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Travel Meetup: Join DLC Backpacker's Travel Stories, A Night Full of Music, Fun, Art and More

Remember my Hong Kong - Macau solo backpacking trip months ago? I was at the peak of "busyness" so having it DIY like my previous trips to Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodi would be impossible. There's an ocean of tour operators and travel agencies out there but I am a full - bloodied backpacker so I have to find the one that suites my expectations. First, I prefer to stay at hostels because I want to be in an environment where backpackers of my same age bracket are there and second, I am looking for an affordable package. DLC Backpackers was the best answer so I did not hesitate to get a tour package from them for 4 days. It was all smooth - sailing and a spoon - feeding kind of which is exactly why anyone should have when buying a tour package - coz you freaking need a BIG HELP! I was assisted personally by DLC Backpacker's CEO Trish so I can see that they are really hands on in responding to client's needs and neverending questions.

Of course if you are a happy customer, it will be natural to spread the word to other fellow backpackers especially ladies out there to check out DLC Backpackers. Just to give you an idea of how are they doing, please read below:

Do you know that DLC Backpackers does not only cater travel packages and services? DLC Backpackers is also getting known for it’s outstanding events that connects people and travelers! For just 3 months, DLC Backpackers gained 300 clients and event participants --- It is definitely a success!

Last July 2 - 4, 2016, DLC Backpackers had their very first MOVE - Making an Outstanding and Valuable Experience - a travel event that helps people find their life purpose where there are exciting activities and workshops that help them maximize their potential. DLC Backpackers asked them to write one word that will describe their experience and they wrote: “Life-Changing.”

When DLC Backpackers reached 10k likes, they held a free event at the Palace Palace Pool Club: “Traveler’s Party.” Everyone was thankful as they came as strangers and then they came home with batch of friends! They even had a hangover of the happiness that they experienced!  Now, DLC Backpackers will have another awesome and exciting event from your Travel Experts!!!

Be inspired as our foreign and blogger guests share their travel stories and the life lessons that they’ve learned from it! You also have the chance to share yours by registering to the open mic! 

We will also be announcing the WINNER of our first trip to Asia give away!!
Not a traveler? Fret not! This may be your chance to travel because DLC Backpackers are giving away travel gift certificates and another free travel adventure to 5 Lucky Winners!

Enjoy the quirky vibe of the Troika Resto Art Gallery in the heart of Metro Manila and we will also have games that will surely make you gain more friends and exciting prizes will be given away! You will never know, you might win a free travel trips and find your travel buddy that you are praying for through this event!

WHEN: August 27, 2016 Saturday, 8:00pm
WHERE: Troika Resto Art Gallery 823 Extramadura St. Sampaloc Manila


1.) Catch a train at the LRT 1 and alight at Tayuman Station.
2.) Walk to SM SAN LAZARO.
3.) Catch a jeepney going to “Lacson” at CALTEX Gasoline Station, just in front of SM San Lazaro.
4.) Tell the Jeepney driver to drop you at FLORIDA BUS LINER.
5.) From there, walk up to Extramadura St. where the restaurant is located.

This event is also brought to you by News New York. I am joining this for sure so see you there :)

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