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How I Make Worklife Easier

Stress affects everyone. Whether you are rich who has everything or someone who has nothing. Having money, power or even those who live the simplest, doesn’t guarantee a stress – free life. When we let our emotions and physical strength go beyond what it can only hold, stress becomes the root of sickness. I, personally, have a fair share of “battling” stress every day. From family  whom I support financially, to the demands of my online full time work while squeezing my blogging duties,  to how to stretch out my money to the last cent so that I can travel more and the quest of how to make my life as a 32 – year old single woman who feels the pressure between settling down and finding the "One". I have gone tired of explaining my side about why our society is wrong regarding the belief that every woman should get married and bear a child so that when she gets old, there’s someone to look after here. Duh?!

But you know what despite all these hullabaloos, I can’t believe I am still standing. Whenever I go to bed and pray, I ask myself how come I can still carry this heavy load  that is almost crushing my back? How come after I cry like a river, I still have the strength to fight back? How come I never lose hope that somewhere along the way my dreams will unfold right before my eyes? How come I chose to move on instead of hunting down a man who took advantage of me? All because it is is my choice. I chose to be a better person moving forward than get hunted by my own mistakes and circumstances I cannot control.

That is why I want to share how I did it in my own way. There is no magic, nor deceit. Everything happens for the right reason because again, I want it that way. Here are my 5 reasons how I make work and life easier:

I pamper myself every once in a while

I make sure that every month I get a really good body massage for at least an hour. It doesn’t have to be in expensive spas, the Php 300 is enough for your body to regain strength and restore your feeling of comfort. If it happens that it is payday, I don’t feel guilty of splurging a bit for my very own well being.  In my most recent trip to Boracay, I indulged in a five – star spa resort for an hour and quarter of pure bliss and absolute of peace. The amount is almost a month worth of my dining but why the heck not, I deserve it.

I practice yoga and meditation

I regret knowing about yoga and meditation at a late age.  If I knew about this, I would have started as young as I could. I have only been doing yoga for 6 months but I can really feel the difference. I don’t get tired easily and I am personally proud of my body that is now a bit flexible. I can now touch my toes with my both hands by bending forward and head bowed down. Every night before I sleep, I empty my mind for at least thirty minutes and reflect of what happened the day that just finished. I learn to be more understanding of other people’s shortcomings. The most recent road rage that killed a cyclist reminds me that I should be able to control my temper at all cost.

I make sure to be mindful of my body's biological needs in all aspects

We are only humans. We are not designed to live eternally. Our body is very vulnerable to destruction. If we don't take care of it, we suffer and die sooner than what we wish. No matter how busy I am and how i need money, I always make it a point to rest and sleep  properly.  I put slices of cucumber before I sleep on top of my closed eyes because I have been exposed to my laptop's screen for 8 hours every day, I know I have to lighten the burden. Most recently, a friend recommend this: drinking pure calamansi juice on a lukewarm water without sugar five minutes before sleeping and waking up. It produces natural alkaline that cleanses my stomach which is where most of toxins are stored from the food we eat. Making love with a partner is also a great way and the best way to de - stress because this is the time that endorphins are released to the fullest. These are responsible to make our body healthy, active and young - looking. Just make sure you practice safe sex if both of you are doing it outside marriage.  

I travel

Seriously, travel is my greatest vice but it is a good one. Whenever I am in a new place for the first time, I feel this unexplainable happiness that puts my spirit high up there. I have reached half of the Philippine provinces already and on my way to visit all of them. I don't have a specific time frame to complete these. I am not after the record, it can be a lifetime commitment. I am not rushing, I travel because it is my way of life. I have also started exploring Asia: Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam. I am exploring one country at a time in my own pace.  

I take health supplements

Living in a city means not eating healthy food. Taking a health supplement like Fern - C  is  a big help. It is the first non - acidic vitamin C in the Philippines perfect to those who have delicate tummies. Fern - C increases body resistance over infectious diseases, for healthy gums, teeth, bones and connective issues and fastens wound healing. The list goes on actually, this page isn't enough. The best part is that it helps our stress levels come down. By taking one piece a day, worklife ay easy with FERN-C and it is subok na! I have lots of friends and colleagues who have been taking Fern - C for as long as I can remember.

My personal testimony of using Fern - C started a year ago. I am very prone to mouth sores or singaw in Tagalog ever since. It is really painful to have it and usually there are 2 or 3 in my mouth at a given time. I cannot eat properly plus it is too painful to brush my teeth too. A visit to a doctor advising me to eat more fruits rich in Vitamin C and take health supplements such as Fern - C changed everything. Nowadays, I hardly get a mouth sore. 

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Note: This is my entry to Nuffnang Ph and Fern - C's #WorklifeAyEasy Blog Contest.     

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