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3 Things you can do to encourage others to recycle

The environment has faced numerous threats that have threatened to disrupt its normal functions. Land degradation, air pollution, water pollution, plastic pollution, and deforestation have all caused harm to the environment. The current major problem has been on waste management which has ended up polluting the environment. To deal with this problem, a number of ways have been developed. One of the ways is recycling of waste products. Recycling of waste has been proven to help protect the environment. 

Below are ways you can help encourage people to embrace recycling.

1. Create Recycling Awareness 
Many people fail because of lack of knowledge. Creating awareness about recycling and its importance is a good way to get people to recycle their waste products. Start by writing online articles and newspaper comments on matters pertaining to recycling as a way to help educate people. 

Furthermore, you can even create online YouTube videos where you get to talk and educate people on recycling. Additionally, you can organize workshops and seminars and get people to discuss recycling waste products. Making people aware of this process will ensure that they are able to understand the benefits that recycling has got to offer. Talking about recycling regularly will help people to appreciate its role in protecting the environment. A perfect place you can get to start is by educating students both in primary and high schools since it will be ingrained in them at an early age and become a habit. The whole essence of creating awareness is to keep people informed. 

2. Develop Recycling Incentives and Support Programs 
A good way to also encourage people to recycle more is through giving them incentives and support. Monetary compensation can get to people to be extra motivated to recycle their waste products. For instance, schools and institutions can be given incentives when they get to recycle their waste products and keep the environment clean. In case you have a company, you can get to reward your employees with a party as a way of appreciating them for participating in office recycling programs. These kinds of incentives will help keep them motivated to step up their efforts of recycling. Those who do not recycle their waste can receive fines. 

Additionally, support can be given in terms of technical advice on how to better recycle products. Donating recycling bins and placing them in designated places can be a good step to encouraging recycling. Over time, these efforts will ensure that waste product is 100% recycled. 

3. Keep Things Simple and Establish Clear Goals 
Recycling process does not have to be a complex and difficult undertaking. If the whole recycling process appears to be a hard undertaking, people will end up not doing it especially kids. Show people how to do it and they will sure do it. Ensure to keep things simple. To achieve this simplicity, you need to establish clear-cut goals. People comprehend recycling issues differently so, the best thing is to set up tangible goals that people can comfortably achieve. 

For instance, you can set a goal whereby groups are required to dispose of at least three bags a week. But, to make it successful, you need to keep track of the progress and give rewards where necessary. Make recycling a fun and enjoyable experience.

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