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Check this Instagrammable AirBnb Studio Unit in Avida Cityflex Tower 2, BGC

I super love to do staycations. My blogging career has brought me to stay in hundreds of accommodations from hostels to guesthouses to five-star hotels and beachfront resorts for the past 9 years. There's only one thing I have never done yet, staying at an AirBnb unit. That's why when my AirBnb credits were enough to book a stay, I did not waste time. Maybe you'll wonder why I have credits from AirBnb when prior to this staycation, I haven't done any Airbnb sleepovers. Many years ago, I accidentally sent my AirBnb affiliate link to all of my email contacts. Over time, some of those signed up and booked their accommodations via AirBnb. 

An AirBnb Condo for rent in BGC
Whenever I can, I was browsing AirBnb accommodations near Manila for a few weeks. There are way too many Instagrammable AirBnb's out there! From wellness sanctuaries to heritage houses, I wish I have million worth of AirBnb credits to stay to each of these! My plan was to find somewhere in Tagaytay because of its cool weather but I lack time to keep on finding the best one. Also, I have never been this so serious about my freelancing life that time and stable wifi are so important to me. I want to work while I am doing a staycation that's why I decided to find an AirBnb unit in BGC where I spend most of my time. 

It was really a challenge to find the "one" for me. First of course is the price. My AirBnb credits is only $79 or Php 4,000+ only. What I was looking for is a gorgeous and luxurious Airbnb condo in BGC that has great city views. After all, what is a staycation in BGC without this privilege? Also, I am a photo-crazy person. My standard for a place to be deemed "Instagrammable" is pretty high. It should should offer something different from where I stay  in BGC as well which is a loft-type unit bought for Php 18 million cash in another luxurious condo. I also wanted at least two nights of stay because a one night sleepover do not do any justice for me who plans to write about my experience of the AirBnb unit I am going to book. 

airbnb unit for rent in BGC
Airbnb studio unit in Avida Cityflex Tower 2 
Actually, the one that I really wanted is a $65 per night presidential suite in one of BGC's luxurious condominiums. There are a few AirBnb units that offer free breakfast as well. I really want to wake up in the morning, drink my hot coffee and eat bread or warm silog without going out of my AirBnb unit. I am willing to pay for extra since I have already saved $79 but I don't think it is practical for me to spend that amount of money. After countless checking, I finally decided to get the one-bedroom studio unit in Avida Cityflex Tower 2. The unit showcases a minimalist look yet sophisticated ambiance.  It is one of the cutest studio unit in BGC I have ever seen! To the one who did the interior designing of this AirBnb unit in BGC,  he or she did a great job!  

All my queries to Jiahong, the unit owner sent via Airbnb messaging portal were answered by him in a very timely manner. I also learned one thing - attaching a file is not possible via the AirBnb desktop website. I had to send image copies of official ID's of my sister. I have to download the AirBnb app first.

We had a bit of misunderstanding regarding the check-in time because it says on the official AirBnb listing of this property that check in is 1 pm and and check out is 12 pm. Based on that information, my understanding was we can check in at 1 pm and onwards. However, Jiahong said that it meant actually we can check in 2 pm and check out no later than 12 pm. The one hour window from 1 pm - 2 pm is the time to prepare the room before the next guest(s) arrive(s). When I checked the page again, they now changed it clearly by putting 2 pm as standard check-in time.

The location
Avida Cityflex Tower 2 is just a few blocks away from Uptown Mall. I am not sure though if there's a jeep route that passes by there from Guadalupe if you plan to commute. The best for me is to take a taxi instead. It's also a few corners away to SNR shopping center, Saint Lukes Hospital and a variety of restaurants. 

The Grab driver wasn't able to find the Tower 2 of Avida Cityflex for some reasons. Good thing, after a couple of turns he found the right tower. For non-residents, they require outsiders (including AirBnb guests) to login and show at least one valid ID. 

Nelson whom I believe is the caretaker of this AirBnb studio unit in Taguig was waiting for us in the lobby when we arrived. In five minutes we reached the unit located at the 11th floor. There were no long lines and elevators are fast inside this condo. He gave us a few minutes of reminders about taking care of the unit and requested us to message him in advance what time to check out so he can personally get the key of the unit because it cannot be given to the front desk.

airbnb bgc taguig

The AirBnb Unit
The studio unit is relatively small but it is equipped with all the amenities we need. It's ideal for two people only. The bathroom is the only one that has walls - the rest do not have. We were surprised that it even has a washing machine! This unit is a testament that it is not always how big the space is to be more desirable, sometimes it is also the presentation.

Everything was working fine (from the water faucet to the toilet flush) and yes this BGC AirBnb unit  is very well-kept. I love the fact that the bed is near the windows. I give this AirBnb unit 1, 000 points for providing windows where the natural light comes in. There's also a view from buildings and a nearby parking lot. I am really not fan of rooms that are surrounded by solid walls. I feel suffocated. I don't want to turn on lights during daytime. It is a waste of energy.

I really appreciate the presence of plastic plant ornaments that make this place so eco conscious. I know it is almost impossible to get an AirBnb unit in BGC with a backyard. I wish though these are real plants! The surrounding boasts peacefulness. Given the fact that we are on 11th floor,  I don't hear any squeaking cars at all. Having a good night sleep is guaranteed here for sure!

airbnb unit avida cityflex taguig

Special mention to the fast Internet WiFi ( up to 20 Mbps speed). I and my sister were able to do our online tasks faster than ever! While we know AirBnb means making your own breakfast, dinner and lunch since every unit usually comes with kitchen unless you opted for a shared room, it is so nice to know that just across the road there's 7/11.  The kitchen was not touched at all because no one bothered to cook. 

By the way, in the end I was not able to spend nights here because of some personal matters. It is my sister and first cousin who stayed in this unit the whole time. They had nothing but great memories! Oh well, who would feel bored if you have a 50" 4K UHD TV ( equipped with SD and HD cable channels ) plus Netflix? I only spent a few hours then had to leave. 

avida cityflex bgc blog review

This studio unit in BGC we booked via AirBnb has one queen bed with mattress and topper, landline, induction stove top with telescopic range hood,  microwave, water heater, coffee maker/ tea press, hot shower, 2 sets of bath towels, and a 5 cubic-feet fridge that comes with two complimentary bottled water. I know you're going to ask if there's a swimming pool. Yes there is. You have to pay Php 100 extra to be able to use it.

If you don't have an AirBnb account, register HERE. If you want to find this AirBnb unit, search Executive Studio w/ City Views in BGC 1105 or click HERE.

In other parts of the world, AirBnb credits can be used to book restaurants and experiences (tours) via this platform. Here in the Philippines, the options are very limited as of the moment.

I did not took a lot of photos because we really want this personal stay something we can enjoy more than clicking our (phone) cameras. I also chose angles that are different from the official photos provided by the unit owner to be able to distinguish the difference of how the unit looks like before and now.  

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