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5 Tools Every Handyman (Or Woman) Should Own

There’s always a sense of self-fulfillment when you work on a project as a handyman and see it come to completion. It gives you a lot of satisfaction, and if you’re in business, it pays. There are tools you can’t do without as a handyman.

Here are 5 tools every handyman or woman should own:

1. A Ladder
This is a must-have tool for every handyman. Whether you’re making an installation on the roof, painting a high wall, replacing a gutter, installing a ceiling fan or bulb, or doing something in a high position that you can’t reach, a ladder will come in handy.
Ladders come in different sizes. You can get an adjustable one which can extend to different heights. Ensure that you get a good quality ladder made using strong material and can be able to handle your body weight. Safety is a key factor to consider.

2. Reciprocating Saw
You cannot afford to miss out on having and working with this tool as a handyman. It serves multiple tasks. You can use it as a tree pruner, do some rough cuts on wood, and cut large debris into much smaller pieces. You can use it to demolish frames, pipes, and drywalls.
The reciprocating saw makes work much easier for you. Most handymen don’t have this tool so getting one will keep you ahead in the game.

3. A Prybar Or Crowbar
There is a time to construct and there is a time to destroy that which has already been constructed. The reciprocating saw we mentioned above does a wide array of tasks, but there are certain demolishing tasks that need a tool that can work with much more accurate precision.
The prybar tool will come in handy when pulling things apart such as taking a trim off from the wall or a nail off of wood or a trellis from the side wall of your house. This and many other tasks can be well done using a prybar or crowbar. It’s a must-have tool.

4. Pliers
Not having pliers as a handyman is a crime. The best choice of pliers to buy are the voltage proof ones to keep you free from electric shock as you perform electric wiring tasks. Pliers are more like heavy duty scissors and can be used to strip and cut wires.
Not only that, you can use them to grip bolts and screws, to shorten screws, to cut through thin metal and plastic, the list goes on and on. Ensure that you pick the pliers that have scissor-like blades which cut through the center as opposed to those that meet on the center.

5. A Flathead Screwdriver
A screwdriver has so many uses. It can serve as a scraping tool, chisel knife, and tightening flathead and Phillips head screws. Newer model screwdrivers are designed to handle huge impact. They come in different sizes, with different lengths and widths and you can buy a wide variety of these.

There are so many more tools not mentioned here that you must have as a handyman. Part of these tools is the power tools. Here is a review of 10 power tools that you must have. Check them out.

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