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DIY 3D2N Itinerary to Sorsogon Province: Irosin, Barcelona, Bacon, Gubat and Matnog Travel + Accommodation Tips

bulusan lake sorsogon
Bulusan Lake in Bulusan, Sorsogon. Credit to Aya Escandor & Anne Asis

Of all the DIY itineraries I have posted here in my blog, I have to say this one is the closest to my heart.  I have been to half of the provinces in the country but of course, nothing will beat the province where I was born, studied til half of my college life. At this time, the province of Sorsogon's tourism isn't that stellar in terms of popularity so I am happy whenever I learn about fellow backpackers finding their way  to Sorsogon despite its distance and not a lot of travelers and tourists have been here.

Though my home now is Manila, from time to time I go back to celebrate occasions with the family. Last December I spent one whole month there. It is the longest duration that I stayed there in 14 years that I have lived on my own. I owe this to my full time online job that only needs an Internet connection so I can work anywhere and travel for as long as I can.  While there, I wrote about What to see, Things to do, Places to visit, Where to stay and tourist spots of the Sorsogon Province. You can click here if you want to read it.
One of these backpackers is Miss Aya Escandor whom I chanced upon at a backpacking Facebook group in the Philippines. The moment I saw the itinerary, I knew I just need to share it to the universe of course with permission of Aya so that we can encourage more people that we have lots of really beautiful destinations in the Philippines that until now is still undiscovered. Please see below:

 DIY Itinerary for 3 days, 2 nights to Sorsogon in Bicol 

Day 0 

Ride a bus from Cubao, departs 8pm but  please buy your ticket at least 2 days ahead. I highly recommend you get the Lazy Boy seats (around Php 1k depending on the bus company) but that'll only take you up to Sorsogon City. Trip will take 12-14 hours or buy a plane ticket going to Legazpi City (average of Php 1.5k). This will only take 1 hour. 

Day 1 

Via Bus - Ride a trike (Php 8 per person) from the Sorsogon City Bus station. Tell the trike to take you to Chowking, to the Jeepney terminal going to Gubat, Sorsogon. From the terminal, it'll take only 40 mins to get to Gubat. Fare is only 29 pesos. 

Via Airplane- Take a trike to the Van Terminal (20php). Tell the driver to drop you off at Chowking. Same instructions above. Once you are in Gubat, look for Linda's and eat there. Enjoy the halo-halo and Bicol express! Surfing, swimming at Lola Sayong. Ride a trike (50php special ride). Surfing is 350 per hour with instructor, 600 for the whole day if board only. They're really accommodating and friendly. You'll enjoy the hipster, chill vibe of the place too! You may stay here overnight. Place also serves food. For more info, contact Noli of Lola Sayong Surf Camp at 09994061497. 

"Gubat is slowly becoming a surfing haven. I wouldn't be surprised if someday along with Siargao, La Union and Mati, Davao that this remote town in Sorsogon will be known. One reason is the Lola Sayong Surf Camp, a beachfront accommodation that offers surfing lesson. This is owned by Noli John, a super avid surfer and leading the group of Gubat based surfers. "

Day 2 Barcelona Church - Bulusan Lake - Matnog Island Hopping - Irosin Hot Springs 

This is the busiest day. To make the most out of the vacation, it's best to hire a jeepney (Php 2.5k per day or hire a car). 

6am - Leave for Barcelona. Take pictures at the Ruins and the Church. 
7am - Arrive in Bulusan Lake. Kayak  is Php 100, eat your breakfast and enjoy an hour here.

10am - Arrive in Matnog. Please dont forget your aqua shoes and snorkeling gear. You will be swimming in clean, white islands, exploring a cave, feeding fish and snorkeling. Per boat is Php  1,600, with a capacity of 10 guests. You will need to pay Php 70 per head for the environment fee. 

4pm - Arrive back from island hopping. Depart for Irosin Hot Springs to relax. Entrance fee is Php 20 per head. Small huts are Php 200. Go back to rented place in Gubat, Sorsogon.

barcelona sorsogon
Barcelona, Sorsogon. Credit to Aya Escandor & Anne Asis

According to Aya, if you are looking for a Matnog island tour hopping package, she highly recommends Mr. Jun Evasco with cell phone number 09261404577. His team will help buy food in the market place nearby (crabs for Php 150/kg and squid for Php 120!!!) and even cook lunch for you! They will also help and assist you through out the island hopping. 

Day 3  

7am   Leave for Tolongapo, Bacon, Sorsogon. We didn't pay for anything since a friend owned one of the resorts. From the beach, swim going to the 3 lone island rocks (Tolongapo = Tatlong bato) nearby. Its a sight to behold. Parang little paradise in the sea. It's a little rocky there though. 

11am - Depart for Orok Cold Spring in Casiguran, Sorsogon. We paid Php 10 or Php 20 for the entrance fee. We were able to get a local guide for Php 200 so that we could trek going to the hidden waterfalls. The trek is around 40 mins. After that, go back to the cold spring and enjoy the water! 

4pm - Depart for the Sorsogon bus Terminal to go back to Manila. Last schedule for the day is 5:30pm. Please buy your ticket ahead of time (on the day you arrived). 

"Swimming in an ice - cold water is really not my thing. If you are, you got to get here at Orok Cold Spring.  This spring actually is also a fish spa. If you are lucky enough, just let your feet fully - submerged in the water and don't move too much. Tiny fishes will slowly approach you and bite (not gonna hurt) off your dead skin. "

Thanks Aya for sharing your itinerary to us :)


  1. Hi, do you have any idea how can I get to Gubat if I'll be coming from Bacon?

    1. There's a jeep that will bring you to Bacon just forgot how much it is. You can ask any local and they will tell you :)

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    1. Hi angie, thank you so much for pointing the error :) already corrected. Have a nice day.