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Five - Star Pampering at Mandala Spa & Resort Villas, Boracay Blog Review

Credits to Claire Madarang of I Am Travelling Light

I so love luxurious pampering packages that focus on body and wellness. In fact, I have been to two of the country's top wellness brands. The first one is at Nurture Village Tagaytay, I know it's 6 hour - bus ride roundtrip but it is totally worth it. It was once cited by CNN Go as one of Asia's Top Spa destinations. Second is Chi the Spa at EDSA Shangri-la Manila. It's heavenly to be welcomed in Chi the Spa, promise. In my recent Boracay trip, I had my third taste of world - class body and wellness treatment at Mandala Spa & Resort Villas. Call me biased, but for me it surpassed all the pampering sessions I had before. Therefore, I would say it is so far the best I have tried. I had the Mandala Asian Signature massage for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Every single second feels like forever in a man - made paradise that I would want to stay for as long as I want if the word 'time' doesn't exist.

Credits to Claire Madarang of I Am Travelling Light

I and fellow blogger friends arrived past noon. We were asked to pair ourselves by two as our partner to the villa hut where we will be massaged. We first took a relaxing shower in a very wide room adorned with fresh flowers. We had our own locker to keep our belongings and have to wear the cutest wardrobe in a spa I have ever seen. I We looked liked godesses. There was nothing beneath our attire, I removed my bra and panty because they suggested so I obliged.

We walked behind these girls while following them. It's a relief walking without anything under! We walked at cobblestone paths, saw lots of flowers and different kinds of plants. There is no noise here, just the sudden burst of the wind that moves the branches of the trees,and flapping of birds' wings passing by.

Credits to Claire Madarang of I Am Travelling Light

Upon reaching our nipa hut, we were asked to enter first. I couldn't remember what are the stuff I saw there but it is complete of all the things needed to pamper a person ultimately. The Mandala Asian signature Massage employs the principles of acupressure, cross fiber strokes and gentle stretches. This is the kind of massage I so need: deep relaxation, to relieve physical and emotional blockages and aid to restore my body's equilibrium.

Credits to Claire Madarang of I Am Travelling Light

There are 4 ointment options available: Healing Sage (rosemary & eucalyptus), Exotic Jasmine (betiver & sandalwood), Relaxing Lavander and Refreshing Peppermint. I chose the first because I need healing. Like all highly - trained masseuse, the girl asked me if I want light, heavy or moderate. I said moderate.  She speaks soft and in English asking me from time to time how am I doing.

I am bare as a tree at this moment. She's been pulling gently my legs up and down, my body going sidewards... I knew she has seen all of me. From my boobs and down there but I never bothered. All I care right now is to get rid of my stress that is already a mountain high. I slept peacefully that night, I think it is because of the pampering massage. I just had. Thank you Mandala Spa!

Wanna extend credits to the owner of the photos I used for this article.
To Miss Claire Madarang of I Am Travelling Light. This was when my smartphone, powerbank and digicam have all gone out of power. 

Mandala Spa and Villas Resort details:
Address: Station 3, Ambulong | Manoc-Manoc, Aklan Province 5608

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