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10 Awesome Adventures for a solo traveler in New York City

There are very few people in the world who have never dreamed about visiting the most European of all American cities. Nestled between the Hudson River and the ocean and raised around the magnificent Central Park, the New York City lures with its beauty and specific relaxed lifestyle. Since you have already chosen to be the solo traveler, don't miss coming to the unofficial world capital where you can't feel lonely in a moment. Take your chance and become the one who has the privilege to feel the full magic of the Big Apple. I know one thing for sure. Once you fall in love with New York, you certainly won't forget it for the rest of your life. 

1 - Blend In 
Blend in is a local expression for a casual city tour in a New York way. Just pretend that you belong here and that you exactly know where you are heading. Catch the city subway and take a chance to admire underground art and discover all the fascinating secrets of the original 1904 route from Bowling Green, the oldest New York park, to the world-famous Grand Central Terminal. 

Hang out in Brooklyn and get lost in the NY streets. Enjoy your meal in any restaurant at West 10th Street where the locals eat. Explore a small local bookstore full of wonderful dusty books in the quaint neighborhood with a character and charm untypical for the City. Stroll along famous Fifth Avenue among 'the big names' such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co. or Saks. 

Find the Rockefeller Center or buy some beautiful knick-knacks at SoHo. Walk the High Line, a beautiful green space which begins at Chelsea District and extends through Downtown Manhattan. It isn't important what you do. Enjoying every precious moment is that matters. 

Extra tip - Pick out and attend some excellent NY workshops. I can recommend you the 2-day ‘Blogcademy’ workshop where you can learn everything about blogging. 

New York City USA itinerary

2 - Sunbathe at the city beach and ride a kayak on the Hudson River 
Don't miss sunbathing at New York's beaches if you happen to be in the city during the summer. Although it is a place for family or friend gathering, you will meet many singles who use every moment to spend it near the ocean. Visit Coney Island and walk along its kitschy boardwalk while tasting the authentic New York's hot dog. Keep in mind that the beaches at the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens are most beloved in the NYC. 

After sunbathing and swimming, there is one more option for you. Spend a quality time kayaking on the Hudson River knowing how your friends will react when telling them you have been riding a kayak through lower Manhattan and paddling through the Harbor. Such an awesome experience! 

Extra tip - Although this paradise resort is known about the high crime rate, many people believe that it is worth the risk. 


3 - Circle Line Cruise 
There are many organized guided-tours here, and it is not easy to decide which one to book. Honestly, the only thing you should worry about is how to become a part of the circle-line- cruise. Remember, the sailing will give you the opportunity to see how beautiful this city is from a totally unusual perspective. 

It is up to you to choose the half-an-hour-speedboat ride just to see the Statue of Liberty or to spend three wonderful hours on a full island cruise with adventurous circumnavigating Manhattan. Depending on your timeline, you can also pick out the popular family two-hour semi-circle-option from Midtown West to Midtown East. This cruise provides sailing under a few East River bridges and passing by the fascinating city Harbor. 

If you prefer to be just 'one more tourist in the City', a Liberty Cruise is a perfect choice for you. Just go there, make a bunch of photos to put them on Instagram, and carry on with city sightseeing or an exciting night out you are more interested in. 

Extra tip - If you have enough time, visit both Governor's Island full of historical traces and City Island, a retro fishing village in the Bronx. 

Circle Line Cruise NEW YORK CITY USA
Source: Flickr

4 - Central Park 
Everyone who has ever watched ‘When Harry Met Sally’ or ‘Serendipity’, probably wish to experience love inside this magical park. Be one of chosen, and come to Central Park, the place where New Yorkers find a peaceful place far away from the everyday 'race race' for more than 150 years. 

Peek inside this 843-acre oasis at least once in a lifetime and discover why this unique place is perfect for exploring. Enjoy a boat riding, walking, riding a bike, and exercising there. Or just organize a mini picnic for yourself and relax. Go to their ZOO, read a book in the Ramble, mysterious forest-like part of the park, or be a part of the free events organized here daily. 

Don't miss Shakespeare Garden, a hidden jewel of this prominent park and look for a famous white mulberry tree. The legend says that that tree was grafted from an original tree from 1602 that Shakespeare personally planted. 

Extra tip - Although Central Park is  'the only one'  and unique, your enjoyment of beauty won't be complete until you walk through the Riverside Park on the Upper West Side and Prospect Park in Brooklyn. 


5 - On Broadway! 
Don't be fooled. You can't say that you really meet the City until attending at least one Broadway show. The only thing that matters is to get into one of the majestic theaters regardless of whether you patronize ballet, comedy, opera, an evening show, a matinee, off- Broadway or a show on Broadway. 

