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3D2N DIY Itinerary To Marinduque: What To Do, Where To Stay and the Moriones Festival

diy guide to marinduque moriones festival

Marinduque is a province located in the middle of Bicol and Visayas Regions under the cluster called Mimaropa. Known for the Moriones Festival held every commemoration of the Holy Week, this is the place where Roman Catholicism is the utmost emblem and the remnants of Spanish colonization are still very evident up to the present days. There's no doubt that the best time to travel to Marinduque is during Semana Santa (Holy Week) season that happens in any dates from March to May because of the Moriones Festival. Of course since this is  peak season,  travelling to Marinduque from accommodation to flight to food is expensive. That's why I made a 3d2n travel guide to Marinduque's tourist spots that is ideal during off - season and summer getaways. This includes places to visit and where to stay in Marinduque. If you take a look at the Philippine map, Marinduque's shape is likened to a human heart floating on the blue ocean. Check it yourself!

Day 1 Culture and Heritage Exploration in Boac

11 am Flight arrival
12 nn Check in at Boac Hotel
1 pm Boac Heritage Walking Tour

Boac is the capital municipality of Marinduque.  It is also the place where the Spanish conquistadores and frailes lived. Start by saying a prayer at Boac Cathedral, constructed in 1760, it is one of the oldest  churches in the country. See how enormous its interior especially the retablo or the grand altar in front, high walls and the imposing facade.

3 pm Check out the National Museum, spot ancestral houses, visit Laylay Port, oldest port since Spanish days and Boac Municipal Hall

5 pm Shop at Boac Wet Market
Fresh and moving seafood is abundant in Boac's wet market. That thousand - worth of fairly - sized lobsters you bought in Manila, it costs less and much bigger in this province. Bring some native dishes whipped with coconut milk to munch whenever you want. Marinduque's arrowroot cookies and bibingka (rice cake) are two of the most popular delicacies you should never forget to taste.

6 pm Back to Boac Hotel

" The tradition of 'putong'
Marinduquenos' way of welcoming guests are quite different from other Philippine provinces. Instead of putting a a string of flowers around the neck,  place it on top of the head like a crown."

Day 2 Island - hopping adventure in Sta Cruz

7 am Breakfast at hotel
8 am Go to Buyabod Port and take a boat ride to:

Visit Mompong Islet for the Ungab Rock Formation. If you love snorkeling and scuba diving, this is your paradise. If you came during low tide, get yourself  a jump shot at Palad Sandbar and see if you can go to Polo Islet. The earlier time, the better. High tide occurs during late hours usually.

12 nn Lunch at Palo Maria Beach in Maniwaya Island

1 pm - 4 pm More swimming time, because why not

5 pm Back to Buyabod Port and buy souvenirs at famous Rejano Bakery

6 pm Back to Boac Hotel

Day 3  Weaving and Butterfly Catching in Torrijos

7 am Breakfast at hotel

8 am Check out

10 am Meet the women who weave placemats and wall decors using buntal fibers.

11 am Visit Lepidoptera farms, places where butterflies are bred. Most of them are found in the municipality of Gasan. Marinduque, unknown to many is the country's butterfly capital.

1 pm Free time

3 pm Flight back to Manila

The Moriones Festival
Originated in the town of Mogpog, Moriones Festival is the reenactment of Christ's passion and death. The main character however is Longinus, the blind centurion who was able to see again miraculously that is why he converted to Christianity. 'Morion' means mask worn by Roman centurions like Longinus. Motioned refer to the men and women dressed in colorful Roman costumes.

How to make a Morion(es) mask

1. Chop the dapdap tree into trunks head - length
2. Use carving tools to shape the face and for the headgear, measure the person's head to match the base
3. Spray guns and paints are needed to color the mask with complete ornaments.

Other festivals in Marinduque: Kalesayahan sa Gasan every August, Haring Kalabaw in Sta Cruz and Bila - bila, butterfly custumed streetdancers

How to reach Marinduque
Plane via Gasan: Cebu Pacific or PAL
Land via Quezon Province: From the Lucena Port, take a ferry either Balanacan or Buyabod.
Private car via RoRo (roll - on / roll - off) ferry

More Options for Hotels in Marinduque

Eastpoint Hotel, Freedom Adventure Park, Dewey Hotel and Tahanan sa Isok

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Note: This guide was made based from the Provincial Tourism Office Marinduque's official brochure. For more updated information please see below:

Tel no: 042-332-1018

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