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Panja Resort Palawan: A Luxury Retreat in Puerto Princesa

Bay Vista Road, Bgy. Tagburos, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan, Philippines
Panja Resort Palawan

Of the six nights that I stayed in Puerto Princesa, two of these were spent in Panja Resort Palawan. A newly - opened mid - range luxury hotel in Puerto Princesa. We had a total of 3 hotels where we slept actually, Panja Resort is the one that stood out because of so many reasons a backpacker like me who is used to sleeping in a shared dorm bed and often finds herself chatting with strangers in a communal dining table. Though I would say i'm now more of a half - backpacker and half - flashpacker because I've been opting to stay in an own room that costs quite a bit more than what I usually pay. I've had my fair share of luxury stays as well in Manila, most treasured is in EDSA Shangri- la and end of July I'm sleeping over at  Hotel Jen Manila in connection to a hotel hack I have discovered. Will tell you why soon.

Panja Resort Puerto princesa

Going back to Panja Resort Palawan, I would say this is the perfect spot to those who seek solace and quietness while you are in Puerto Princesa. I know you're probably asking what's with the word "panja" pronounced as "pan-yah". This is an ancient tree from India where people do their meditation. From this word itself, this hotel's branding that they would like the world to know is that they want to be the place you visit when you want to de - stress in Palawan while on vacation or on a business trip. 


Let's talk about the location first. Panja Palawan Resort is about 30 minutes from the airport. If you are very particular to stay in the city proper, you may not fit here. However the reward for choosing to stay here is exactly what this Panja Palawan is all about - a scenery of the Honda Bay from a hill where this resort is located and solitude. There's no nearby establishments and the main road is quite farther, you'll hardly hear a noise from a vehicle except the ones used to bring the guests inside this hotel.

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Just so you know, on the way to Panja Resort Palawan you'll find two interesting tourist spots in Puerto Princesa. First, the Baker's Hill - an entrance free park famous for selling cakes, gooddies, condiments et cetera. You can buy your pasalubong here before you head home. Second, Mitra's Ranch - a playground slash zoo of some domesticated animals like horse you'll see here. 

This hotel has 35 rooms with 4 types: Deluxe Twin, Deluxe Queen, Premier Deluxe (1 Queen + 1 Twin bed) and under construction is the Junior Suite ( a full size queen bed with a couch + bath tub. This last one costs only about 60% less than the 5 star hotel in Manila I have stayed but the amenities and the space are almost the same. I was given a Deluxe Queen bed with a view of the swimming pool. My room is too spacious and cozy that I don't want to stay outside anymore. 

It has everything I need for free: liquid soap, lotion, shampoo, moisturizer, coffee, tea, cotton ear buds, and 2 bottles of mineral water. It also has a flat screen TV, mini - ref, Intercon phone, a hair dryer and a water heater all at the comforts of my room!

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A typical room in Panja Resort is accentuated with 2 blue - colored pillows & a slender office - type chair. There's a long table right next to the wall that serves as a bench where you can put some your stuff.  Another one, there's a large white cabinet that is about 6 feet tall where you can put all your belongings. I even saw a metal vault where you can put your jewelry, gadgets & money. The best thing that I like in all of Panja Resort rooms is that it comes with veranda. The partition between my room is a glass door and two kinds of curtains - one thicker and the other one is sheer enough to see the outside. To someone like me who loves getting naked when I'm just by myself and when I sleep in a room, I have to always make sure these two curtains are spread out both sides. From the veranda, you get a closer view of the swimming pool. It comes with a small plastic table and chair.

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Since I was all alone and their in-house restaurant is still empty except the sight of a family in another table composed of a Japanese father, Filipina wife and 2 kids, I decided to take my breakfast in the veranda. The best choice ever: a gorgeous view and a very  tasy Filipino breakfast of all time - a cup of fried rice, fried egg, fried danggit ( a salted fish) and a choice between a cup of coffee or tea. Every night stay in Panja Palawan merits a free breakfast which costs Php 200+ if you eat at their restaurant. 

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With regards to the staff, they're very polite. Whenever I meet them while walking at the lobby or somewhere, they great you and bow their head slightly. I want to extend my gratitude to Raf and the other woman who both let me borrowed their phone chargers overnight because I lost mine. The ladies at the reception are very approachable too. I frequently come  here to ask questions and hope to be able to connect to the Internet. Currently, they don't have a stable WiFi yet so to those who are online addicts, I hope you can survive a day here.  Actually, I think it is a good idea to prevent us from checking our social media accounts while in a hotel so that we can enjoy the moment instead of non - stop posting of photos and status. After all, we can do this when we get home right?

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Also I love the soothing Korean music that is played all throughout at the lobby and in hallways. It relaxes me right away. All of their facilities are still not in full operation right now: a 360 - degree restaurant and a gym are yet to be built. My personal suggestion since they want this to be known as a place of retreat, is they build a specialized spa where guests are treated with body massage and build a garden or a park when they expand because the nearby vacant lots are theirs too. And if they're really serious for a branding of an upper - class wellness accommodation, a great example is the Nurture Village Spa and Sonya's Garden both located in Tagaytay.

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Panja Resort Palawan offers a free airport shuttle service and free pickup at least 16 km within the hotel's vicinity and in Palawan Cafe, Robinson Puerto Princesa. To get in touch with Panja Resort Palawan, check out the details below:

Contact number:  +63 917 376 4835
Address: Bay Vista Road, Puerto Princesa,
Palawan, Philippines 5300

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