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Pet-friendly Private Resort in Tagaytay: The Hidden View Mansion

Hidden View Mansion Tagaytay Blog Review

As a furmom who loves to travel with a furbaby, I always make sure that I stay in a place where pets are welcome without too many restrictions.  One of my favorite destinations near Manila is Tagaytay because there are so many accommodations here that are pet-friendly like The Hidden View Mansion in Alfonso, Cavite. It is one of the newest pet-friendly private resorts in Tagaytay that we have recently visited.

hidden view mansion alfonso cavite


To be honest, I have been to many kinds of resorts and rented accommodations around the country so I can say my standards are quite high. I am not the best out there to give stellar reviews but I am honest enough if it is worth recommending or not. The Hidden View Mansion literally exceeded my expectations in many ways. See why below.

To book your stay, kindly give my code THVM-TravelWithMaria  so you receive a FREE platter of fruits that are available for harvest inside the property. They offer 15% if you book 2 nights in any of the mansions currently. 

1. Two villas to choose from

The Hidden View Mansion actually has two villas called Mansion A and Mansion B. Mansion A is where we spent the night. This is the one with an infinity pool with the view of the surrounding and the mountains. It is a house with basement having 4 rooms and a room for the driver.  The nearest to the main gate, Mansion A is spacious with the vibe of a typical upscale condo in the city.  Mansion B for me has classic look but it is definitely spacious and with the view of towering pine trees, this is definitely a priceless tag!

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Mansion B is 5 minutes away from Mansion A. It is way bigger than Mansion A so it is ideal for a bigger group.  We are a group of 7 in Mansion A which I believe can accommodate up to 10 or more. I was not able to check Mansion B in details but I believe it has 3 rooms as well.  

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2. Spacious with nature vibe

One non-negotiable thing when I choose a place to have a staycation is that it should be spacious with nature vibe. The Hidden View Mansion is huge in terms of land area with plenty of fruit bearing trees, vegetables and different kinds of plants. We were lucky that this season, guyabano tree and chesa tree have so many fruits waiting to be harvested. The mango tree just finished it's season same with papaya mandarin tree and more. There's a man-made lake where guests can catch local fishes too.

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I love the tall, towering pine trees that remind me of Baguio! Most of all, I was so happy to discover a new kind of flowering vine called trumpet vine with a scientific name of Thunbergia mysorensis. These are very beautiful flowers that bloom whole year round according to the lady staff I was chatting with. Actually, it has two kinds of flowers - this same kind of vine also bear  red-colored flowers that looks like sampaguita only that it has different color. How fantastic to see a plant specifically a vine to have two different kinds of flowers!

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I would say one of the most Instagrammable spot here in The Hidden View Mansion is the walkway leading to Mansion B because of these flowers from this vine. There is also a huge cage of birds of different colors just right in front of the swimming pool of Mansion B.  

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3. The wellness slash meditation vibe

If you are a fan of grounding which is walking barefoot, The Hidden View Mansion is the place to be. There are plenty of grassy spots that you can walk anytime you want. For those who are not aware, grounding is a wellness practice for many centuries. It is believed that when we walk barefoot, the cleansing/healing energy from the ground that touches the skin of our foot reaches our whole body therefore making us more healthy. 

Because of the ample space, I would say The Hidden View Mansion is perfect for retreats, yoga sessions and more. I specially love the  meditation slash wellness artworks in every room. These are the paintings I would love to display in my room. In the room where we slept, there are Buddha figurines that I regret not taking photos.

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4. The Wifi is Strong

I work online and believe me, as much as I want to go completely offline for vacations - I still want a place for vacation that also has a strong Internet connection in both villas. I The Hidden View Mansion in Tagaytay therefore is also suitable for digital nomads or those working remotely looking for their next nook.

digital nomad friendly accommodation in tagaytay

5. Digital Karaoke and Digital Fireplace

I am not a good singer but from time to time I am game to join karaoke sessions. Good thing here in The Hidden View Mansion Tagaytay, they have digital karaoke which means no need to spend Php 5 per song like how old karaoke boxes work!  In other rented resorts, karaoke boxes are rented with separate fee as well. 

The first time I have seen an actual fireplace is in Sagada many years ago. That is why I was also happy to see a digital fireplace here in Mansion A. I thought it is just a digital screen that displays a video of a fire but I was wrong. It also releases warm air in the upper part! This is perfect in a place that is chilly like Tagaytay.

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6. Two Swimming Pools

Mansion A has a gorgeous infinity swimming pool that is literally within the mansion. No need for long walks. Mansion B has equally gorgeous swimming pool but you'll need to do a few minutes of walking. Both of these pools bubbles up in one corner when the switch for this purpose is turned on.



7. Complete with all things you need to cook

The Hidden View Mansion Tagaytay is like your home away from home. Almost everything you need to whip up your favorite food is there. Just make sure you have complete ingredients because it is quite far to reach the nearest wet market or grocery. There's sari-sari store in front of the main gate but as expected only selling very limited goods.


8. Hundred percent pet-friendly

There are so many pet-friendly accommodations right now but most of them are actually not. I can vouch for The Hidden View Mansion Tagaytay as completely pet-friendly. All sizes and breeds are welcome, no pet fees, and pets can sleep on the bed. 

pet-friendly private resort in tagaytay with swimming pool

Several accommodations claiming to be pet-friendly, are only choosing small sizes, asking expensive pet fees and more. I remember one recently that I have inquired saying they are pet-friendly however, I was asked to bring a cage so that I should put my dog inside the cage when we go to their accommodation. My dog should be also in the cage 24/7 and he is not allowed to sleep inside our room. With this arrangement, I would rather choose to leave behind my dog at home or just not go to this so-called pet-friendly accommodation.

As a responsible pet owner, I would also ask to not take advantage of The Hidden View Mansion's no pet fee, deposit or cleaning fee policy. Please make sure that your pet is well-behaved, fully-vaccinated and potty-trained. Do not wait for others to clean your dog's poop or pee. Make sure also that your dog doesn't destroy anything and be ready to pay for any damage in case. 

The Hidden View Mansion Rates:

Mansion A
Weekends/Holidays - Php 26, 000
Weekdays - Php 22, 000 

Mansion B
Weekends/Holidays - Php 19, 000
Weekdays - Php 16, 000 

The Hidden View Mansion address:

Address: 167 Purok3 Sicat Road Brgy. Sicat, Tagaytay, 4123 
Phone: 0948 752 4676

Kindly make sure you call them first for verification purposes because there is a fake website copying them. Make sure you are booking your reservation and most of all paying the right management.

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