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How Shopback Lets You Save Money While Shopping For Your Travel Needs

I am a certified backpacker. I travel on a cheap budget by staying at affordable accommodations, booking my flights through budget airlines and will do everything to straighten my money up to the last cent just to be able travel more. I even join lots of travel contests and exert a huge amount of efforts for that too. Luckily, I  won a few times (most recent is my HK trip) already. Those who knew me say I am very lucky but for me it is because I devote a lot of efforts to that. It is just simple. The more you join, the more chances. Win or lose, I enjoy doing it because it is fun, I meet a lot online, I get inspired and that my creativity is honed bit by bit.   

Just recently I became interested about travel hacking. It is a study or techniques of how to accumulate something like flights done in an alternative way (earning miles). Because of my online work that requires me to be online for 8 hours or more at least 5 times per week, I discover a lot of ways to earn more. Isn’t it that is every traveler’s goal? To have more money is more trips. One example is  Shopback, an online site that sells products and services. Think of it as Amazon in global scope or Olx here in the Philippines. The difference is that when you shop an item from Shopback, they share a percentage of profit with you. 

To sign up at Shopback, please click here

Let me show you the steps on how to shop online via Shopback. It's super easy. 

1. Sign up using your email address or Facebook account

If you tend to be forgetful, I would suggest you sign up with Facebook. In just a few minutes, you'll be good to go. A validation link will be sent to your email, just click it and login.

Why you should register to Shopback now

Invite 5 friends and earn Php 1500
Sharing this good news to your friends who love shopping online is a great way to earn Phps. You get Php 100 each for a friend you sign up and a gift certificate worth Php 1000 from Happy Fresh and Robinsons Supermarket! This is only good until August 31st so better do it now.

What can I get from shopping through Shopback
We may not have the same taste when it comes to online shopping. I am more of indulging into travel brands that is why I focused on how to purchase products and services that I need in my trips. If you are not, Shopback is still the place to.  Shopback offers a lot of promos almost every day. Whether you are a fashionista, a tech - savvy, frugal mommy or one who can afford to buy a mountain in an instant, Shopback has a lot to offer. Check out these few on going discounts for Zalora and Lazada. Two of the biggest online shopping sites where you can buy and get a few percentage back!  If you own a visa card, that automatically gives you an extra 8% cashback.

2.  Browsing the item you need to buy

Online buying through Shopback is very organized both on its official website and on its app.  Under the Categories section, you can choose from these: Fashion, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Lifestye, Popular and All Stores. 

Happy to know that Lazada (4% cashback) is on board via ShopbackMy Cherry Mobile smartphone and yoga mat are all from Lazada so next time I will be buying another stuff, I will just do it through Shopback.

This post is focused on travelling needs so I am going to talk more of the Travel category on Shopback. I checked it and was surprised because it came into full throttle: Hotels, Flights, Cruises, Car Rental, Tour Packages, Rail, Ferry & Coach! Did not expect it actually.

3. Shopping time

Flights and accommodations are what I usually buy online. I am super glad they got Agoda (Php 400 cashback) and Hostelworld (4% cashback)! These are my favorite sites for finding affordable accommodation. I use Agoda if I am with my family and Hostelworld to find the best backpacker hostels when I go on solo trips.

Let's have Hostelworld for example.

You just need to click the red button that says Shop Now and wait till the official website of Hostelworld appears. The rest is doing the same stuff of booking an accommodation. Of course, the best part is that you get a cash back up to 30% off from what you purchased to be credited to your bank or Paypal account. That's it! As simple as that.

To sign up at Shopback, please click here

To know more about Shopback, please see below the links:

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