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Boracay trip, Hotel Jen Manila Staycation and Air Asia Travel to Wellness False Promises!!!

It's been seven days since I have blogged. For the past one whole week I  have been  busy juggling my online work, joining blogging events, travel preparations and trying to make more meaningful offline things that could make my life healthy inside and out. If you are a regular reader, you'll notice this is the usual words I blurt out after not posting something here.l

Every single day I feel that I am no longer this young and carefree girl who is up for anything. What I see of myself right now is a full - grown up woman whose mistakes and shortcomings describe what is she today: still full of hope but there are things that she could no longer change and up to know she feels there are reasons that she finds herself left behind. Pressures from the family and friends of why I don't have a family yet linger on me from time to time. At first I laugh about it but most recently I feel the 'loser' inside me. I tell you, just by admitting this L word, it hurts me but it assures me that I know where I am right now. While heaven knows I feel that I am happier if I grow old alone, I will always be open to anything. Come what may!

Meanwhile, here's a rundown of what's eating my time and attention:

Air Asia Pa - Asa Travel to Wellness Contest

Air Asia's Travel to Wellness contest is deceiving and full of false promises. I have gone tired of exchanging emails with Claireanne Centeno Aguilar, Air Asia Marketing Department. She is not doing her job obviously. The contest promised 8 vouchers from partner brands but this lazy lady whom I think should be fired from her job for not doing it properly therefore putting the name of Air Asia in bad light, first said I will only get 3 vouchers. When I said I will make a 'hate' blog post, she immediately apologized and promised to give ALL the vouchers sent to my home. After I replied with my address, she has gone with the wind.

Been 11 days, I have not heard anything yet so I am on my way to do a separate blog post about email thread of how Clarieanne Centeno Aguilar has been solousy in responding to my email. I don't know if Air Asia PH will give a damn to my ramblings about her but I will definitely spread the word. All I ever want is to get the damn vouchers I won WITHOUT going through her. 

I'm off to a staycation with Mama, last day of July. This isn't sponsored or so but part of a hotel hack I'm doing to complete the 2, 500 Golden Circle points I need so that I can convert it to Philippine Airlines miles. Hotel Jen Manila is a 4 - star hotel so I paid about Php 4600 for one night stay. This is without breakfast yet. Their buffet breakfast costs about Php 850 each, not sure if we'll have it when we get there. This amount is already one week worth of meals so imagine that!? As soon as we are done with the staycation, of course to follow is the Hotel Jen Manila blog review and a Tripadvisor feedback.

Photo courtesy of Hotel Jen Manila

I'm really watching my expenses since there is a very big travel blogging expo called TBEX Manila 2016. It costs $157, this is already one month worth of my spending! I have given up my credit card so I just live and spend what I only have. I'm praying so hard that TBEX Conference Manila won't increase their rates on or before last week of July. If I had not paid for the staycation to Hotel Jen Manila and have no Boracay trip, I would have paid TBEX Manila right away.


You guys know how much I love joining travel contests right? The Travel Club Ph is looking for 5 bloggers who will be their brand ambassadors and writers for the next 9 months. These chosen ones will receive a total of Php 27, 000 of gift certificates. The contest is quite harder because instead of travel photo, thyre looking for travel video. I suck at doing videos, promise! Now, out of my uber busy schedule, I tried free video - editing apps on my smartphone: Adobe Premier Clip and Filmora to make travel clips ready to be uploaded to Instagram. Looks like I'm hooked to Filmora but the challenge is how can I get these judges pick me!

I just visited Travel Madness Expo 2016 at SM Mall of Asia yesterday. I had no plans to buy any tour package nor flight but just want to look around: get to know more travel brands and connect with them. There's nothing much worth mentioning than this photo taken at the Japan booth where I got to wear kimono.

I'll cut this for now as I'm really running our of town to prepare for our trip with 5 other bloggers visiting Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay. The weather has been a bit uncooperative so praying as early as now Monday for our flight this Sunday to be all fine. We'll have 6 - 8 restaurants to review, a pampering sesh with a five - star Mandala Spa and Villas Boracay, a foot spa, a coral planting session and an island booze cruise courtesy of Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay. I surely can't wait to get to  Boracay!

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