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  1. Hi Maria

    Nice pic, although you do look uncharacteristically pensive. Location is Borobudur perhaps ? I presume that the timing is sunset but maybe you rose early and caught the sunrise.

    Anyway, I trust that you are well. Sorry for your recent loss; hope that you made it back home for your grandfather's final farewell. (or was it great grandfather - I can't recall, and you pulled the blog post). If you made it, must have been a stressful trip.

    Well done for getting on this prestigious trip to Indonesia. In the relatively short time - less than 2 years - that I have been following your blog, you have progressed so far, and all of it is down to your own effort, grit, and determination.

    I am certainly envious. Indonesia is certainly very high up on my list of places to see. Especially the Yogyakarta to Jakarta train ride. If not this year, then maybe next.

    Looking forward to seeing the blog posts from your trip. And I'm sure that they will include some pics with smiles !

    Best wishes and safe travelling,


  2. This is in Rotu Boko temple. Yeah i removed my post about my grandma's passing coz i feel it is very personal to share. Want to post more travel guides in my blog moving forward.

    Thanks for checking my blog always. I got tons of things to write plus backlogs from work. I will delete this post in 3 days from now. this is just a notification that i was in INdonesia for the past 2 weeks :)