Look for some frequent discounts they provide. With a little luck, some cheaper tickets (up to an incredible 50%) can appear. Go to hit musical Hamilton, the sweet and funny Waitress or the hilarious off-Broadway Avenue Q. 

Extra tip - If you want something more exclusive than Chicago or Phantom, you can use the TodayTix app. They offer tickets for almost any show, including those most expensive, for very affordable prices. 

Broadway, New York City USA

6 - Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge 
Don't miss the Brooklyn Bridge, the iconic NYC city attraction which connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. Feel the magic of walking across the more-than-a-century-old bridge (built in 1883)! Use the opportunity and catch a view of South Street Seaport or attach a 'Love-lock' to the bridge if you are in love. Don't forget to throw the key into the river as a symbol of your everlasting love. 

Or simply rent a bike and admire the magnificent view while the water flows below the wheels. This attractive landmark is a rare place in the City where the incredible beauty is fully available for entirely free.

Extra tip - Since walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is very safe, come here at any time of the day. Enjoy the sunset and experience the moment when all the sights come to life after the street lights turn on. 

The Brooklyn Bridge, New York USA

7 – Stroll through the miraculous The Met 
The Met (the Metropolitan Museum of Art) is the famous worldwide museum. Even those who don't like museums at all visit this one because it is much, much more than a simple space where 'old things' are exhibited. To make it clear, no one can physically see all of two million antiquities and pieces of artwork in a day! 

However, you can come here during working hours when it is not crowded, make a personal selection, and enjoy the exhibition. Start with 'the Temple of Dendur', the 'must-see' ancient Egyptian temple. Find out the terrace above the gate and take your time while listening to incredible live piano music. 

Discover a new view of Central Park from their Rooftop Garden, for which very few people have ever heard. You will probably need someone's guidance to find it. Since the same ticket can be used for three successive days, there is enough time for everything you have planned. 

Extra tip - Discover the benefits of visiting the Met during the night. Don't be surprised when you discover that you are just one of many who have the same idea because it seems that the New Yorkers never sleep! 

The Met Museum New York USA

8 – Discover the mysteries of the Met Cloisters 
Don't forget to go to the Cloisters located in northern Manhattan's Fort Tryon Park. This under-appreciated place is an extraordinary location in the city. Discover a miscellaneous collection of over 2,000 exceptional frescoes which were brought from numerous European monasteries over many centuries. Admire a Merode Altarpiece, Annunciation Triptych from the 15th-century. I am sure that 'The Hunt of the Unicorn' tapestry which dated from the 16th-century will take your breath away. 

Forget about the time and allow yourself to get lost at the 12th-century Saint-Guilhem cloister surrounded with an utterly romantic courtyard full of impressive archways and covered with a terracotta roof made in Moorish style. This 'piece of history' is definitely one of those mysterious places which are worth every moment you spent there. 

Extra tip - Ask about the special combination passes the museum offers. It is possible to admire the entire Met and all other desirable tourist attractions for the price of one. 

 The Cloisters Museum & Gardens NEW YORK CITY
Source: Flickr

9 - Catch a glimpse from the Top of the Rock 
To become wholly aware of the magnificence of the NYC it is necessary to climb up and observe the city from above. Nearly all tourists who decide to admire the City from up high, doing it from the most upper floor of the Empire State Building. However, true connoisseurs choose to climb the Top of the Rock observation deck at mighty 30 Rockefeller Plaza. 

This spot is something entirely different, and it is not insanely crowded. That means there is no need to wait for hours in queues because they provide timed ticketing. Located uptown, this place offers visitors a full view of the Empire State Building in all its magnificence and Central Park, the green oasis of the city. 

Extra tip - Use the waiting time and search out this unique city's guiding light. Take a deep breath before the one-minute ride on the Sky Shuttle. Enjoy breathtaking artistry as countless testimonies of a rich history of this place. Don't miss stunning Swarovski chandelier! 

Rockefeller Plaza New York City USA

10 - Talk to people 
I believe many people can't understand why talking with people should be among awesome adventures in New York City. Well, this can't be clear either to people who have never been solo travelers or those who have never visited The Big Apple. 

Although you don't mind being alone in an unknown city, the New Yorkers will awaken desire in you for talking, laughing and socializing. Simply said, the multicultural citizens of the City are amazing people! Be open and have a chat with people at bars, restaurants, in queues while you are waiting for your tickets, and during your city tours. Or just share your lunch with someone in Central Park. 

Extra tip - It would be a pity to throw away all the opportunities these friendly people offer. Learn something from each of them, share the secrets or exchange views on anything. Believe me, talking with both city residents and tourists from all over the world will enrich you as a person and bring new knowledge and emotions into your life. 

Central Park New york city USA

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