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Where to eat in Puerto Princesa: 4 Restaurants worth dining in the capital city of Palawan

Breakfast in Microtel Wyndham Puerto Princesa Palawan

Palawan is one of the Philippines' last frontiers in terms of beautiful beaches, stunning islands and more. It has been two months since I came back for the second time but still I can't wait to go back. For six days I travelled around Puerto Princesa. El Nido is only 5 hours away but it was a decision to stay in the capital city of Palawan. We stayed in 3 hotels for 2 nights each : Panja Resort Palawan, Microtel Wyndham Palawan and Asturias Hotel Palawan. We went to Nagtabon beach, did firefly - watching at Sicsican river, checked out Plaza Cuartel, snorkeled  Isla Felomina ( newly opened diving site) checked the Iwahig Prison Farm where prisoners work freely and  visited the Puerto Princesa Underground river for the second time. We also visited Direk Dante Nico Garcia's Casa Nievez (his residence slash art project and  Kota Puerto Princesa (a spa under construction). This guy has so much love and advocacy for the capital city of Palawan. May all of these come into being.

For now, I'm sharing you the best restaurants in Puerto Princesa, Palawan you should eat. These places to eat in Palawan are ideal for dinner and lunch since our breakfast are inclusive in the hotels. Before I start, I'd like to say that I'm not a foodie. If I am, I would have started a food blog not a travel blog. These are personal recommendationse  where I ate in Puerto Princesa. I liked the taste, the quality is great, ambiance is nice and most of all I'm  recommending these because it has a story that I want to share. Again, I'm no expert when it comes to aesthetics and science of food in restaurants so I am sharing this only because I had a really great time eating what they served us.

1. Arnold's Boodle Fight & Buffet

If you're looking for a place where locals eat and drink beer at night in Puerto Princes, definitely this is one of the places. It doesn't look fancy at all. In fact, if you're a 'sosyalera', you may find yourself thinking twice to eat here. This is a simple food stall located along Baywalk Avenue, technically beachfront. Boodle is the way of eating which uses banana leaves instead of plates. Of course, for the best experience ,  to eat with bare hands would be way better than use fork and spoon.

Arnold's Boodle Fight and Buffet serves  Filipino food, seafood and some exotic meats like crocodile and tamilok. Unfortunately, when we came there are no banana leaves so we ate in plates. I love their grilled squid, crocodile sisig and barbecue. Forgive me, I couldn't recall the names of the dishes anymore but it's the usual meal eaten by a local Filipino family everyday. Your Php 500 can last the a whole night of fun with beer included.

Concrete Stall No. 3 PPC, Baywalk
Brgy. Bagong Pag-asa, Puerto Princesa City
Facebook Fan Page:

2. Tiya Ising Restaurant Palawan

If you're a heritage buff who wants to eat in a restaurant in Puerto Princesa that reminds you of the Spanish coloni days and your great - great - grandparents, Tiya Ising restaurant is for you. One wall of the restaurant is filled with old photographs, some are in black and white format and are decade already. These sets of photos alone can tell a piece of Puerto Princess's history! 

My favorites are kare - kare, crispy pata, sisig, lechon kawali and boneless bangus. I have to admit I ate more cups of rice that I usually can that day! Their 'sinampalukang manok' and the fruit of banana tree's called 'puso ng saging' with coconut milk is super great. I'm pretty sure that they put some secret ingredients on it that it tasted so good compared to the original taste.  Kat Austria, the 20 - something owner said that 'Tiya Ising' is the name of her grandmom's sister to whom this restaurant.

Address:  Roxas Street | Rizal Avenue Corner Roxas Street, Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island 5300, Philippines
Contact number: 9175614952

3.  La Terrasse Palawan

La Terasse is a French - inspired restaurant in Puerto Princesa owned by the wife of former actor now a government official in this city. Though I was only able to try their desserts, La Terrasse also serves rice & sizzing plates,  courses from Asia and Europe, soups, sandwiches, pasta et cetera.

How about a touch of local flair? Yes, they have. Must try is Palawan flavor, a plate of cashew nuts, peanuts, crispy dilis, squid with spicy tuba vinegar. For me La Terasse is the best place to indulge on desserts alone. I so love their very creamy cassava cake and I got to taste a Palawan brewed beer too here!

La Terasse in Puerto Princesa is a good example of a restaurant that is really making efforts to reduce carbon footprint. They make their own sauces and don't put MSG or any harmful additives. They source their own ingredients from their very own organic garden. They do not buy live and big fish or lobster because they say its source is often questionable.

Address:  Rizal Avenue | Bancao Bancao / Fullbright School, Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island 5300, Philippines
Contact number: 048 4341787

4. Viet Ville Restaurant

Only until my second trip to Palawan I learned that back in 1970's, a part of Puerto Princesa became home to many Vietnamese refugees who were fleeing away from Vietnam war. Called as Viet Ville, today this place is already empty. These days only a few of them lives there whom are mostly elders and those who married locals of Palawan. The majority of these Vietnamese refugees have migrated to the USA. Viet Ville in Puerto Princesa, Palawan is still worth checking during the day. Aside from a Buddhist temple and a Catholic chapel, there's a restaurant that serves Vietnamese food in the main entrance.

Most recommended is bo kho (beef stew), chicken spring roll, Vietnamese sapin - sapin, Vietnamese iced tea and lapu - lapu Vietnamese style. They also sell fresh from the oven banh mi's or French bread. It smells so good that it made us hungrier than before we came. 

Next time you know someone is looking for a Vietnamese restaurant in Puerto Princesa that offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine, tell them to head to Viet Ville. I made a detailed blog post about it, you may click it here.

Address:  Barangay Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Contact number: (0977)456-7599

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