plaza San Luis Complex: 527-3893 or 527-4086
Orchidarium: 522-9507
Sitio Victoria, Diliman: 932-8534

Photos credit from Eva Zamora 

Philippine Portraits from a Canadian Photojournalist's Lenses

"Its welcoming, friendly, creative, forgiving, kind and resilient people." says Canadian photojournalist Liza Linklater when asked what she finds so special about the Philippines. Her photo exhibit entitled Philippine Portraits displayed at The Alcove photo gallery of the Filipinas Heritage Library, presented fifteen (15) photographs taken in Tagaytay, Intramuros, Roxas Boulevard and Makati . Shot from 2008 until 2010, Philippine Portraits is mostly about ordinary Filipinos who dwell in the streets all day long to make a living or continue living.

Liza Linklater describes these people are hard-working that get up and work everyday to support their families. She adds "it is these daily occupations and the dignity and pride that they attach to even the humblest of tasks that I have tried to capture in my photographs". She is convinced that the country is really about the people though she thinks that the landscape is magnificent too. Her photographs were exhibited in Canada, Thailand and the Philippines. Her articles and photographs were published in North American and Asian magazines and newspapers. She has lived in Asia for eleven (11)  years and Philippine Portraits is the fruit of her three (3) - year stay in Manila.

Philippine Portraits is a hodge-podge of the country's identities. A touch of tourism can be seen in "Intramuros Guards" and "Three Nuns." Love for sports is shown in "Baseball Players", "Tennis Coach & Ball Boy", "Skateboarders" and of course the "Boxing Trainers".  Filipinos in the streets: "Pedicab  Driver", "Street Sweepers",  "DPC & Construction Workers", "Crossing Guards" and the "Guadalupe Girls". "Domestic Helpers" which used to be the flagship of overseas filipino workers before and education as the hope of the future "Manila Students".

Check the Photos:  

The Alcove Photo Gallery of the Filipinas Heritage Library

Intramuros Guards - Manila 2009

Pedicab Driver - Intramuros 2010

Guadalupe Girls - Makati 2010

Pedicab Driver - Intramuros 2010

Three Nuns - Tagaytay 2008

Boxing Trainers - Punch Out Club Makati 2010

To view the rest of the photos, click here

Information and Photographs taken from Filipinas Heritage Library dated Nov. 27, 2010

A Dare to Everyone: Walk Through the Streets of Intramuros; At leastOnce in Your Lifetime

It all started in the 30th Manila International Book Fair last September 19th held in SMX Mall of Asia in Pasay. I and two other friends having walked for 3 hours non-stop the almost countless book stands of all sorts happen to stop by another booth not known to us before. The name is Instituto Cervantes Manila. Sounds like French to me! Si! I know it is Spanish, it's just that it's something bizarre for me.

This institution offers cursos de espanol! Working in a call center for 4 years now and knowing to speak another worthy language is not an asset for everyone. It’s a treasure. A treasure not just in display but you’re paid. So we submitted our email addresses and since then we’re always included in their mailing lists.

There are film festivals, cultural activities & shows and conferences, symposia and seminars. Do not worry when you watch these films since there is an English subtitle like what I did before. I remember when I watched the 8th Spanish Film Festival in Greenbelt 3 Cinema Makati, I wanted to catch the last full show for that day. A 12 midnight show but I was able to arrive almost less than an hour. To my surprise all the tickets were sold out! I had no choice but to reserve a ticket for the next day. It’s like I am vying for a limited slot from now showing movies of these days. Not bad for just P65 I was able to watch films of high-class and multi-awarded. The usual movie fair is between P140-160, it depends on how ‘bankable’ the place is.

The rest is history… Though at this point I haven’t enrolled to any of their programs because of my murderous work schedule and it’s geographically far from where I am based now, I would definitely join when time permits. Sigh! I wonder when is that! The recent round-table discussion about preservation of our heritage sites I would say pinched my heart. I haven’t been to any symposia about cultural legacy and preservation and in these modern times that everybody is embracing a technology-driven environment but this one really knocked me out. I would and would always get this butt moving for any worthwhile activities that would focus on preserving our highest identities as Filipinos – our historical sites and things of our past.

I dare everyone instead of a usual trip to window-shop, engaging in a flirtatious chat online for hours or just going gaga over the Farmville, Mafia wars and Zynga Poker at Facebook to at least “once” in your lifetime walk-through the streets of Intramuros. Get inside the old houses and museums and take a look at the things of our past. Think of how we ourselves can cultivate and keep running in our blood the sense of ‘Filipinoism’ How the coming generations could still see at their own eyes the legacy of our mighty predecessors. Oh I hear my stomach grumping, might as well grab something to eat…

Pictures shown from top to bottom:

1. Old house in Intramuros
2. Spaniards gentlemen having some chatting with each other in a carpetted garden entrance in Villa Immaculada
reception place in Intramuros. I just loved the long straight thin vines that resemble a long hair.
3. A guardia civil standing through the passage.
4. Another old house in the same place