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2018 Grand Marian Procession Intramuros Schedule of Activities

The annual celebration of Intramuros Grand Marian procession is soon to happen. It is Manila and perhaps the Philippines’ biggest event honoring hundreds of revered images of Mary or Maria, the mother of Jesus from the Roman Catholic religion. If you want to know what went down during 2017 Grand Marian Procession, you can click HERE my blog post about it.

The 39th Intramuros' Grand Marian Procession is not only a religious thing, here in the country it is also acknowledged as an important part of our culture and heritage. We owe to the Spanish colonizers why the Philippines remains the only Catholic country in Asia.

While parading images of saints in the Philippines is normal during fiestas and other events, the Grand Marian Procession in Intramuros I would say is the grandest in terms of the number of people attending. Most of all, you'll probably not see anywhere else where the oldest, miraculous and most precious (made of gold or ivory) rebultos (religious images) in carozzas (chariots) are showcased. 

According to Kel Daquioag post shared on a Facebook group called Churches, Basilicas and Cathedrals in the Philippines (CBCP), the pilgrim image of Our Lady of the Visitation of Piat from her minor basilica in Piat, Cagayan is now at Saint Francis Parish Ortigas. On Sunday, December 2, 2018, she will grace the streets of Intramuros for the annual Grand Marian Procession. She will be joined by three of my most favorites: Our Lady of Piat Baisilica, The Our Lady of Guibang and La Viegen Milagrosa de Badoc.

Schedule of 2018 Grand Marian Procession Intramuros

Novena masses for the solemnity of the Immaculate Concepcion 
Place: Manila Metropolitan Cathedral
(Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Concepcion)
Date & time: November 29-30 12:10 PM (Thursday & Friday), December 1 7:30 AM (Saturday), December 2 10 AM (Sunday) and December 3 - 7 (Monday - Friday)

First Holy Communion Mass
Place: Manila Metropolitan Cathedral
(Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Concepcion)
Date & time: November 30  9 AM

Hermanos Mayores Mass
Place: Manila Metropolitan Cathedral
(Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Concepcion)
Date & time:  December 2 2 PM

Grand Marian Procession
Place: Plaza Roma, Intramuros, Manila
Date & time: December 2 4 PM

I have reached out to the Facebook fan page of Intramuros Administration to ask for more relevant information about this year's event however  I only received one reply which is to check the official schedule like the one below. I am not sure if I am asking the right contact or I should go somewhere else. It seems that the one managing this fan page is too busy. If you know any concerned person who can help me more because as of this time my last message is only "seen zoned", please let me know. 

There are three things I need to know about 2018 Grand Marian Procession in Intramuros.

  •  I would like to get a copy of the official list of parishes joining this year 
  • Second: Any highlight this year or what is the theme this year. I want to know if there are parishes joining for the first time.
  • Third: I am looking to feature PHOTOS for this year as well. I promise to share it with credit from the owner.

My work schedule is hectic and Intramuros is really out of the way but I am crossing my fingers I get to see this parade once again. For more information and to keep updated, I suggest checking the official Facebook fan page of Intramuros Administration HERE

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