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Puerto Princesa Palawan Undergrounder River, #LetTheRiverRest Project and Movie Grant

Puerto Princesa Palawan Undergrounder River

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River is one of the Philippines' UNESCO - acclaimed sites. I have seen the Puerto Princesa underground river twice already: first in 2013 and just months ago. I actually have qualms that after a few years because of massive tourism, it is gonna change. You know what when I went there, it is still the same amazingly beautiful underground river that left me in awe. During my stay of 6 days in Puerto Princesa, I met a very devoted man who is passionate about the preservation of this city, Direk Dante Nico Garcia. He is brewing so many great things about about Puerto Princesa's tourism, I hope in the right time all of those will be done.

One of these is closing the Puerto Princesa underground river for a few days to let it rest. Here is the full - details:

On July 1, a bus full of artists & filmmakers will close the Puerto Princesa Underground River for three days. During those days, they will try to sell 3,600 passes to the river by driving from North to South of Mainland Palawan and continously upload videos of performances at stopovers and collaborations with the locals on Instagram to encourage buyers and Palawenyos to join the #PositiveValues Instagram video contest that can make them win US$3600 worth of Palawan adventure or Php360,000 film grant. With a purchase of US$30 or Php1500 and not going to the river, one not only becomes a lifetime member of and be eligible to participate in all future events and contests of the organization but will also be able to sponsor one Palawan artist to the organization. (US$10 or Php500 only for Palawan residents until July 3.) This is the #LetTheRiverRest Int'l Film Festival & New Media Convergence 2016. A project on PerCent Integrated Marketing Communications through its IsDa Revolution (Indie Support and Development Advocacy) Project in cooperation with, The Palawan Heritage Center,, Palawan Council for Sustainable Development & the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River & National Park.

This years proceeds will be used as seed money to build the FilipiNow Theater, a state-of-the-art theater by the Underground River that will exclusively screen content and exhibit works produced by the members of IsDa Revolution. IsDa Revolution 3 days of rest for the Underground River and 1 filmmaker will be able to make his dream film everytime 10,000 people becomes one of us.

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